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Bambi Sleep stuff
Final Version on   Lots of custom Bambi Sleep files under the artist found at link. ENJOY

Link to all files on one single page
~KK~ xoxo (~);}
(25 May 2023, 08:55 )kaitlynkassidy89 Wrote: Final Version on   Lots of custom Bambi Sleep files under the artist found at link. ENJOY

Link to all files on one single page

omg love Blank and Empty Girl_tender
(25 May 2023, 14:02 )Bambislave Wrote:
(25 May 2023, 08:55 )kaitlynkassidy89 Wrote: Final Version on   Lots of custom Bambi Sleep files under the artist found at link. ENJOY

Link to all files on one single page

omg love Blank and Empty Girl_tender

I listened to Bambi's True Calling this morning followed by the "Anal Series" by Sissy Blair. So floaty and hot right now. BarbaCoiePutitas has mastered the binaural landscape and I just lose it completely on his files.
will note some files are missing I would recommend looking at his reddit.
I am Sinker not a Thinker - Bimbo Trance Slut
Another warning. The files might work. You might accidentally stumble upon these files, or ... you might be "friendly nudged" towards them.

u/Throwaway10172351 Wrote:Bambi Has Changed My Life

When I first started listening to the files, I didn’t think they would be anywhere near as effective as they were. When I started out, I was a completely straight guy who was just curious to mess around and find something new and stimulation after getting recommended it by someone I know. I would no longer call myself straight. Now, I’d say I’m primarily bi. In all honesty, I’ve become pretty addicted to listening to the files. I’ve never really been addicted too much of anything, but I listen to the files two to three times a day, pretty much every day.

Just because I think I’m addicted to them doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy them, though. The files have shown me so much and changed me so much. I am hardly the person I was before starting the files. The changes they’ve had on my confidence, my self-image, and my levels of pleasure and my personality are so big. All of them have been positive for the most part though. The files started out for me as kind of a curious, hardly serious thing. Then they quickly developed into a love and then an obsession. I have a full uniform now. I have had dreams about Bambi. I think about cock so much, and watch porn primarily for the cock. I don’t think I was in any way attracted to men before listening to the files. I think the files made me like them, and there’s nothing wrong with that! I used to hate the color pink, and I don’t think deep down I secretly liked it. Now it’s my favorite color!

I would have never sucked a cock before the files, and now I want to. Just thinking about it excites me. I would absolutely recommend the files because they give so much pleasure. I’ve shown the files to a few people who I think could benefit from them.

When I first started listening to the files, I had a friend guiding me very indirectly. He had some past experience with the files, so when I started, I’d go to him for some random advice, along with some people on the subreddit. Now he guides me almost every day, giving me what files he thinks I should listen to. We’ve met up multiple times in person while I listen to the files, and he guides me. We’ve probably done this 4 times now, and the last time we did it ended with us hooking up and me stroking his cock. This was completely unexpected and kind of just happened in the spur of the moment when Bambi felt like she’d taken over. The next time we do it, I’m planning on sucking him off, and I’ve been genuinely looking forward to it.

Before the files, I had absolutely no attraction to him or any guy. Now Bambi is completely under his control and in love with his cock. I think he might have wanted this from the start, but part of it really does feel spur of the moment, like it just developed naturally for both of us. I also didn’t know he was bi until well after I’d started to listen to the files.

Regardless, the files have been such a beautiful experience, and I’m so glad I started listening to them. Just over a month and a half seems like such a short time, but they have completely changed me. I never took the files’ power seriously, and then they showed me how powerful Bambi can truly be. I never stood a chance against them, really. They addicted, sexy, and fun. I seriously did not expect any of this, but I’m so glad it happened. Me before the files would not have wanted to suck a cock and would’ve been grossed out by it, but Bambi loves men and cock and wouldn’t want it any other way!!

If you’re new to Bambi, take them seriously. Enjoy them but take them seriously because they are so, so powerful, and I can’t say that enough!

u/unfortunateoutcome Wrote:I'm so glad it's going well for you! The advice to new people is super important as well! Your friend definitely wanted this to happen but as long as it's safe sane and consensual then that's all that matter. Enjoy his cock in your mouth and let Bambi do the work. I really hope it goes well for you in the future as well!

u/Throwaway10172351 Wrote:Thanks for this comment! I’m just so glad I got manipulated into this, haha. Maybe some things are for the better. Not to say that is the case for most people, but Bambi loves cock now, and she’s glad to have gotten manipulated and changed by the files

u/PlayfulWeakness358 Wrote:I listen years ago when I was exploring the internet trying to get off, I had no idea what I put in my head then, but now I know it awaken something in me that just keeps growing inside my mind

u/Throwaway10172351 Wrote:That’s so good!! That sounds like how a lot of people find them. By accident. But that’s the best way for Bambi to spread. People find it, and they are naturally intrigued (because who wouldn’t be) and then they slowly have their likes and desires changed. What starts out as a hot fantasy becomes a pleasurable reality. And is it really even a bad thing if our desires are artificially changed? As long as we end up liking it, who cares? I’m glad you found the files and found yourself!
This is funny and ... might be useful:

u/Boredbeta Wrote:An unexpected side effect.

So I've been listening to BS for an hour or so before bed every night for the last week and while I don't feel like it's fully sunk in yet, I've genuinely felt less stressed in general.

A side effect I didn't expect: Yesterday, my boss called me and told me to complete a certain task (background: I'm a procrastinator). When I was told what to do, my entire body like tingled and I practically tripped over myself to get it done asap, when normally I'd put it off for a day or two. Wow. Then when I got it done my boss said "good job" and wow! The tingles returned. I'm about to raise my productivity by 1000% 😂
On IQ reduction (do we need a separate Bambi thread for that?)

bambidollhypnoaddict Wrote:Bambi IQ lock only affects Bambi and helps her be more dumb, it doesn't really affect the old self as long as you use a uniform, but you can skip it if it makes you feel more comfortable! The most important thing is being comfortable to build a better relationship between Bambi and the OS 🥰

prettyspirals666 Wrote:This actually isn't correct. The IQ stuff is reinforced through the series and skipping that file won't make all the programming in other files go away... even without the trigger it's heavily conditioned in most files that Bambi is dumb or that it feels good to be dumb or that Bambi is a Good Girl, because she's dumb etc.

Especially as the files go on, the uniform is scripted so that the more frequently it's worn, the more intense the effects get/the more effective Bambi's programming is. I've created a FAQ that explains this and has some quotes from the files. As the files go on the uniform also becomes mental, so you are always in it, regardless if you are wearing it and there are a bunch of files that reinforce how Bambi can be effected by her programming even when the uniform isn't worn/she can be triggered and be effected by any of her programming at any time... This also means anxiety triggers tied to disobedience/used to motivate good behavior and at times physical triggers that aren't listed on the official site like how the act of taking a selfie resets Bambi or how the file mentions Bambi becomes submissive to anyone that touches her.

I know the creator says the uniform is a safety, but I did transcripts to like 30 of the files aeady and that's not the case of how they are scripted, and it's misleading. Figured would mention since this is misinformation that's being passed on started by the creator, and it's not anyone's fault for thinking that... I definitely did for a while.

You don't have to take my word on any of this, you can however read more about it here or read the transcripts I've finished directly to see what I mean:

I'm also going to be creating a separate section to include quotes about the uniform everywhere I found them. There is a lot and even just reading the transcriptions you can see that the uniform isn't actually something used to separate Bambi from old self, it's used to program triggers and sink Bambi deeper into programming and should not be relied on for separation of old self or as a safety.
(24 May 2023, 21:16 )Like Ra Wrote:
(05 Apr 2023, 23:58 )Like Ra Wrote: Do we need to create separate threads for, say, files and pictures? Or one thread is good enough, provided there is a list of content (see the 1st post)?
Let me rephrase the question. If I create a subforum dedicated to Bambi, what would be the best way to separate the content?

Just a brain dump:

- General thread with stories and experiences
- Files (official?/unofficial) with descriptions
- Pictures

Anything else? Or this one single thread is good enough?

Nobody replied, so I went ahead, created a subforum and split the thread. More to come.

brainwash_yourself-01.mp4 (Size: 9.12 MB )

(25 May 2023, 16:53 )sexyfayetv Wrote:
(25 May 2023, 14:02 )Bambislave Wrote:
(25 May 2023, 08:55 )kaitlynkassidy89 Wrote: Final Version on   Lots of custom Bambi Sleep files under the artist found at link. ENJOY

Link to all files on one single page

omg love Blank and Empty Girl_tender

I listened to Bambi's True Calling this morning followed by the "Anal Series" by Sissy Blair. So floaty and hot right now. BarbaCoiePutitas has mastered the binaural landscape and I just lose it completely on his files.

I can't find the True Calling track, where is iiiiit? Girl_tender

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