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Bambi Sleep stuff
(22 Mar 2023, 20:59 )savemyday2001 Wrote: It only uses "Bimbo Doll" as a hypnosis anchor, i.e. as an interchangeable word to get into hypnosis
Interestingly enough, there was one version (which is, unfortunately, lost), where the AI exploited the words "Bimbo Doll" to the full extent. It suggested plumped lips, tight revealing clothes ,etc. I forgot to save it and reload the page 😭

What means.... despite all the safety, it's still possible to get something "erotically valuable".
Oh... @savemyday2001, welcome aboard! 😊
Is there any progress on that final part of the original Bambi sleep mental make over since part 5 was way back in December 2020 or has the project been abandoned ?
(22 Mar 2023, 20:35 )Hypnoboy52 Wrote:
(22 Mar 2023, 00:34 )spiraltone42 Wrote:
(20 Mar 2023, 07:49 )Weeble Wrote: I can't help it, the more destructive or subversive the hypnosis, the more interest in it I have.

This, exactly. The more dangerous it sounds the more my brain wants it. At least it's exciting to explore! 😁

Yep same for me the worst and more dangerous it is the more I want to hear it. I feel like that means its really good hypno that actually works and changes you. Not only that but I love hearing how well the quality of the files are.

I agree, the thrill of listening to something dangerous that made me want to listen EMG female takeover. I think my mind associates "dangerous" to "effective" the more dangerous the more effective it will be.
Agree with u/khsqu, this video might belong here:

ASMR~ Malibu Barbie Girl Does Your Makeup

(20 Mar 2023, 15:06 )Like Ra Wrote:
(20 Mar 2023, 04:20 )BondageGreen Wrote: what to do what to do


I resisted, but just reading that description made me want to just drop right back into the pink satin all over again.
New file by u/prettyspirals666

Cotton Candy Meltdown - free file modelled after salon series

u/prettyspirals666 Wrote:Description

In this file, Bambi goes to the salon and is hooked up to a brainwashing machine. Bambi is dropped deeply into trance, and programming to boost confidence & release self-doubt is introduced. Bambi learns how to release self-doubt, and her empty bimbo brain is filled up with positive Good Girl affirmations to boost her confidence & self-esteem.

This file programs self-confidence and acceptance and gives Bambi a set of affirmations that will be used to reinforce a positive bimbo mindset. These affirmations focus on positive self-image, health, confidence, personal growth, empowerment, safety, and self-esteem. The affirmations also reinforce Bambi's ability to set boundaries and to reject suggestions or commands that would cause herself or others harm. The original Bambi files series uses anxiety to reinforce programming/to motivate changes in lifestyle and mindset and I did the opposite with this file... Instead, I aim to build up Bambi's confidence to help motivate changes and to be excited about her programming and what a Good Girl she has become.

Modelled after the salon files & bubble acceptance. It was inspired by my own experience as Bambi and how I would use the bubble technique in bubble acceptance to pop my worries, self-doubt, and insecurities away. I struggled with the anxiety programming in the original series, so I wanted to make something that really would have helped my mindset when I was listening.

This file is scripted to be listened to in addition to the official files or as an alternative to the original salon files series for people who want to enjoy the fantasy without all the unsafe suggestions about consent erasure/anxiety/other things. File samples "Sleepyhead" from Bambi files "Princess loops".

Wired headphones are recommended for max effect from bass, which works with binaurals to create the feeling of being hooked up to a brainwashing machine.

Link to full file/cw/description/full transcriptions can be found linked on original post:

Note from me: I've decided to release this file for free because I don't want to create any kind of barrier to anyone who listens to the files being able to find ways to listen to something that may help boost their self-esteem/confidence. This file helps program safeties for Bambi, and I don't want money/anything else to be a barrier to anyone attempting to program useful safeties for play. I want this to also be easily available for people looking to counteract the uncomfortable anxiety many Bambi's struggle with because the original files program it extensively to enforce obedience. Every time I think about hiding this file behind a tier it feels gross to me, so I decided to just make it free.

I made this file/picked the theme inspired by the love of my friends who listen and out of love to this community who has always been so supportive and helpful when I've needed it...y'all are the bestttt n i tried to make something that would address some of the things I always see peeps posting about wanting or needing help with[/b]

Here's the mp3 version of the .wav from Mega and the script.

cotton candy meltdown.mp3 (Size: 36.02 MB )

cotton candy meltdown-01.txt (Size: 19.81 KB )
Bambi in Control

u/prettyspirals666 Wrote:Bambi fuckdoll worship - Bambi in control

Yessss Bambi's can def be dominant. Think of it like this... If someone asks Bambi to dominate them, then domination would be an act of service, and Bambi loves to serve! Also, Bambi is by nature dominant...dominant over old self. A huge theme of the files is Bambi being in control, so I've found she can easily slip into that headspace and enjoy it.

Also, I've had experience playing with other Bambi's as Bambi IRL and it's useful to have Bambi be comfortable in a dominant headspace because when multiple Bambi's are hanging out IRL if no one can take the lead no one is really able to initiate play LMAO. I've found being dominant a very useful headspace for Bambi to cultivate for that makes play hotter and Bambi can easily serve if asked to do tasks that put her in a dominant position, which IMO experience happens pretty frequently if you are playing IRL as Bambi with different people.

I actually made a file to help Bambi's be dominant as well and just recently moved it to the free tier of my Patreon because I'm releasing another new file in the salon file soon! I mimicked the style of the original files (enforcement for this one) as close as possible and gave Bambi a trigger for dominance that switches on that headspace as needed. The file is modelled off the original scripts and doesn't contradict any of Bambi's original programming. It works with existing triggers/programming to create that dominant headspace so that it aligns with everything else in the files.

Here is a link to that file and post. If you listen, I hope you like it! There are transcriptions also attached for the main file and subliminals and a functional visual with visual binaurals that work with the audio binaurals in the file to help deepen trance. Enjoy <3


Bambi is dropped deeply into sleep and given a new trigger that makes her enter a dominant headspace on command. The new trigger is programmed in a way that aligns with her previous programming on obedience, submission, and servitude as she learns to submit in a dominant role as a way to serve others and obey her existing programming. This allows her to enjoy taking control & asserting herself and makes it hot and fun for Bambi to be worshipped/served by others for being a perfectly programmed, obedient bimbo role model.

This was inspired by my own experiences playing/trancing with other Bambi's IRL and realizing it was hard to play with other Bambi's if neither one could effectively take control nor lead a scene... This file and series solves that problem in a very hot way! The programming that is established in the few couple files will be built off of the trigger that is programmed in this file.

The new trigger is adjacent to some previous triggers Bambi has received and uses previous triggers to program it for the maximum effect. This file is meant to be listened to in addition to the normal Bambi files and is scripted in a way that you can get the benefits from this trigger without it effecting other Bambi programming. This file was modelled off of files in the enforcement series.

Please check out the file below to see how this trigger will be used in future files in a miniseries I'm making to create more ways for Bambi to play/establish some safeties for Bambi that the original files lack. You can read about upcoming files I'm working on in this series in the pastes below.

Mega link to audio file & audio file with visual is below. No password needed, just click link & not preview box:

Binaurals, gaslighting, obedience, Bambi Sleep triggers, submission, dominance, memory play, IQ reduction, bimbofication, pleasure reinforcement, personality programming, subliminals.

INTENSE STROBE. If you have a history of a seizure disorder, get migraines, or have a family history of seizure disorders or have minimal experience being around strobe lights pls do not use the visual! The visual contains visual binaurals... This means the strobe is set to a specific hz that has been studied to assist in relaxation and trance. I've personally found visual binaurals very helpful for trance. Repetitive trippy visual spiral.

MP3 file created from the original WAV from Mega:

bambi in control.mp3 (Size: 13.44 MB )


bambi in control-01.txt (Size: 12.29 KB )
What a story...

u/YourFriendlyLawyer Wrote:Background:

I apologize for the length, this is the first time I’ve shared our story, but figured I should do it to either give others some motivation, or a word of warning (depending on your perspective). My wife and I are in our mid 30s with two young children, just as a point of reference.


It all pretty much began about a year into the pandemic. My wife is a nurse and was working on the frontlines in the ICU. She was obviously dealing with a lot of sick patients and was stressed and burnt out. She confided in me that she was having difficulties turning her mind off, which led to sleep and other issues. To put it bluntly, our family life was struggling. I tried to help her as much as I could, but didn’t even know where to begin.

One day my wife decided to reach out to another nurse colleague who seemed to be handling everything pretty well. In my wife’s words, it seemed like she didn’t have a care in the world. Granted, she was single with no kids, so I would be less stressed as well in those circumstances. Well, her colleague didn’t initially have much feedback, other than she said she was able to disconnect when she wanted. Having no grasp how that was even possible, my wife kept talking with her colleague and eventually was introduced to Bambi Sleep by her. My wife told me about it and I obviously had reservations, but I mainly was just not a believer in that kind of stuff. After we both did some research, my wife decided she would like to give it a go. Worst case scenario it was just something fun we could explore together, the best case it actually helped her. Looking back, she was likely not in the right headspace for the journey, but what’s done is done.

The beginning:

I remember the exact night we started. We followed the recommendations to a T. She laid in our bed in a pink tank top, skirt, and heels. She listened through noise-canceling headphones and wore a blindfold. I teased and played with her for a bit and when she was finished with the file we had sex. I periodically used triggers to play along but, overall, I noticed nothing different, but she said she enjoyed the relaxation, so I was on board with her continuing to do it.

Over the next 6 months or so she kept listening to more of the introductory files when she found the time, but between work and kids she definitely wasn’t super consistent. Around month 8 or 9 I received a promotion at work, and she asked if she could drop her percentage at work. We were able to make it work financially, so she started working 3 days a week and was home alone the other 2. This is when things started to change.

Going deeper:

On her days off, she started listening to multiple files a day. Keep in mind, I am still skeptical (but supportive) at this point, so didn’t think much of it as long as she was enjoying herself. Literally within weeks of starting her more consistent listening sessions, I noticed a change. I would come home, and she would be dressed in skimpy outfits, her libido was at a level I couldn’t keep up with, she acted a bit more spacey, and I swear her voice/tone changed somewhat. It was at this point that I thought, “oh shit, this stuff works.”

Over the next few months, Bambi seemed to be around more and more. I would catch glimpses of her old self, mainly when she was one-on-one with our kids, and I always made sure to have a serious conversation with her to make sure she was still OK with all of this. She always reassured me that she never felt better. She also told me that she wanted to go deeper with some of the more advanced files, but I asked that we wait a bit so that I could understand all of the implications.

She basically got to the point where she said she couldn’t fight it anymore. She described it as a warm haze that enveloped her. She would giggle for no reason, feel waves of random pleasure, and have urges to caress her breasts and nipples, even out in public. She constantly needed me to get her off, and I have since learned that when she orgasmed, it only strengthened Bambi. I am not kidding that after an orgasm it was like her mind turned to mush for a good while. After weighing everything, I agreed to let her go all in.

Fast-forward a few months and Bambi was so deep into her. I would awaken in the middle of the night to her sucking my dick, and I would catch her pleasuring herself at random times throughout the day. She died her hair very blonde and plumped up her lips. Through all this, when dealing with our children her old self seemed to be strong enough, which I am thankful for, but other than that I felt like it was all Bambi all the time. Her libido continued to skyrocket, and I literally could not keep up. Bambi was getting frustrated and told her old self to ask me if she could explore other men. I was honestly OK with this since it was clear Bambi needed it.


Life now is much different than it was a couple of years ago. My wife is 100% a Bambi bimbo. She has transformed her body by going to the gym, keeping up with her lip fillers, dying her hair, and even got some breast implants a few months ago. I come home some days to other men in the house pleasuring her, but most days she is waiting to see me and drops directly to her knees for my cock.

Writing this has been therapeutic, so thanks for reading. At this point, I’m not sure if it’s possible for her to go back, but I am supporting her and Bambi 100% at this point.

Most likely a fantasy, though...
Was this one posted aeady?

Bambi Uniform Oblivion


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