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Bambi Sleep stuff
(15 Oct 2021, 17:42 )Like Ra Wrote: Interesting. Any examples?
i hallucinate pretty easily with hypnosis. its one of my strengths. normally hallucinations are hard to maintain, they tend to last minutes instead of hours, or if they are really complex and vivid they might only last seconds. hallucinations also tend to overlap reality rather than replacing it. the last and most important part is you always know you are hallucinating. i had an experience with bambi that was so vivid and real i thought my roommate was gaslighting me. i had a vivid memory of going out and walking the town dressed as bambi, when i came back in i slipped in my heels and knocked over a cookie jar my roommate keeps by the room. so the next day i apologized for breaking the cookie jar and my roommate was like "what are you talking about, you didn't go out, the cookie jar is right here, its fine". i still dont have a great explanation to what happened there. i know i was chatting with other bambis and listening to files as i always did, but i cant really explain that experience at all. my memory was way more vivid and convoluted at the time, but most things i did as/with bambi are kind of a blur now.

(15 Oct 2021, 17:42 )Like Ra Wrote: "bad one on one interaction" ?
i had a bambi i was playing with at the time who went by nurse honey bunny if i remember correctly. they were incredibly fun to play with and we did a lot of trancing together. they even got mentioned in one of my public scripts that got turned into one of the bambi fan made files by Bambi4Eva. bimbo hunny bunny and i both liked Mr. Daniels work too, so we were mixing some of his triggers and suggestions. she created a private group on discord that was a hypnotic castle that bambi lived in. its a couple years back now and there are a lot of memory loss suggestions in those files, so i am a bit hazy on the details, but i know my bambi was strongly linked to this hypnotic castle. i think there may have been parallels to the suggestions about bambi's uniform where it's both a place as well as a permanent mental construct. one day bimbo hunny bunny is going through a rough patch and decides to delete her private server and step away from bambi/hypnosis for a bit to get her life in order. my bambi was so deeply linked with that space that when she deleted the server it killed my bambi. i could/can still listen to the files and feel the triggers, but its so muted now. i can still get into that dumb blissed out headspace that is better than any drug, but it does not come easy like it used to and its just not as strong as it used to be.

(15 Oct 2021, 17:42 )Like Ra Wrote: What does she do with you?
I will move Bambi related posts to Bambi's thread.

this is kind of the exception to what i just said at the end of the last answer. i will be doing something not at all hypnosis related, bambi appears and my brain falls out. usually its just a 1-5 minute mini trance. but its a deep sudden drop that makes me feel like a bitch in heat. just very dumb and horny as bambi often is. its never so intense that i cant hide it, but its very real in that moment. sometimes its like what people report from reading this thread. just the act of reading about the files can be enough to send you back into that headspace again, other times there is seemingly no trigger. sometimes its just a little thing like hearing bambi comment on something i see. like seeing a picture of a cock and then hearing bambis voice in my head saying "thats yummy". also i appreciate that you plan to move these comments, i was hesitant to say much about bambi because i didnt want to go too far off topic.
super late reply, but i thought its worth answering your question. Bambis uniform is both a physical trigger and a mental construct. some of the tracks in enforcement lay down the foundation for that idea, but sleepy girl salon really explicitly states that bambis uniform is in her mind. i have doubts that a full long term bambi takeover is possible. it seems like most people where it works really well they can only maintain it for a couple years before they get bored or burned out. but it does call into doubt the idea that the uniform is a limitation for bambi.
I have been listening since day 0, as the creator uploaded the files to Giga, way before Prime's made the blog beforehand, I would say we're all still around, but many have moved on.
I am Sinker not a Thinker - Bimbo Trance Slut
(18 Oct 2021, 18:38 )StarBlazerBambi Wrote: I have been listening since day 0, as the creator uploaded the files to Giga, way before Prime's made the blog beforehand, I would say we're all still around, but many have moved on.

i remember them from giga too, but i think we are the minority.  most of the people i knew even just 2-3 years ago when i was going really deep are gone from the server.  some of that perhaps has more to do with the server than with the bambis, but that varies from bambi to bambi.
So curiosity has gotten the better of me, and I've revisited BS. I dabbled in it before but was too impatient and didn't properly condition myself. So far I've gone pretty deep, but I'm hoping to get deeper. I like how relaxing it all is. I don't think I've touched a hypnosis file that has ever brought me that much relaxation.

Having said that, I'm not really buying the destructiveness of the Bambi personality. What  I do see in a lot of these stories is sleep deprivation. Staying up into the late hours, marathoning BS sessions. I've definitely killed quality sleep in the past in pursuit of hypno brainwashing fun. I could be wrong, but I guess that's what I'm gonna find out for myself.

So far I'm just listening to 1,2,3,10 and rotating uniform lock and attitude lock every day. Mostly listening at night, just once. I stayed up too late last night and hated myself today. As soon as  I finished my last session, which included uniform lock I quickly stripped off my panties and went to sleep lol. Clearly that trigger didn't take.

But anyway, I'm looking to make this real vs play along. Some of the Bambi stories are hot, and I'd like to experience that feeling of being taken over, just to see how far it could go for me. I've been pretty receptive lately, so might get there.

So far I've had experiences in trance where it felt like my mind snapped to attention and I just heard the sound of the voice, and it was like it was going directly into my mind without being able to really understand what was being said. It only lasted about 2 or 3 minutes, though, then I started analyzing too much and lost it.

If nothing else, these sessions are pretty good stress relief, so there's that. Also, I'm a pretty big lurker here, but this thread caught my eye and here I am now lol.
(21 Oct 2021, 01:11 )duality99 Wrote: these sessions are pretty good stress relief
That's true. Indeed.
(20 Oct 2021, 16:43 )ProfessorPig Wrote:
(18 Oct 2021, 18:38 )StarBlazerBambi Wrote: I have been listening since day 0, as the creator uploaded the files to Giga, way before Prime's made the blog beforehand, I would say we're all still around, but many have moved on.
i remember them from giga too, but i think we are the minority. most of the people i knew even just 2-3 years ago when i was going really deep are gone from the server. some of that perhaps has more to do with the server than with the bambis, but that varies from bambi to bambi.
Yea, I have to agree we still veterans that are still in bambi.
I am Sinker not a Thinker - Bimbo Trance Slut
Hi Hey hey, I posted a while back about Bambi and figured I’d give an update. I’ve been listening on and off for the past 18 months or so- usually once or twice a month. I’ve listened to all the tracks atleast several times 

The main change that I’ve noticed in my life has been a “careless” attitude about dressing in public. Every time I feel apprehension about wearing leggings with my hip pads or a padded bra in public I hear Bambi’s “Bambi does as she’s told” trigger and I just go through the motions of dressing and going out. Feels pretty chill.

4 months ago I met a partner that I’m currently traveling with. I was v open about crossdressing, latex & Bambi with her. Bambi still scares her a bit because of the “lack of control” part but she’s been v supportive with my crossdressing, which might have had an impact on me going out in public too. 

Last weekend I asked her to Saran Wrap me to a tree while I was in my uniform. I had her start sleepy girl salon and let me be. I couldn’t trance because I was too uncomfortable, and ended up regressing to a past life where I was a female tied up in the forest. I was able to get out because my hands weren’t tight enough in the Saran Wrap- but the whole time as I was “escaping” I was half in this reality and half in some medieval time. I knew my captors wouldn’t be back for a while and knew I had to do things like tie my shoes properly and steal provisions so I could make a successful escape. I’ve done past life regressions before even some specifically to dive into the root of my agp, it’s always a trip To experience them 

I tried using my vibe to orgasm after but had very little sexual desire. It’s been like that since- I still enjoy dressing, but it seems some sort of “tiredness/ boredom” has come over me with Bambi. I certainly don’t feel her control like I had before. 

Hope all of you are enjoying your Bambi adventures. Here’s a photo from a recent hike I did 😛 more photos/ stories on reddit-  u/Training-Popular

[Image: 3-E76-C16-D-C6-D1-4396-A3-BB-4-E48477-F6882.jpg]
(23 Oct 2021, 19:15 )Selfexploration Wrote: wearing leggings with my hip pads
Ah, was just about to ask you where you got that ass!
Well it's been about a week of listening to BS. Went a little nuts this weekend with multiple sessions.The trance triggers are anchored pretty deep now. I went from trying too hard to get them to work, to being indifferent about it, then to having them sort of automatically work. Never had that with hypnosis. The bimbo doll trigger seems to have hit the hardest. Last session I had I was surprised when my eyes weren't opening after I dropped off into trance.

I lose comprehension of what's being said in 90% of the hypnosis session. It's going somewhere, but I have no idea where. I'll remember bits and pieces after the session, but then I forget. Like how dreams fade if you don't write them down after waking up.

Urges to get fully dressed up has skyrocketed. Can't do it now though. It's always been a passing thought, but now I'm curious to see how a full decked out uniform would hit.

Had a day where I thought the bimbo suggestions were messing with my cognition. But then realized all I had to eat that day was toast and coffee, so yeah that was not an effect of the files lol. So far keeping bambi tied to the uniform has been fine with no bleed over into day to day life. However I haven't actually listened to the takeover session and I don't think I intend to. Seems like that would be chaos.

I think the lowered inhibitions of BS will overall be a positive for me. Allow me to explore an aspect of myself that's always been there but I've been afraid of.

But I will have to pull the plug on it if it becomes too much of an escape from my day to day life. BS in general is just a very relaxing dissociative state. Which is fine if your life is somewhat together and this is a nice little relaxing trip. It becomes a problem if you start neglecting your real life needs and favoring the quick and easy high of the sessions. Also I have ADHD, a consequence of that is I'm unable to shift my focus from things easily so if something is more immediately rewarding I get stuck on it.

But overall I'd say I'm curious in finding out for myself how much this is RP for people that listen to it vs legit hypnotic effects. Full on hallucinations are attempted in the body lock file, but that seems like a tall order outside of trance.

Also might start my own journal for this experience. Don't want to clutter things up here

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