Super Deep Throat, Konashion and demotivators of the day

Updated on Feb 21, 2012 @ 03:04:

What are your favourite characters, clothing options, positions and moments? Make a screenshot and upload in the Your favourite Super Deep Throat character forum thread!

BTW, new version is published.

Updated on Jan 30, 2012 @ 17:20:

Good news. Google unblocked Kona’s blog. No explanation has been given for suspending. No emails, nothing. Anyway, now we can hope for an update next week! 😉
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Anime, Gantz, Cosplay, Fetishists

I do not watch anime films, I do not follow manga, I do not recognize characters like some otaku addicted to this genre people. I know only Asuka Langley, though I have no idea what “Evangelion” is about.

But as a fetishist, I suspect that for most these cosplayers, collectors, otaku “following the plot” is just an excuse to play with fetish stuff almost no manga can exist without.

Look at the girl (on the photo) cosplaying a character from “Gantz”, or look at the collectibles on eBay (especially figures) from “Gantz” and “Evangelion“.

Yes, definitely and excuse. Just like Halloween, carnivals, Goth festivals or discos with a theme.

Thanks to Navi Arimeka (G+) See 6 images below.

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Miss Kanna serves Manga

Manga at homeIf you were a manga fan or had to buld a manga-server what case would you choose? Katsuya Matsumura has the answer. He builds PC-cases by request and makes manga figures.

The full story of building this particular PC-case named Miss Kanna after Kanna Higashi who designed the PC can bee found here.

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