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Magnetic lock for self-bondage
Magnetic lock for self-bondage

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Flaccid Of The Day (FOTD)
(07 Nov 2017, 15:40 )Like Ra Wrote:
(07 Nov 2017, 07:51 )BoundWolf Wrote: "Different strokes for different folks," which is quite apropos here 😉
That's why the EOTD and FOTD threads were created. It's soooo interesting to know what works for one group, and what does not for another. And if it matches your own "triggers".

I agree and I wouldn't think any less of someone who happened to like what I didn't (or didn't like what I did!) - for those in the UK the term 'Marmite moment' is quite appropriate (love it or hate it, it is the same thing)

 cloven_hoof_boot_iv_by_horseking-d5kjy2c.jpg    - For @BoundWolf, I hope you enjoy  😁

What is the point of wearing latex if it isn't buffed to a fine shine?


This image just leaves me cold...

Yes, very odd, I have been trying to find a gas mask and one I spotted last night was all matte and talc covered, admittedly it probably wasn’t intended to be a fetish thing (originally) but it’s not nice
This one might be a touch controversial, but...

 tumblr_p1vv7hSAXw1ve4xjvo1_540.jpg    - even with the bondage I can find nothing at all sexy about bare feet, especially when the toes are exaggerated like this.

In fact it is a total turn-off.

(17 Jan 2018, 15:02 )madjack Wrote: This one might be a touch controversial, but...

- even with the bondage I can find nothing at all sexy about bare feet, especially when the toes are exaggerated like this.

In fact it is a total turn-off.


I agree about the look.

But the thought of a inescapable tickling session in this bondage is tempting...

(17 Jan 2018, 15:33 )jtr765 Wrote: tickling

...and that is another thing I just don't get. No problem at all with those who do and know some great artists on DeviantArt ( CeeAyBee to name but one - do check him out if you haven't aeady) who specialise in it, but I totally fail to see the appeal....

One man's meat and all that 😁

Argghhh - this one has me in a state

 tumblr_ojl4z9wHzs1vn2pbro1_540.jpg    - on one hand I am fascinated by the concept but on the other I find the idea of so much piercing very unattractive (I'm OK with piercings - in MODERATION!)  

FOTD winning out at the moment, but what are your thoughts?

Indeed, why not to use a lockable zip? 😁

You asked for padlocks. 
From Keres-Nirvana on Tumblr
Same person as MJs photo
Try to take a flight with those under your skirt.

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