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How do you wear these? ....
Welp, master has locked me into my new chastity device thing. How the fuk do you get used to this? Its very clunky and heavy and the lock on the front of it is noisy as hell. Not that i have a choice at the moment, but can these things really be worn long(ish) term? And discretely under clothing?
You get used to it because you have to :p Only at night it bothers me (I do chastity out of my own free will). To stop the lock from rattling, you can use a bit of tape to stick it to your device. Are they discrete? Depends on what you wear: skinny jeans will give you something noticeable whereas with a 501 you won't see anything out of the normal.
What chastity devices have you got?
I have a CB 2000, a birdlocked and some generic chinese metal thing (wich is uncomfortable)
(22 Jul 2014, 22:22 )herrpee Wrote: generic chinese metal thing (wich is uncomfortable)
Can I have more details, please? I'm about to order "a Chinese metal thing", but not sure which to choose. I have cb6000 and find it terrible:
That CB is gonna be uncomfortable. The CB-6000 series is better designed. In chastity here, and at anytime in any of 3 devices. Steel, silicone CB-6000s or the CB-3000 from my Mistress. Can avoid "pinch points" by taping the pinch area (ie the bottom etc).

Ensure you also have a RING that is SIZED too you or yeah, it's gonna be terrible (because it is too tight if too small.... )

I went 45 days without cumming and in chastity NO PROBLEM because things were sized RIGHT.

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