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General CD/TV/TS discussion
This article would have been a good opener for this tread, but I only found it today:

Good reading for those who are inclined to break contemporary men's fashion laws.

Two very important points are made there:

A big difference between male and female fashion is the decorative function, decorating the body. The male body is not to be decorated, the female body is.

Any fashion has to underline the typical aspects of the wearer (actually, the article only suggests, that men's fashion adopted from women's fashion has to be altered to look good on the male body).

I must say, this subject is still very interesting for me. I think one reason why I like cross dressing is actually the decorative part of it. That image of a man in a woman's dress shows clearly, how I don't like to cross dress or wear women's clothes. On the other hand, I wouldn't hesitate to wear something like Amanda Seyfried here: - probably nothing for lovers of tights and high heels.

Edited today: I would hesitate to wear Amandas outfit, but I might get used to it. The coat is fitted at the waist and that is quite unusual for men's wear. I tried the coat on in a department store today, looks good, but as said - slightly unusual shape. This might be less with the proper size, I tried size L and I should wear XL which they didn't have. The coat is about 300 Euros, and so I didn't buy it. Perhaps I am lucky finding a used one on ebay, this coat exists for years with only minor changes from season to season.
Men are men, and women are women, that distinction is fixed by nature. But in the past, women have adopted a lot of men's clothes into their wardrobes, perhaps it is time to think about doing the opposite. Why shouldn't men wear skirts, tights, high heels, long shaft boots, ballerinas (ballerinos then?), gowns and so on? And how about female cuts of unisex clothes? Coats or tops taken in at the waist, ultra short tops....

I agree, this is not exactly a topic related to fetish, but somehow, fashion is a fetish too, and fetish can turn into fashion.

In this context, it is important to have an idea of what such garments do to the male appearance. In cross dressing, it doesn't matter, as the man will try to appear as womanly as possible. But in fashion, he should stay what he is, a man. Therefore I am starting a collection of links and images here - in the next post.

Links and images can show both sides, good looking clothes and bad looking ones. How could one avoid negative effects, if one doesn't know them?

I am inviting everyone to add to this thread. Please stick to the subject, but post your opinions, images and more.
This is not the way I would want to go, but accepted.
As mentioned before, this is not a thread for images only. Please do post your opinions, about the subject, the images and what you think you would like to wear in public. And remember, we want the 2% actively posting members, we don't have them yet. And don't let the others be first, no need to be polite 😉
I think I've aeady mentioned in the blog that I'm strictly against any sexual discrimination in the clothes. The end result should be "aesthetically pleasant", that's it. The style should also match the figure and shape.

Related threads (just in case):

- Men in "inappropriate" clothing (a good candidate to merge with this thread)
- In Lycra (swimsuit, leotard, leggings, tights), In public... (in this thread I explained my vision of what "normal" and "abnormal" is)

Back to the subject. I like skirts and dresses on others but not on myself. Probably I do not have enough experience. I can think of latex or wetlook lycra skirts or dresses (for myself), and not for everyday but for fetish/bondage cases.

I've pretty much integrated tights and swimsuits/leotards in my everyday style. There is nothing more comfortable than a leotard with tights. Unfortunately, you can go dressed like that in public (also not suitable for women). But very acceptable for, say, jogging (see these posts , ).
Strappado, since you started both threads, what do you think about merging them together? I mean ?
Can a "usual women's" clothing be considered? Without any relations to fetish? Here's a couple of photos of 7th Sky (his nick in another forum).

 man_in_skirt_and_tights-01.jpg     man_in_skirt_and_tights-02.jpg   

-4, 1 hour before the New Year, Izabella Bikini 40/4 visone + Beifalai Style 900/onesize (tights).
Men in pantyhose thread ( ) is another good example.
Likera, you are right, "men in pantyhose" is a good additional reading for this subject. "men in inappropriate clothes" is a bit different, but close. I would like to keep it seperately.

I probably said it before, I want this thread to cover possible outfits and garments, that could be considered men's clothes, except that they aren't or aren't yet or anymore. Fashion that would make sense on an average man with no particular message except that he wants to look good.

7th sky is not the perfect example for this, because he goes pretty far and it is very difficult to distinguish the result from cross dressing. Ida Pyl is a better example, because there are two different photos, and one of them is clearly a man using "wrong" accessories to his benefit without going for a female appearance. But it is hard to tell, if obviously female clothing doesn't fit in here, because this subject is highly hypothetical and there aren't any facts to rely on. I would say, keep posting what you think fit and also comment on the existing posts and images.

I do like the second outfit of Ida Pyl. Except for the fact, that skirts and tights are almost exclusivly reserved women and gaiters are pretty much, it has no specifics that would require a female body, movement or behaviour, it doesn't change the character of the wearers gender.

Oh, as for my pictures, I like the pvc gown, the "slim skirt" right next to it and the "slightly pleated skirt", which is a rain skirt by the way. I also like the leggings with the large jumper and the saree (oriental wrap), just not as much as the skirts and the gown. I do see the best potential in the rain skirt, which I will probably use for cycling.

PS: I do like the dressing of 7th Sky, it looks very nice! I only doubt, that it is possible to convincingly impose a "normal man" in such an outfit.

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