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Magnetic lock for self-bondage

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Flaccid Of The Day (FOTD)
Moved the Tumblr posts to a separate thread
This is another of those images that would be fine if not for a simple, but significant, detail...


Beautiful lady - tick
Bondage - tick
Neck bondage - tick

Barbed wire used for bondage - Nooooooooo thank you  Sad 

Perversely this is, I think, meant to aid erection:


… but not for me!  🤔 

The only proper place for a spanner is in a toolbox for your car/bike

 bdsmlr-61991-JdiXv5GlQP.gif    - (animated) any use to tighten bolts in this area are an instant FOTD for me!

No thanks, I like my ladies to me moist and sweet down there, not needing metal polish and 3in1 oil!!!!

... don't search for "heavy metal pussy" like I did ...
More cock deflating piercing


Oh dear me, NO!

The first trailer for the reboot of 'The Batman' was released at the weekend. To be charitable all I'll say is that Zoe Kravitz's Catwoman costume is one I won't be adding to my collection.

That looks like it came from the Turkish Batman film!

For me it's the little details that ruin a look. The runs in the nylons & the holes in the leotard. I hope she went to change afterwards.
Now, this is something that really irritates me:

 tumblr_b97eb04c1699601f670291b9b5af37f5_d9725290_540.jpg    - what should be a perfectly nice bondage image, with latex and other goodies to grab my attentions, but....

....why those horrible tights? She could be wearing a lovely sheer or opaque pair, but no... I don't even know how you get tights to look so ghastly. I mean, seriously, I'd even prefer fishnets...and you all know my feelings about them! What makes it even stranger is that the image comes form the normally very reliable 'Shortfuse' studio.

Rant over  😁

(19 Nov 2020, 11:10 )madjack Wrote: why those horrible tights?
... second that ... Bad

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