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Spanking machine

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Donations and hosting payments
(06 May 2021, 20:51 )Lucas Gryvon Wrote: The link does not seem to be working.
Hmm... What is not working exactly?

(06 May 2021, 20:51 )Lucas Gryvon Wrote: Just want to confirm if this top one is you:
Yes! This one is the one associated with Linode account! They are changing the procedure, so I created an "independent" from Linode account - will move to that one shortly. Anyway, the one you found should work!
In the preparation of Linode payment changes I switched to my own PayPal account and updated the link. I hope it's less confusing now:
An interesting alternative for data storage:

The problem is - they charge $0.01 per downloaded GB. Currently, only registered users can download images/videos uploaded to the forum. If big files are saved somewhere, it would be very difficult to control the access. If the current traffic is 500GB/month, it will be at least 2TB. In the example above the calculated price is:

Initial upload: 100GB
Uploaded per month: 20GB
Downloaded per month: 2TB
Annually: $253 (I think it's without VAT, so most likely it will be $300)

So, theoretically, storage-wise B2 is cheaper, than Linode (or similar VPS hosters), but the total costs will be still around $1000 per year.
(11 Jul 2021, 13:45 )Like Ra Wrote: If the current traffic is 500GB/month, it will be at least 2TB.
OK, 2-day test showed, that the traffic will be very high. 1GB free daily transfer expires immediately - and I uploaded only 3 files (675MB in total) and the biggest one is in the "registered users only" section. A couple of rippers, weird crawling bots and the costs will be skyhigh.
Huge THANKS to @madjack for covering the costs for the whole month!
(17 Apr 2021, 21:08 )Like Ra Wrote: Should be fixed now! A buffer account is still used, though - the direct server payment is not implemented [Image: sad.gif] Even if the money is on the Linode account, I still have to "move it" manually. My original idea was to make it fully autonomous and community driven - anything can happen, you know...
Finally, the direct payment system has been implemented by Linode! Whatever you donate to my Paypal account (e.g. goes directly to the payment system! So, the site future is in your hands now, guys!
HUGE THANKS to @essanym for keeping "the bucket" full for the next month (and more)!!!!
I can add within a day or 2
Do you take Zelle?
(28 Mar 2022, 03:33 )Pantyhose12 Wrote: Do you take Zelle?
What is it?

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