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Bambi Sleep stuff
I'm on mobile and it's a bitch to quote stuff but in reference to my first comment above about some issues aren't always just immediate concerns about consent but that I see come up a lot in convos with Bambi's...pasted this cuz not sure if you saw this comment from the other day on that topic:

As I got as close to a full takeover as I would say I could have gotten and it actually became more stressful/less enjoyable as time went on...the problem is (and maybe the creator didn't foresee this) once you start living as Bambi 24/7 and achieve all the basic milestones you start to run out of easy things on your Bambi lifestyle check list that the files program you to desire/want to achieve/that make you feel like a gg. what's left after that initial list of things is achieved and your mindset as Bambi is rly solidified is the anxiety of not feeling like a gg cuz the other goals are completely unattainable at the moment/ur stuck in lifestyle limbo...which of course then effects your mindset/how you feel and creates a shitty little loop. Myself and some of the other girls who lived as Bambi 24/7 & were rly close to what peeps would probs consider a takeover have experience with various aspects and intensities of this problem. I don't think it's ever going to be a major issue for most causal listeners but for people into extremes looking to legit become Bambi 24/7 (the peeps your files are probs meant for) and who are listening to the files as an aide to irl lifestyle change are probs likely to run into the anxiety roadblock as well and I've seen a lot of people have issues relating to this as they progress since I've been in the community. it has caused people to just take a break and stop listening entirely (and often they come back/the cycle repeats)

When I mention safeties it's sometimes referencing stuff above. It would be cool if there were something in place to keep Bambi from spiraling into an anxious mess from perceived lack of obedience to the files as the listener progresses when reflecting on her lifestyle/appearance as things get more advanced esp when she's doing her best so that people who wanted to be Bambi 24/7 could get more enjoyment out of the experience and avoid the anxiety/progress wall that I've seen a lot of people I know irl and online hit. Safeties can make things more fun even for listeners into extremes and work as something that enhances user experience.

The problem is with any file a creator can script something with the intention of things working one way but files will always have some aspect of unpredictability when it comes to each users experience. I think if a lot of people are running into similar issues/have similar complaints it's worth looking into what's causing that and addressing it
I listened last night and fell asleep like always lol
they are the only files I can't get through without passing out and falling sleep
(01 May 2023, 16:32 )katplanchette Wrote: I'm on mobile and it's a bitch to quote stuff
Yeah, this is true... Next MyBB version should be mobile-friendly, and it's nearly completed... since 2-3 years ago...
(01 May 2023, 19:58 )ranma82 Wrote: they are the only files I can't get through without passing out and falling sleep
That boring? 😬
(01 May 2023, 20:03 )Like Ra Wrote:
(01 May 2023, 16:32 )katplanchette Wrote: I'm on mobile and it's a bitch to quote stuff
Yeah, this is true... Next MyBB version should be mobile-friendly, and it's nearly completed... since 2-3 years ago...

so I'm sure the function probably works well but I was working and copying & pasting on mobile/jumping back to find quotes was just hard af cuz I can't talk & type as it is to save my life. Excited to eventually see the eventually upgrade tho! This stuff is hard af to even manage to me so props for even doing it haha
(01 May 2023, 20:04 )Like Ra Wrote:
(01 May 2023, 19:58 )ranma82 Wrote: they are the only files I can't get through without passing out and falling sleep
That boring? 😬

Dunno if it's boring, I just fall asleep during them
(02 May 2023, 22:30 )dustymoon1 Wrote: IT DOES HAPPEN!
Of course, it does. Unfortunately... That's why we are here, no? 😉
Apparently such things happen.

u/TIMSANSFW Wrote:I speedran Bambi - 20+ orgasms (the majority were wet orgasms)

Wow, what an experience! Dozens of hand free orgasms over a few hours, was something special, that's for sure!!

After hypnotising a partner the other week, I was craving to try Bambi again, because she went so deep, and I wanted to go deep too.

Been 5+ months since last Bambi time, but could never "cum-n-collapse" after my very 1st Bambi session 4+ years ago.

So, house to myself, figured I'd relapse and buy the whole 9 and give Bambi one more whirl and maybe do some LSD.

sports bra (and simulated tits)
full torso spandex corset
lip gloss
arm stockings
blonde hair
fully shaved body

Started at like 4pm the other day, did the regular beginners loop, then few hrs later added a few more files from the first series. Got mild effects but pretty light. I think one more basic loop before going to bed.

Then went to sleep in uniform, woke at like 4am and did the "Fuckdoll Brainwash series. Felt much sluttier, but didn't have anything wild happen"

After that I had some breakfast and a half tab of LSD just for funsies.

OMG, then went for the full Mental Makeover, entered the trip halfway through. Actually became Bambi. Finished that and was super dizzy and spacey and went to add weed to intensify.

Home alone, so I set up the living room to have sexy pink/purple lighting and the speakers constantly running a sleep loop, so I could keep trancing when moving around the house.

I bought a fruity nicotine vape earlier (I don't use nicotine ever), so I could get that body rush and then melt away as I begin each series and to get my mind associated to that buzz feeling, fruity taste, and hypno. Another fun session's ritual/trigger for Bambi 😊

Anyway, was feeling very horny after the mental makeover, so I did some Enforcement files and had some half orgasms and was feeling very good. Went to go have some weed and rushed to bed, knowing I have 10-15 mins before it gets really, really intense.

In the meantime, was listening to some other files and almost had a mini panic attack because it was something that really didn't vibe with me in my boundaries (while getting really high quickly). So I put on other Enforcement files and had more.


Then I loaded up pretty much every file that had cum'n'collapse triggers in it and just let them rattle off. I went through each one about twice and just remember being a completely blank object, cumming over and over again and perfectly being triggered by everything.

Each cumming file is a different orgasm even, and the "Blow-up Doll" one is just amazing for cumming over and over and over again. "Cockslut" such a nice single focused orgasm. I started cumming even without the "cum and collapse" trigger being told.

I'd walk over to the pink living room and just kind of lay on the couch and would just cum by accident sitting there. It was amazingly hot and I was really surprised.

My fake tits and everything just felt like part of me, and it was just surreal. Sometimes I didn't feel I would cum, but then the trigger would be said, and I'd just rocket off into space, each orgasm more intense than the last.

This went on for a couple hrs and I hit the cock zombie file for the 3rd or 4th time and had an absolutely huge orgasm, but this time wanted to go back to old self after that one.

Was hard to write this because a lot of the details are really hazy and got so horny, but here are sometimes for good girls in training:

- know your personal consent and wishes - some files I intentionally avoid because I don't want too much spillover in the regular world (protection, addiction, etc).

- be 100% comfortable - no one in same house/flat, hydrated, well-fed, healthy.

- move and wiggle if you need to - sometimes I would be in a file that wants u to be a motionless blow-up doll, but I could activate my orgasm way easier by just falling into being a slutty girl grinding her hips and writhing. There is no right way to listen!

- sports bra is soooo much better for holding tits in and being comfy long term. As Bambi, you want to be as comfortable as possible, so nothing will bother you.

Crazy is, I sent a selfie to my lover saying I'm fully shaved, and she called me Bambino! (i never even mentioned Bambi to her once! What a coincidence!!)

Gotta be careful because regular self likes to fuck and be 100% functional and hypnotise some partners and I don't want to give Bambi my whole sexuality. Can definitely be addicting...

Bambi really helped me apply deep hypnosis techniques to lovers and combined with good consent and boundaries it's insane how deep we could go. Ended up fucking her doll body 4 times back to back - cumming in her mouth and immediately fucking her again without stopping. Good girl sends us both a wave of pleasure, and I like to do both.

Fuck, I just love to cum and feel good. Whether it's Bambi or regular self - both have different types of orgasms, just much harder to get the Bambi ones.

Anyways, had to share before I forgot because I kinda want to remember the details of this one!
(05 Apr 2023, 23:58 )Like Ra Wrote: Do we need to create separate threads for, say, files and pictures? Or one thread is good enough, provided there is a list of content (see the 1st post)?
Let me rephrase the question. If I create a subforum dedicated to Bambi, what would be the best way to separate the content?

Just a brain dump:

- General thread with stories and experiences
- Files (official?/unofficial) with descriptions
- Pictures

Anything else? Or this one single thread is good enough?
(22 Apr 2023, 16:43 )Like Ra Wrote:
(21 Apr 2023, 02:56 )spandextc Wrote: I tried listening to Bambi Sleep while working, and that was just. . . a bad idea.
What happened?

I got super horny and thought "well, I can just put on some pantyhose and keep working." NOPE. It never stops with one pair of pantyhose, of course, because once I start I have to get COMPLETELY dressed in multiple layers of pantyhose, shapewear, tights, and a leotard and start gooning - which is exactly what happened. No way I can work when I'm dressed like that; I'm too distracted. I'd thought I could just listen because I find it extremely pleasant (I do), but I can't listen and work. 

A shame😟

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