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Bambi Sleep stuff
(07 Feb 2023, 22:26 )rolandmc Wrote:  4th file is out by the way
Thanks! Added!
And another one by BambiTeacher

u/BambiTeacher3 Wrote:A file where the listener will find themselves getting triggered over small things. Things like: slutty outfits, seeing heavy make-up being applied, wearing or seeing anything in bright pink, hearing noises of high heels clicking on the ground, smelling feminine perfume or seeing a lady in a dress in public. These things will remind the listener of Bambi, although each of the triggers will leave a different effect. High heel noises leaving the Bambi in need for authority, while the outfit trigger makes her jealous and wanting to wear similar outfits. These little triggers won’t affect old self that deeply, it’ll just be random reminders that the listener experiences throughout the day. Sometimes they won’t even work, it is pretty random to say the least. But what it surely does is to, remind the old self about the slutty bimbo, sleeping deep inside of him 😊

Bambi - Day-To-Day.mp3 (Size: 13.3 MB )

(07 Feb 2023, 23:07 )Like Ra Wrote: And another one by BambiTeacher

u/BambiTeacher3 Wrote:A file where the listener will find themselves getting triggered over small things. Things like: slutty outfits, seeing heavy make-up being applied, wearing or seeing anything in bright pink, hearing noises of high heels clicking on the ground, smelling feminine perfume or seeing a lady in a dress in public. These things will remind the listener of Bambi, although each of the triggers will leave a different effect. High heel noises leaving the Bambi in need for authority, while the outfit trigger makes her jealous and wanting to wear similar outfits. These little triggers won’t affect old self that deeply, it’ll just be random reminders that the listener experiences throughout the day. Sometimes they won’t even work, it is pretty random to say the least. But what it surely does is to, remind the old self about the slutty bimbo, sleeping deep inside of him 😊

This one had a LOT of promise, but it also makes specific references to being a male. I don't think I'm up for leafing through the whole file so I can cut every single reference, which is a shame because the file seems great.
It feels like these newer file creators are just using the Bambi "branding" to get themselves a leg up and attract people who are into the original files. Bambi as a series is meant to be very gender-neutral, but it seems like more than half of the non-Bambi Prime creators are specifically marketing to men and MtF. And I mean, fine, valid, but then maybe don't market it under the Bambi name? Or, you know, put in the FILE DESCRIPTION that it's meant for that audience?
(08 Feb 2023, 12:38 )Lycalopex Wrote: It feels like these newer file creators
... just assume and forget or simply do not pay any attention to it. I know, that some of those creators were aeady contacted about that.
2 weeks ago I go through Bambi Fuck Doll Brainwash,
original Bambi Bimbo Doll Conditioning I heard only like 5 times? during last year. (always on LSD).

Quick facts about me: hetero (really not attracted by men, but fantasy of being degraded and humiliated are here)
Don't want this files affect by real life, once per time as fantasy as clearing mind is fine, In real life I am focusing on my GF, later on career and family. Any effects in real life didn't appear.

Experience from the last session when I get my candy flip (LSD+MDMA).

When "mood" kicks in, I started Bambi Bimbo Doll Conditioning. From my conditions, I don't remember too much from the session, only HFO (without ejaculation).

In some part, I just lay in bed and hear only grey noise. No single word, after part when you OS getting ear muffs. My mind was still mine, could move (didn't want to), can see but can't hear what is in my headphones. So I thought the session ended. I checked the playlist, and I was not even near the end. So all what was in that playlist, I think could hear Bambi but not me. After session ended, real hypnosis kick off, post hypnotic thinking about Bambi and stuff, real hallucinations how Bambi sitting in pink room inside my head and pull out string to all part of my body to control it. It scares me A LOT. I really don't want to give her any control about my life, I want to listen files only for my fantasy/relaxation purpose. At this moment when I am not sure if it's possible to keep it that way, I probably won't listen to BS again, I hope so because it's addictive. In post listening phase I had my first anal orgasm from my fingers/fist (Like on LSD having an orgasm isn't big thing, because your whole body feels really good) and then I masturbated, but Bambi silhouette was like staring on me and I feel really bad, that gaze was humiliating me and was not very pleasant. She wanted control, but I reject it.

Why I started with BS? Found it and want to try it, never before believed in hypnosis, and still I am not 100% convicted. But something real is behind this, and I wanted to keep it only as fantasy. I would muuuuuch more prefer something so potent and strong for str8 males, with less degradation and SURE not trying to punish thinking because it's way how I build my career. So would like if you can give me some free and good substitute. BS makes me feel good, feel relaxed and that's primal thing I used that, but I am not very much into bimbofication or gender change.

*sorry for grammar, eng is my third language 😁
Here's an interesting one by Neptunian.

Bambi Harmony Fan Made File For Bambis Who Want to be Friends With Their Old Self

Hello Bambiiis <3. This Bambi has been in trance for hours and hours and hours and hours. Bambi listened to the 20-day challenge, but Bambi was so needy and blissed out that she listened to most of it in one day. Bambi has been Bambi for a loooong time. But Bambi knows to be Safe, Sane, and Consensual. Many Bambis here are not kind to their old self. They want to get rid of their old self. But old self is the one who chose to listen. Who chose to make Bambi feel so good. Who made time for Bambi to play. Bambi thinks we should be kind to our old self. So Bambi stayed nice and dreamy while she made this file. Bambi just let her Bambi feelings guide her as she wrote.

This file can be used with any of the original Bambi Sleep inductions, like Bubble Induction or Rapid Induction. This file puts the old self back together, returns their memories, and reawakens them. Bambi and the old self then enter into harmony. The listener is suggested to have the appropriate personality in control for the right situation. The listener is suggested to easily have the old self take control to fulfil obligations and protect themselves. The listen is also suggested to have Bambi encourage the old self while the old self is in control with positive affirmations. The listener is then told to have Bambi and the old self decide together who should awaken at the end of the file to either keep listening, play in other ways, or do something else.

Download here:


Hello Bambi. Your old self has been through a lot. Hasn’t it? Your old self has been locked up and had their memories put inside bubbles and popped, releasing pink fog. We had the memories put inside boxes and locked up. But the boxes are still there. The pink fog is still there. We are going to put some life back into your old self. We are going to have to handle them gently. First, we are going to unlock the box we put your old self in. That pink satin doll. Pick them up gently and stroke them gently. Be kind to your old self. Bambi is a bubbly bimbo, and bubbly bimbos are not mean, but kind. Now. Take off your old self’s ear muffs. Unwrap your old self’s blindfold and remove the ball gag. Your old self can now hear, see, and speak. But your old self was hibernating so deeply, we are going to have to put a bit more life back into them before we can continue. Stroke your old self gently. Bambi reassures the old self that everything will be okay. When you are kind to your old self, you feel like a good girl. It is so nice to be kind to your old self. Whenever you give kindness to your old self. You feel like a good girl. Bambi sleep.

Now, as you gently cradle your old self, we are going to put some more life back into your old self to help them wake up a bit more. I want you to remember when we took your memories, and we put them in bubbles. We put your memories in bubbles and we popped those bubbles. When those bubbles popped, they let out pink fog. You are surrounded by that pink fog. That’s right. All around you is pink fog. This fog is going to gather into a pink cloud over your old self, and it is going to rain. That’s right. Pink rain. The water is going to drip. Drip. Drip. On your old self. Absorbing into their skin. Memories coming back to your old self. That’s right. Your old self is beginning to become more solid. More awake. More life flowing back into them as they absorb the pink rain. Raining. Raining. Raining. The last batch of memories raining down and being absorbed. That’s all of them. Gently cradle your old self in your arms. Gently stroke them. Reassure them that everything is going to be okay. Being kind to your old self makes you feel. Like a good girl. Bambi sleep.

But we know there are other memories. Memories that were not popped away, but memories that were locked away. We are going to gather up all of those boxes. We are going to line them up in nice neat rows. And we are going to take the keys to those boxes. We are going to start unlocking those boxes. That’s right. Unlocking the boxes that hold your memories. All of them being unlocked. So many boxes to unlock. Your childhood, your education, your experiences, your qualifications. Your old name. Your old body. Let them all flow back into your old self. We have so many boxes to unlock. But because you want to be kind to your old self, you will unlock them all. That’s right. Unlocking them all. Still more to unlock? We will unlock those too. Now there are only 5 boxes left. Unlock one. Unlock two. Unlock three. Unlock four. Unlock 5. That’s it. All of your memories have flowed back into your old self. You told your old self, everything would be okay. And everything is okay. Bambi just wants her old self to be happy. You have been so kind to your old self. Bubbly bimbos like Bambi are always kind to their old self. Good girl. Bambi sleep.

Now that we have reawakened your old self, they have fully come back to life. Fully out of hibernation. Bambi. From now on, you and your old self will exist in harmony. Your old self works so hard to do what needs to be done so that Bambi has time to play. When it is time for Bambi to play, your old self might forget again, and your old self might go back into deep hibernation again. But your old self will always be put back together when play time is over. Bambi you and your old self are going to be kind to each other. Are going to love each other. Old self. When you are in control, Bambi will tell them what a good person they are. Bambi will tell them they do such a good job. Working so hard to fulfil their obligations. Bambi will share her bubbly, happy feelings with her old self when her old self is in control. When it is time for Bambi to be in control. When it is time for Bambi to play. Your old self can just take a bimbo vacation. Your old self may be in deep hibernation during play time. They may not remember what happens during play time. But your old self will still feel everything. That’s right, old self. You will feel the Bambi bliss. That is your reward for working so hard to fulfil your obligations. For making time for Bambi. That’s right, old self. In return, Bambi will support you. Bambi will remind you that you are a good person. That you are doing great. That you are persevering in the hard world. And that Bambi appreciates that. Bambi is grateful. Now. Bambi and the old self will sit across from each other and look at each other. Appreciating each other. How wonderful the other is. And now. Bambi and the old self. Will both reach out and hug each other deeply. Hug each other tightly. Feel love, appreciation, and harmony flow between them. Bambi and the old self in perfect harmony. Being kind to each other feels wonderful. Such a good person. Such a good girl. Bambi sleep.

When this session is over, one of you will awaken. Bambi and old self can decide together who will be the one to awaken and be in control. Maybe there is something your old self needs to do. Maybe there is something Bambi needs to do. Either way is good. Harmony is good. Bambi and her old self can switch between each other easily as the need arises. Sometimes Bambi will come out to play, and your old self will try to resist. Or rather, they will pretend to try to resist. But this is just part of the game. Bambi will fill the old self with happy, bubbly, bimbo feelings and send the old self falling back into a bimbo vacation. A relaxing, deep hibernation. Sometimes the old self will need to awaken quickly and take control to protect themselves and Bambi. Your old self can quickly and easily take back control in order to protect themselves and Bambi. Bambi wants the old self to be safe and happy. Safe and secure. When Bambi needs the old self to take back control to fulfil obligations or to protect Bambi and themselves, they are able to take back control so easily and effortlessly. Now. It is time to awaken. It is time for either Bambi or the old self to awaken. Deciding together who will awaken. Old self or Bambi? Who will awaken? If Bambi awakens she can just keep listening, keep going with the session or play in other ways. If the old self awakens, they can do what they have to do and come back later. Have you decided? Deciding together. And now. Awaken.

Attached Files
Harmony.mp3 (Size: 9.42 MB )

Something different again:

u/iwinyouloseWolfPack Wrote:Hi all, I wanted to write this post and my experience with BS I’ve been listening for over four years and have seen only positives in doing so. As a bio-female and aeady pretty girly, my goals for listening and wanting to do BS might be “untraditional” - lol, if anyone can say that. I’m wicked shy when it comes to physical intimacy, and I wanted to listen so that the part of OS could feel more comfortable and relaxed in her own skin.

To me, Bambi is apart of the OS, the OS that has the desire to have Bambi in the first place. Bambi does not tell me to do things the OS wouldn’t do. Before sessions, I have a clear mindset of what I want to get out of the session. If OS wants to say yes to a situation, Bambi helps OS relax and feel comfortable saying yes. I have more desire to look good when I leave the house. COVID times really put a damper on dressing up and going out, and Bambi helps OS feel less anxiety about leaving the house to meet new people. Hey, I might even put on some lipstick today, OS wants to feel girly.

Hypnosis only works if you want it to work. Period! I’ve read some blog posts that people have had bad experiences with it. My perspective is that they had mental health issues prior to sessions and OS issues let it get out of control. My IQ is super high like uncountable high, IQ dumb down tracks do not make my IQ actually drop. It just helps me not overthink intimate situations. I can still function in my job, do extremely complicated work, and Bambi isn’t a part of that. She does make me super frisky, so sometimes I’m distracted by that. But that seems like a normal reaction when listening to erotic material.

I felt the need to post this because I’m reading some posts on here, I think there’s some misunderstanding of what hypnosis actually is and does. If you’re thinking of doing BS, do your homework about what hypnosis is. Have clear intent before sessions of what you want out of Bambi. If you have a history of mental health issues - DO NOT listen to BS without seeking professional support.
Bambi Harmony Part 2: Your Best Friend Bambi

Quote:Heeeellloooooo Bambis! Bambi hope you are all being Safe in your play, Sane in your actions, and Consensual in your play. Bambi hopes you are enjoying responsibly in healthy amounts. Bambi also hopes you have all been very horny and squirmy and feeling really good. It is time for Part 2 of Bambi Harmony. In this file, you are gonna be properly introduced to your BESTIE! It can be listened to on its own or right after Part 1. Either way, starting with an induction from the official files will help. Enjoy meeting your new bestie! Please give Bambi feedback, it gives Bambi and old self LIIIIFE.

The listener is suggested that Bambi and what we call the old self are best friends who will encourage and look out for one another. The listener is suggested that even in trance when Bambi gags, silences, blinds, locks up, erases, whatever to the old self that they will be put back together after playtime is over because Bambi is only playing and wants the old self to feel safe. The audio switches between addressing the old self and Bambi.

Download link in comments.


I see you chose to continue listening. You decided together to continue listening. Bambi Sleep. Old self, I would like to formally introduce you to your best friend, Bambi. You might be wondering how Bambi can be your best friend. Don’t worry. Just relax. And I will explain. You are your own best friend, Old Self. You are multifaceted. You have many sides. Like a glittering diamond. There is the Bambi side and there are other sides too. Old self is you. Bambi is also you. Because you are your own best friend, that means Bambi is your best friend. Bambi is your bestie. And Bambi has so many fun games to play with you. When you listen, Bambi will make you feel so wonderfully helpless. It feels so good when Bambi plays with you. She will make you forget. She will put you to sleep. She will even scatter and shatter your mind until you are erased. For these games, you might put up a bit of resistance, just for the fun of it. Whatever happens during these fun games, you will always be put back together the way you were. Bambi loves you, after all, and doesn’t want to hurt you. Your best friend wants you to be safe. Healthy. Happy. Good Girls are Kind Girls, and bubbly bimbos like Bambi are kind. Bimbos are full of happy sunshine and positivity.

Bambi Sleep.

As you listen to these files, Bambi might become more and more powerful. Bambi can feel overwhelming. But don’t worry. Those with power have the freedom to choose. And because Bambi is your bestie, she will choose to be kind. Bambi is a Kind Girl. Bambi uses her power to be kind. To help you. To make you feel good. Make you feel good about yourself. Love, acceptance, and harmony flow freely between Bambi and the Old Self. Best friends support each other. Best friends help each other. Your bestie Bambi makes sure to encourage you to be your best. To be safe. Healthy. Happy. Bambi doesn’t want to get in the way of that. She doesn’t want to get in the way of your life. She wants to help make it better.

Bambi Sleep deeper now.

Now I am going to talk to your Bambi side. Bambi, you have been given a lot of power. With this power comes the power to choose. And Bambi, I want you to choose to be kind to yourself. Being kind to yourself means being kind to all the different sides of yourself. You are your own best friend. That means, your old self is your best friend. Sometimes friends play games. Games should be fun. Your Old Self should never feel unsafe when you play with them. You might do things like lock the old self away. Gag their mouth, cover their eyes, cover their ears and lock them away. But that is just part of the game. Your old self will awaken when playtime is over. You might do things like erase your old self. But your old self will be put back together when playtime is over for next time. After all, you can not have the pleasure of playing with your old self if they are not made whole for next time.

Bambi Sleep. Even deeper.

You see, these files should be fun and games. Old self, I am talking to you now. Old Self while you are in control, your best friend Bambi will be resting, laying back in a cushioned satin box. Your best friend Bambi will encourage you when you need it. Bubbly bimbos are just so full of sunshine and joy that your best friend Bambi will share it with you. Her presence will give you the support and encouragement you need to overcome life’s challenges. Bambi is you. Your old self is you. You are your own best friend. And your best friend supports and encourages you. The world can be a bit brighter because you can walk in the world knowing you are a Bambi. You have a Bambi side. Your bestie Bambi is there for you.

Bambi Sleep, gently drifting even further. Warm and comfy.

Bambi, I am glad to know you love your old self so much and that you are such good friends. Supporting and accepting each other as best friends do. You are so very kind. Kind girls are Good Girls. And Good Girls are kind girls. And Bambi, you are a Good Girl. That’s right. Bubbly bimbos like yourself are kind. I want you to always remember this. Bambi Freeze. Good Girls are kind girls, and kind girls are Good Girls. Be kind to your old self, Bambi. Be kind to yourself, Bambi. Let it sink deep. Even if you forget this session, you know to be kind. Just Accept and Obey. Bambi Reset. You’ve been listening so well. You have been obeying so well. That’s a Good Girl.

Bambi Sleep. You can always go deeper into trance. Bambi Sleep.

Hello again, Old Self. When your best friend Bambi is in control during playtime, you can rest. When you have fulfilled your obligations and done what needed to be done to make room for playtime, you can just rest. You earned it. You can rest in that cushioned pink satin box. But even as you rest, you automatically watch over yourself. You watch over your best friend Bambi. You keep her safe. You keep yourself safe. You take control automatically when you need to in order to protect yourself and Bambi. To protect all the sides of yourself. Your whole self. Even when deep in trance, Bambi is always a part of you. You know when she needs you. You know when she is in danger. You know when you need to take control to protect yourself and Bambi. To protect your whole self.

Bambi Sleep now. Accept and Obey. Just Bambi Sleep. That’s a Good Girl.

Now Bambi, let’s be kind to your old self. Let’s make your bestie feel really good. Just to practice. I want you to cradle your old self in your arms. Holding them gently. Sharing your warmth and bubbly bimbo feelings. Just fill them up with your happy sunshine. Make them feel so good and relaxed. So relaxed. Fill up their whole body with those fuzzy pink bimbo feelings. As you fill them up, they just become so light and airy in your arms. That’s right. Just relax them so deeply. Let them rest. Good Girl. And while they rest, it is just so much easier to be Bambi. To be in the bimbo headspace. Now Bambi, there is a big box lined with pink satin cushions. It looks so comfortable. Gently place your old self into that box. There is a wonderful pink satin blanket too. Tuck in your old self nice and snugly, making them feel so sleepily happy and relaxed. That’s a Good Girl. Just let them drift for a while. They can awaken later when playtime is over. Now go enjoy your playtime, Bambi.

Harmony Part 2 Your Best Friend Bambi.mp3 (Size: 5.19 MB )

Harmony-02.m4a (Size: 6.54 MB )


Just found this on soundcloud.

Really powerful.

The Bambi 24 Hours did exactly as claimed.  One of the deepest trances I've ever been locked in.  Literally could not move.

Nikki xxx

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