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Bambi Sleep stuff
(03 Mar 2023, 00:11 )JaneSintimes Wrote: Can someone provide a link?
1st post? 😉
they sound amazing but the type of files i love the most seem to never work on me
and i used these files for a long time 😟
The thread has reached 500K views (500,153)!
6-7 new files on Better B B creator are on SoundCloud
(14 Mar 2023, 18:21 )rolandmc Wrote: 6-7 new files on Better B B creator are on SoundCloud

Link please
Are there any files that have you "Act" as bambi and force you to do something (Similar to some of the training loop files?). Feels like this is an area that the community is lacking in, but has a lot of potential.
Another approach:

u/ironically_Alison Wrote:Some theory about training with the BS program effectively and safely

Lots more discussion is around nowadays of ways to make the BS program more customizable for the safety and interests of individual users. I see less mention the classic 20-Day Takeover program, and a lot more editors offering amended versions of files as well as new files in the Bambi universe.

However, my approach is still old school about basically sticking to Bambi Prime's content and using it in the immersive audio-only, laying down with headphones in a dark room sort of way. Within this format, there are a lot of options for potential or growing Bambis to think about, and wiggle room to customize an experience that can suit your own interests and concerns.

The 20-Day Takeover Challenge can be a useful tool, and many people have used it happily. However, it is not a one size fits all solution (and it's curator never pretended it was), and I think there are some good alternative routes to training that can work very effectively while also allowing subjects more freedom to build up their inner Bambi to what they'd like her to be (or she'd like to be as the case may be)

I'll break down what I see as the major phases of training for a subject, who takes the journey along the route I find optimal. There's plenty of room to dispute my suggestions, but they are based upon my own experience and wide reading of other Bambis' journeys and conversations with them and sometimes their trainers, as well as some reading in the wider literature of hypnosis, and consideration of Bambi Prime's notes and hints and the sequence of trigger training throughout the program.

1. The basic installation phase. A lot of subjects chafe at the idea of listening to the 01,02,03,10 sequence repeatedly, claiming they're bored or they see no effects. It's crucial to get deep into this foundational set before you can really progress, and this set remains a good playlist to revisit again in the future. However, I think we may stress out new listeners too much by stressing continuous repetition with the installation set. Here's what I suggest.

The totally new subject should listen to the 01,02,03,10 set twice in pretty close succession (two nights in a row or maybe twice over a three-day weekend). Wait a whole week and then listen to it a third time. See if that third time hits a little differently. What I suspect you'll find is that you're feeling some things (like the onset of the "Bambi Doll" trigger) with a little thrill of excitement, or even some kind of anxiety. Definitely don't try and wear yourself out listening to the playlist seven times in seven days or something like that. You need to let the program have room to breathe inside your subconscious! (and that goes long term too - ten sessions a month definitely qualifies as regular training)

2. While it's very important to absorb the 01 and 02 files, I think it's okay to mix things up a bit by introducing the Relaxation/Slumber/Tranquility inductions into the mix and alternating 01 and 02 in playlists to keep things interesting, give the subject some surprises and also inch forward with the basic conditioning. So you can not only try the 00 Rapid Induction with 02 Bubble Acceptance, but the 01 Bubble Induction followed by Relaxation for instance, followed by 03, an 04-07 training file, and 10 Bambi Awakens. Because the Bimbo Slumber file also trains the sleep trigger, this can make it quite useful to accelerate the subject's training while keeping the basic conditioning phase more fresh and making some playlists a bit shorter as desired. I would also suggest that the Bimbo Pride file has use as a supplement to the 04-07 files and can be of use in training before you go into the "Takeover" and Cockslut files, which are the capstone files to train with in the 00-10 series.

3. Blank Mindless Doll is a major transitional file in the entire program. Because of its intensity and new triggers, I highly favour introducing it by itself, followed by files from the 03-09 set, followed by Bimbo Drift or Bambi Awakens as desired. This is a big objection I have to the 20-Day Takeover timeline because it jettisons all the Basic Conditioning files after you get to the "Fuckdoll Brainwash" series! This is a major disservice to the original files because they hit so hard when you listen to them after Blank Mindless Doll!

Then you can also begin to train with Cock Dumb Hole and Uniform Slut Puppet introduced by "00 Rapid Induction" and "Relaxation" or "Slumber" or "Tranquillity" (or 00 and 02 Bubble Acceptance, or 01 Bubble Induction and Relaxation/Slumber/Tranquillity). The distinctions these new training files bring can be a bit subtle (until they start to hit you hard!). It's really nice and effective to mix up what kinds of inductions and deepeners you put before conditioning files because it can change the way they affect your mind.

4. Now Vain Horny Happy is an extremely strong file, and that's why I add it to the trio of Amnesia, Addiction, and Protection that I recommend beginner and intermediate Bambis just put aside altogether. Personally, I love these files, and I am not against their use at all, but there is no point in rushing anyone into listening to them along the kind of timeline the 20-Day Takeover Challenge makes (which does Oblivion by day thirteen!). So even by the time a trainee works up to Fuckdoll Brainwash as a set, I'd make it with Takeover in the fourth place instead of VHH. This is because . . .

5. We really should make a bigger deal out of the "Blowup Pleasure Toy", "Perfect Bimbo Maid", "Restrained and Milked" trio. Any subject who has trained to the point they can happily and tranceily do these files is certainly Bambi by now! And I think for a lot of Bambis - this is all they really need. If they want to go further into the files, terrific. But these three are incredibly deep, trancey, powerful files full of strong HFO triggering, brain blanking and obedience training, intensification of erogenous zones, and encouragement of posthypnotic fetishism and sex play. They are all extremely strong and effective files. But what is often unnoticed is that, though of course they were released later, they really don't depend on "Amnesia", "Addiction" or "Protection" for their trigger dropping. Perfect Bimbo Maid at any rate doesn't use the SF or SS triggers at all.

So love them or fear them, the controversial "Amnesia", "Addiction", "Protection" trio just isn't needed to train this deep into the series! Which is why I say Bambis should just shelve them until they've got as far as "Blowup Pleasure Toy", "Perfect Bimbo Maid" and "Restrained and Milked". If you like the program and go as far with it as the BPT/PBM/R&M trifecta, and you like them, you're comfortable with them and Bambi and all the effects the program has on you, then just plateau there a bit, consider what you'd like to do, and then by all means if you're curious, give "Addiction", "Amnesia" and "Protection" a try! It's not quite responsible to encourage the idea that listening to a file once or twice will totally shut down your resistance anyway (this encourages irrational panic that is counterproductive). And there's also a lot to be said about proportions: you should feel free to train more with the files and suggestions that resonate with you the best, and take a more trial and error based approach with effects you're not sure about.

Anyway, this takes us far enough. I enjoy all the files beyond this and through Mental Makeover, but they don't have to be for everyone and I think we should highlight that there is a huge continent of files in the BS program that allows a listener to train as a thoroughly hypersexualized hypnoslut without having to do any of the files that make the most controversial suggestions about permanence or addiction or total takeover. Bambi Sleep IS very strong hypnosis from start to finish, and it's not a training wheels experience in erotic hypno for the uninitiated. So I won't pretend this is something anyone should just start out on without making some informed guesses (based on wide reading here or on the Like Ra's forum's Bambi sleep thread, for example) about how they might like it or it might interfere with their time or self-image. But if you resonate with the themes of hypersexualization, bimbofication, feminization, CNC, hypnotic control and modification, and just exploring letting the side of yourself you suspect is a vapid fun vain horny girl let loose and come to life, then the BS files allow you a way to immerse yourself in this dreamy new world of not just fantasy but maybe identity too, while still giving you options how you want to chart your road through this long and magical hypnotic journey. I hope more people can come to have a safe and fun long term relationship with Bambi and all she offers them!

BambiGurl15 Wrote:After reading this a couple of times, I think I mainly agree with most of it!

Lots of would be Bambi's get bogged down in some beginner files, and even the 20 days. This is because the beginner files are so essential, but the repetition needed can quickly grow mundane, especially if someone isn't dropping like they expect!

From personal experience, I always recommend careful and safe exploration. Meaning, not being like, scared to dabble in some of the later files, kinda like dipping your toe in the water. Progression like a lil bit at a time. There's SO MUCH that gurls miss out on if they only follow the basic 1,2,3, and 10 files over and over expecting results. Stuff like Bimbo Relaxation and Bimbo Slumber can be mixed in with great results, and I don't think many gurls are aware of this. Then the advanced files, tho stronger, can have better effect. They definitely did for me. Vain Horny Happy is absolutely an underrated file, and I wish more Bambi's knew about edging deeper like this.

BS really is a mix and match kinda thing. People get so hung up on "doing it right" that they don't delve into the possibilities of the files that you can combine and all that.

Wish your post could be like, "stuck" or something, as a lot of it is good food for thought for someone just now tumbling down the rabbit hole. There's no one size fits all, and I wish more gurls knew that. 💞💖
(20 Mar 2023, 02:08 )Like Ra Wrote: Another approach:

u/ironically_Alison Wrote:Some theory about training with the BS program effectively and safely

Fuck and now I really want to dive down into Bambi again.... what to do what to do
I can't help it, the more destructive or subversive the hypnosis, the more interest in it I have.
(20 Mar 2023, 04:20 )BondageGreen Wrote: what to do what to do



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