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Curse Stroke Sissy (CSS) feminization hypnosis
WARNING: This is another famous file that might effectively work! Make sure, that you are OK with the claimed effects before listening to the file!

Strangely, this quite famous file was never mentioned yet.

Curse Stroke Sissy by EMG


EMG Wrote:WARNING!!! This is a curse file and may only be removed by EMG!!!
Masturbation  triggers stronger and stronger desires to become a submissive,  cross dressing, bisexual sissy maid; who loves giving sexual and oral  pleasure to men and women.  The desires include breast enlargement, body  hair loss, full cross dressing and makeup, hairstyle, diet. When the  subject orgasms, the orgasm triggers the desires and changes to lock in  at that current level, which can never lower and will increase each  time, and with each listen.  Until your forced to be a total  cross dressing sissy.

Curse_Stroke_Sissy.mp3 (Size: 7.45 MB )

sublimCurseStrokeSissy.mp3 (Size: 13.1 MB )

CurseStrokeSissy Binaural.mp3 (Size: 19.76 MB )

CurseStrokeSissy Script.txt (Size: 16.59 KB )

Modded version with all mentions of "curses" and breast growing removed (let me know if I missed anything). Also made some clean-up.

Curse_Stroke_Sissy_EMG_modded.mp3 (Size: 34.18 MB )

Curse Stroke Sissy rerecorded

Curse Stroke Sissy _sissygirlj.mp3 (Size: 19.16 MB )

My sissy name is Sylvia!!!!!!
(08 Aug 2020, 02:11 )Like Ra Wrote: Curse Stroke Sissy

gnarls33 Wrote:Someone recommended this file to me. It was the first hypno file I'd ever heard. It immediately did something to me. I felt good. The voice sounded so pleasant. I felt so naughty after listening to it. After a few days I deleted it, only to download it again days later.
I started to listen to various other EMG files, and I have to admit I really like his files and his voice and he always makes me trance. I tried to avoid CSS, but then recently I started listening to it again. For several nights I listened to it for hours...

The next day I went to various supermarkets to buy feminine clothing, and I knew everybody was looking at me but i didn't care.

Then I went to a sex shop to buy a dildo. I saw a latex maids dress, and immediately picked it up, along with a wig and some stockings. I didn't even buy what I went in there for, I think I saw the sissy maid dress and subliminally bought it due to this file....

I love this file.

Alien4420 Wrote:It did exactly what it said it would, turned me into a sissy. Extremely addictive, perhaps the most addictive file I've ever listened to. And extremely powerful. If you listen to this for a while, you'll end up a sissy and love every moment of it. Eventually I was able to reverse some but not all of the effects with my own file and Deprogram All, but it was a near thing and I'm still not sure how this is going to turn out.

For some reason, I always liked the idea of having a woman's body. But I was never interested in dressing or acting fem. And I'm not TS, I never felt like a woman inside or had female interests -- in regular life, I've always been happy to be a guy. And fem guys/TV's turned me off. So for me, it was sort of a secondary fetish, the idea of having a woman's body wasn't my main thing but it did turn me on and led me to try some feminization files.

Stroke Sissy was the first file I listened to here and it blew me away, not only did I start acting fem but I was loving it. But I was listening to Mistress Seductra's files at the time and the files conflicted, so after a few days of confusion I ended up going with Seductra's files and dropping Stroke Sissy. Fast forward a few years and I was here reading about other people's experience with Stroke Sissy, which triggered the desire to listen again. I was trying not to so I listened only a few times, but it worked anyway.

Finally, I decided to listen to Deprogram All to undo it. But I didn't want to, so I had to write myself a file that hypnotized me into listening to Deprogram All! And promise myself that I wouldn't lose my fondness for feminization, which was easy because I've listened to other feminizing files and Deprogram All only affects EMG's. Now I've been listening to Deprogram All for maybe a week, and it seems to be working well, I relapse occasionally but for the most part the effects of Stroke Sissy are gone.

Anyway, I guess what I'd say is that if I were still in my 20's or 30's, I'd stick with Stroke Sissy, I love the file and the changes. So it seems does everyone who's listened to it, I think that's one of the things that makes the file so powerful. Or if I had a steady partner who wanted me to dress. But I just didn't think that a middle-aged t girl would have much success finding a partner. I know I'm probably being too paranoid, but I'm out in the boonies now with little privacy so have no chance to date as a girl, and when I look in the mirror I tell myself my time is past. If it weren't for that I'd never have tried to undo the effects.

When I move back to the city I figure I'll see if I can find a suitable partner, and if I can, I'll go back to it. Meanwhile, I think it's safer to keep my options open . . .

I think it's important to say that if you aren't committed to spending the rest of your life as a big-busted 24/7 crossdresser you should *stay away* from EMG's curse files. I'm not sure I made it clear enough that there's no guarantee that you can reverse those files. Most can't, or we're made so we don't want to, same thing.

There's a real charge in being controlled that way, but frankly, having just looked at some of the pictures of sissies in the gallery, if I were some of those people I'd sooner shoot myself than be forced to dress full time in public. (Others, of whatever age, do very nicely -- you have to be honest with yourself about whether your body type and features will allow you to pass.) I'm not making a judgment here, but there's a big practical difference between something that makes you fool around in the privacy of your home or can be thrown off or reversed than with something that makes you a full time T girl for the rest of your life. That can cost you your job, your spouse, even, occasionally, your life.

So -- if you're just looking to be forced to do some feminization, I'd recommend the other files unless you can live with the consequences of breasts and full-time dressing. And I'd choose those files carefully, the biggest mistake some of us make with this stuff is failing to take the hypnotist's descriptions or claims seriously.

The file doesn't make your breasts grow directly, what it does is make you grow them with implants or hormones, which do of course work! In fact I started taking them myself, I think there's an embarrassing post here from the day I realized I was going to grow boobs.

Not sure where the other stroke sissies are, but if you look through the comments on the file and the back posts here you'll find plenty of guys telling their stories. Basically, they're along the lines of a) it works b) I love the results. With some guys going through a period where they're upset and fighting it and then giving in and saying they're happy.

I'm still struggling and flip-flopping on this, Deprogram All pretty much took out Stroke Sissy but I'd aeady gotten addicted to the Mistress Catgirl files which do the same thing more gradually. Part of me wishes I'd never listened to any of these files, part of me wishes I'd listened to something sane that maybe just made me want to dress in my spare time, and part of me wants the files to win, because I love the effects so much. I think if I had it to do over again I'd go with something that made me feminize myself but allowed me to function as a guy in the real world. There's a big difference between dressing for a night on the town and showing up at work in a dress, LOL. At the same time, there's something intensely erotic about being so enslaved that you can be forced to live full time as a woman . . . the Catgirl files are particularly good at making you feel pleasure, she can send waves of pleasure down you with a couple of words.

Hope someone who's less confused comes along to give you advice, LOL . . .

PeppermintT Wrote:I went through a CSS period a year or so ago. One thing that made me stop was that I did not want breast implants or to take hormones. That was a step too far. Also I agree with Alien that not every guy would be an attractive sissy-I am certain I would not be. I am shy anyway so any kind of social humiliation would be potentially devasting :cry: . If there was a "lite" version, without breast growth & fulltime dressing then maybe I would be tempted back.

Alien4420 Wrote:Yeah, I think you're right about a light version. Catgirl's Go Go Bubble is close -- it's largely based on Stroke Sissy but IIRC it removes the suggestion about breasts and replaces "will" with "may" in many of its suggestions. I think the 24/7 suggestion is still in there, though.

I'm with you, I'd be more willing to do something that was a bit less extreme. I'd even be OK with stuff like growing breasts if they weren't so big I couldn't hide them under my shirt. But a lot of this stuff is so extreme my sense of self preservation kicks in and I stop listening. I think I'd actually be more susceptible to control if the suggestions were a bit more practical.
Alien4420 Wrote:That's one of the reasons this stuff is so much fun -- you can't believe how radically you can be changed until you actually try it. Though I'd emphasize the "can," people lie on a continuum of hypnotic suggestibility, from those who can't go under at all (some guys here have been trying for years) to those who are extremely suggestible. With most of us I think somewhere in-between.

Whether you'll obey the suggestion in a given file depends on a lot of other factors, too. It's easier to hypnotize someone into doing something that they want than something to which they're opposed. At some extreme ("you will kill your grandfather"), you can't even get them to accept the suggestion, they'll just pop out of trance. If the objection is milder, I've found that you'll reject it at first, either during the session or when the suggestion attempts to exert itself, but gradually succumb with repeated listening. So for example the fem files can easily hypnotize me into behaving fem when no one is around, but I find I suppress it when someone is, even though I have the urge. While those who have listened to them longer than I have (I've mostly resisted listening to Stroke Sissy, I think I've probably heard it only five or six times) say that eventually that resistance goes away.

Anyway, that's part of the fun, pitting yourself against the file, and part of the fun is discovering that you suddenly love something you used to be indifferent to. And even being able to turn it on and off, I'd tried cross dressing a couple of times over the years but it did nothing for me, then all the fem files made me crazy about it, then I listened to Deprogram All and another file to undo the fem files, and now I'm indifferent to it again. Not only have I had fun with this stuff, I'm starting to apply what I've learned to my life, hypnotizing away bad habits like procrastination that I've struggled with for years.

Finally -- I think one of the things Stroke Sissy and Forced Gay taught me is how much of what we consider good and bad just comes from inside, from how we've been made to feel about something. That if you've been made to be ashamed about or dislike something, that shame and dislike are coming from inside your head, and can be made to go away, leaving you free to enjoy things you couldn't before. More and more, what I ask myself now is whether my objection to something (or fondness for it) is a result of objective consequences, or is just an internalization of pressure and prejudice. So I can say, "OK, I'm not going to keep listening to Stroke Sissy because let's face it, I'm middle aged and there's no way I can compete with those cute 20-year-olds," but I can also say "Hey, if someone I like wants me to be their sissy slave I'm great with it, I'll just put on these headphones and be into it again."

Stroke Sissy isn't the thing for you if you don't want 24/7. It will also make you act fem in everyday life. And it's damn hard to get rid of, I know, I listened to it only a few times and it took me a long time to bury it.

Sounds like you need something that's triggerable. I think there are some files like that, basically someone says the trigger words and your fem part takes over.

Visualization/hallucination is an advanced technique, so there's no need to feel discouraged. I think you'll find that it becomes easier as you gain experience. It's a lot easier to listen to files that make you do something or change the way you feel about something. Particularly when it involves sex, LOL.

Triggernewbie Wrote:Something i found out about the CSS File was that it created a second personality in me. Somehow deep inside of me seemed to be a little sissy slut that likes to play and this file let her free.

I talked with many people and the were willing to test out the sissy name i had.

First i was not sure about it what that name meant when i screamed it when i came. But the first time i was named with it i dropped down to obedience and that slut took over.

The first few session were rather light, like striping naked or masturbating, but then it grow stronger and i wanted to be used more.

One of them ask me what i would wear as sissy uniform and i didn't had any. So suggested to buy a french maid outfit i now have one in my closet.

Also a few toys were added to it - like a buttplug, a dildo and some restraints.

Before i listened to that file i would never use such things or buy them, but now when i'm called with my sissy name i love to be used with them.

I learned that i can have both lives, the one normal working and so on and the little sissy slut being used as toy.
mrblue Wrote:Well a little over 5 yrs ago I listened to this file. I had just discovered this website, so needless to say I was skeptical. I listened to this file and started seeing effects and got very concerned, I started to journal about it. It was tough but I managed to stop listening. Fast forward to a couple days ago. I wanted to listen to a file more for the relaxation effects. Why I decided to listen to this is a mystery but I did. I then listened to feminizing shower bot. After that I was feeling a little horny and started pleasuring myself with thoughts of a female \"f\" buddy in my head. Well, before I knew it the thoughts of being a sissy overtook my other fantasy and I found my self calling myself a sissy with feminine lisp and calling myself connie. My erection was rock hard and had an incredible orgasm. So now I\'m again fighting the urge to listen and fighting the urge to masturbate in fear again. Sometime my impulsivity gets the best (or worst) of me. To anyone else considering this file. Know what you REALLY want.

Today, in the shower I masturbated and of course the sissy thoughts creeped in. The other thing was that I had trim my pubic area very short the morning after listening. I trimmed further this morning, but there was the strong urge to grab my wife's razor to shave myself completely. I literally had to consciously make myself NOT shave myself. It's an effective file. Again, as I said in my post, I don't know what possessed me to listen again. The only thing I come back to is that no matter what I do to resist the effects, there is always something that remains.

Quote:So far i dress almost every night and get high and play with my ass. I don't own a dildo but own a small vibrator. I've messed with makeup a tiny bit, i recently painted my toenails pink! And wear panties under male clothes daily. Also fully shaved. Gonna grow my hair out. One thing is my dick still get hard and i don't want it to. I heard using a vibrator a lot on your dick can stop it from getting hard is that true? I reaaally want to let a guy fuck me but im not sure where to start. And i wouldn't want to dress in front of him. Maybe just a gay hookup. How would i go about that safely?

I'm turning into such a sissy its scary. I used the file curse stroke sissy by EMG and its turned me into a sissy like crazy i'm starting to accept it... i'm even considering hormones but idk... im only 19. Any advice is appreciated!

teather Wrote:It seems like we have a similar problem. I listened to CCS a lot about 5 or 6 years ago and got into a bit of difficulty with it too - and still have a craving to listen. The key for me was to resist listening, which was not easy but some of the stuff I was planning and doing was getting quite scary and I think that helped to motivate me.

I admit that I was a casual crossdresser before I listened and I had been dressing on and off for years. I think that part of the appeal of listening to CSS in the first place was the idea of being made to crossdress - that was the main part of the file that has stuck with me.

At first I listened and found the file pleasing and relaxing and when it was finished I felt really good - so I kept listening over and over to get a better trance and came out feeling great. I found that the more I listened the more I wanted to listen and I started to think about ways to feminise myself. I started out underdressing - panties and tights to begin with but I was always planning what I could do next. Thoughts of feminisation were always popping into my head until, if I wasn't concentrating, I'd be making plans to buy stuff, thinking about what I could do that wouldn't be noticeable, shaving my body, wearing nail polish on my toes.

I was taking extended coffee breaks at work so that I could get out to my car and listen 3 or 4 times during the day. I was driving into work underdressed and wearing lipstick, bangles and clip on earrings. I'd have to remove it all before entering the offices. Meantime I was always planning my next moves - I bought dresses, skirts, blouses, heels and started to wear them as often as I could even to the extent of taking them into the offices so that I could change before leaving in the evening.

I didn't feel forced to do any of this - its just that it was literally *always* on my mind. If I wasn't feminised in some way I felt guilty, like my conscience was pricking me. When I got up in the morning the first thing I though about was putting on a bra and panties and if I didn't do it I felt bad - like I was betraying myself. A few times I was going to leave for work without bothering to dress in skirt, blouse and heels and ended up turning back to do it - the feelings were that strong. Over time (about 9 months) I was at the point that I was dressing everyday, wearing light makeup whenever possible it was an increasing wrench to change for the office. I was considering how I could get away with wearing female slacks and plain blouses in the office and needed to be careful about removing jewellery - a couple of times I found I was still wearing bangles and I was always checking my lips for lipstick. I was having to put in conscious effort to remain masculine and make sure I hadn't slipped up.

What helped me end this was the risks that I was taking with my job, and my concerns about my feminine behaviour when not concentrating. My walk when relaxed had developed a decidedly feminine wiggle and my hand gestures and posture were developing that way too. When I was walking around the building I needed to concentrate not to walk with swaying hips and hands and wrists held in a feminine fashion. It was scary and embarrassing when I lapsed and caught myself, I was always glancing behind to see if anyone behind might have noticed.

The final straw was when I started to search online for tips on breast growth and what hormones I might be able to take to get them to grow. I was at risk of ruining my career, health and life over this - once I had taken stock that gave me the motivation to delete the file and stop listening.

Once I was able to stop listening the effects decreased, the constant craving for ever increasing feminisation diminished and I was able to get back to some kind of normality. I still crave the file and have downloaded it again - I have it on my MP3 player and I probably still think about it almost everyday. I listened again briefly about a year ago and found that the effects were similar - except that things escalated more quickly. I was still able to stop again.

Now I don't listen.
Tookmebysurprise Wrote:I agree that file can take hold of you. I listened to it every night for a week and went deeper than I had ever gone. I wore panties and thongs every chance i could and even started cross dressing! Full dress short of makeup and a wig.

I wanted to have a cock to suck and be fucked by. Also a new sensation. I felt girlier than ever. Who knows how far I would have fallen if I didn't have to take a week long break from my sissy self (vacation and family). I blame this file for the recent boost in activity from this throwaway account.

I'm in some what of a purge phase. I needed it because i had started to supplement my sissy sessions with weed alcohol and .... pills. This file got me really into the sissy desires. When the purge is over and i feel the need to let Rebecca out again... Its going to be hard to keep her away from this file....

various Wrote:it's an amazingly sticky file. Another thing I've found is that it's easily resurrected if you're reminded of it, for example, I haven't listened to it for something like a year, and before that I don't think I'd listened to it more than seven times, but yesterday I noticed that I'd started wagging my hips again, and couldn't figure out why until I realized it was probably because I'd read that post by Mr. Blue. What's more, I'm tempted to listen to it again. It's sort of the crack cocaine of files! But, as you say, if you don't listen it will recede into the background.
. . .
The one thing I know stuck with me from my first listening 5 years ago, was on those rare occasions (1 or 2 per year) that I've met up with men, on a few of those I was easily convinced to wear women's lingerie and lipstick. And after listening to it this week; a day or 2 later I saw a personal post looking for someone who would wear panties & stockings. I responded but the man didn't write back. The one thing that helps me veer away is when I look at sissified or feminized men pictures and see how mostly ludicrous it looks (no offence meant), that I find myself too vain to attempt it.
. . .
I didn't listen to Stroke Sissy that much. It was the first curse file I listened to, years ago, and I listened only a few times because it conflicted with another file I was listening to (they both made you do something while you masturbated). Then, I swore no more curse files. Several years later, I got sucked back in, I read something about stroke sissy on this site and found myself downloading the script -- just to look at it, mind -- and then I read it -- and then I listened to it the next day. Managed not to listen again for a while, then I got pulled back a few more times. But that was all it took, I was behaving more and more feminine. It took me something like a year before the effects wore off and even so, the file's still in me, wanting to come out. If I'd been younger, I'd be living as a woman now. But I'm middle aged and I just couldn't see myself as an old TV.
. . .
In my case I couldn't agree more about the ridiculousness of it all (visions of Emily Howard) - but it didn't stop me; I was caught up in the file. A few months ago I was almost stopped in my tracks in a shopping centre when I heard a woman's voice shouting out the name I had chosen as part of CSS. When I turned, she was calling after her young daughter. I know that parts of CSS are still lurking within; I'm thinking more and more about listening, and if I do I'll probably launch back in as soon as I can get clothes and stuff to do it.
. . .
well i have to say it but be careful. This file is a creeper depending on your level of entrancing im not sure how far you will fall into this trap. I listened to it one and half times and im feeling the effects at a much slower pace then the others. Although i have to admit i was a lazy kind of cross dresser with a few dresses and shoes. now i own 4 pairs of bras , panties, 6 dresses etc, etc my females clothes are out growing my male ones. and now im going wig and make up shopping sometime this week to complete my transformation of sorts but it looks like im becoming Vivian more and more. So make some plans in case this file ensnares you and keep up the journal !

it's an amazingly sticky file. Another thing I've found is that it's easily resurrected if you're reminded of it, for example, I haven't listened to it for something like a year, and before that I don't think I'd listened to it more than seven times, but yesterday I noticed that I'd started wagging my hips again, and couldn't figure out why until I realized it was probably because I'd read that post by Mr. Blue. What's more, I'm tempted to listen to it again. It's sort of the crack cocaine of files! But, as you say, if you don't listen it will recede into the background.

well i feel yea on that i've aeady started looking for temporary nails or doing my own which seems to be growing a lot faster since i listened to the file. I'm fully dressed now and every time i come home seems there is no escape now . also people ask if its the file or if i really want this ? well i have to say i don't know anymore but it could be both seems like I'm becoming more and more fem after i pleasure myself. also i cant get my sissy name out of my head she is back with a vengeance and she isn't happy with my manly wardrobe.

I bought a body shaping slip, 3 more pairs of panties, 5 pairs of pantyhose, skirt and two tops. hopefully this weekend I'll gather my wig and makeup and begin taking that final female shape.
(08 Aug 2020, 02:11 )Like Ra Wrote: Curse Stroke Sissy rerecorded

My sissy name is Sylvia!!!!!!
Doesnt SB have the same file? and isnt that the one were you got that name from? I tried getting my sissy name from the SB file but it never worked nothing came up, just gave up.
(08 Aug 2020, 10:19 )redara Wrote: Doesnt SB have the same file? and isnt that the one were you got that name from?
Yes and yes! Great that you remembered all that!

(08 Aug 2020, 10:19 )redara Wrote: I tried getting my sissy name from the SB file but it never worked nothing came up, just gave up.
Actually, it was SB's file yesterday, and again that file squeezed "Sylvia!" out of me (and "My sissy name is Sylvia!!!" in written!). really amazing, because I'm relatively immune to SB.

Since this file is mentioned and it's not on any SB's sites, here it is:

Curse Stroke Sissy.mp3 (Size: 33.91 MB )

I like how this file is (re)done, same idea, mostly the same wording, but the approach is a bit different - SB, Gracie, MsJ avoid the word "curse", and I like it.

This is my experience, when I was "exposed" to this file for the first time:

(09 Jul 2018, 11:20 )Like Ra Wrote: Unbelievable, but this is the first time an SB's file works as "requested". The name appeared in my mind first in letters, but I tried to ignore it. Then it repeated, yet I "erased" it from my thoughts. But then I was forced from the inside to spit it out several times: "Sylvia! Sylvia!" (English pronunciation, not German). Apparently, this is the name that my SCM ( wants me to have. Or... Any other ideas?
(08 Aug 2020, 02:01 )Like Ra Wrote: Curse Stroke Sissy

A version by Azureogon.

azureogon_-_Curse_Stroke_Sissy_(MP3).mp3 (Size: 28.33 MB )

Some people like it more. I definitely disagree.
Female TTS version of Curse Stroke Sissy

Quote:This is a re-recording of EMG's Curse Stroke Sissy using a high quality female TTS voice. I have removed references to breast growth as several posters have indicated that they would prefer not to have this. I have also included as background Calimore's Binaural. I hope you like it. Remember that it's a CURSE and therefore permanent. Thanks to EMG and Calimore for the original material.

Curse_Stroke_Sissy_-_Female_Voice_(MP3).mp3 (Size: 28.45 MB )

Easily one of the most popular file... Hm...

Quote:I have been listening to this version for about 6 months now and I have to say I was totally sceptical at first, but no one is more surprised than I am when I find myself saying my girl name out loud every time I jack off. There are more changes also happening that I would be happy to discuss with curious people

Quote:Now up to listening for 8 months and I am quite stunned at what is happening. I instinctively say my feminine girl name out loud every time I play with my cock and even think of masturbating. In bed, in the shower, on the couch or in the recliner, regardless of where, her name escapes my lips and when I orgasm I find myself saying my feminine name over and over with deep pleasure. It is so satisfying. In addition, some of my strongest and intense orgasms are now occurring when I am fantasizing about dressing in bras and panties and lingerie. I even find myself surprised that my taste in porn is beginning to change from standard straight traditional porn to more soft feminine porn with lots of kissing and foreplay. I have started to watch shemale porn and sometimes even gay porn and always enjoy masturbating to whatever genre regardless. Oddly, I find myself admiring the woman in the porn photos or movies. I find myself noticing their makeup, eye shadow, hair color and highlights, their lipstick color and lip gloss, their ear rings, nail polish color and nail styles, their piercings or tattoos (if any). I study how the women look in their clothes and lingerie, their bras and panties and nylons and shoes. I am quick to survey the women from head to toe and make judgements on how their clothes and lingerie look on them. I have even found myself smiling and saying out loud to the photos or videos, "Cute shoes!" or "I really like her bra!" or That is a really fun outfit!. I wonder where she bought that?" No one is more stunned than I..... Where is this all going?

Quote:This is an extremely powerful file--even more so than the original. I was just sampling it when I found myself going under. It is incredibly difficult to resist. If you aren't looking to be converted into a bisexual obedient sissy then do not listen--not even a little. If, however, you understand that it will make changes to your mind--will make you think and most likely enjoy becoming feminized, obedient and submissive then by all means do. The original file was addictive---this one will hook you the first time you listen and you will find yourself being irresistibly drawn back to it over and over again. Fair warning.

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Need informations about "Curse Urination Orgasm EMG. Amristo 0 751 17 Jan 2024, 05:21
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