Update 2009-03-23 @ 12:35:25:

  • Moved some functions to JavaScript. That reduced the page sizes, decreased the page load times (since the menus are cached by the browser) ,  and increased the percentage of the content/metadata ratio.
  • The menus  can still be accessed by JavaScript disabled clients
  • Added contact info
  • Added navigation links (on the right) to the recent comments, most viewed articles, etc
  • Added a Map counter (at the very bottom). It’s a fun to see where you all are coming from ;-)

Update 2009-02-20 @ 02:53:44:

  • Added Indexes to all horizontal menu items. For example, if you click on “Fetish” (top menu) you will see “Fetish Blog Index” in the left menu. This is the direct link for this particular Index:
  • Optimized all pages
  • Moved some load to JavaScript

Update 2009-01-26 @ 04:15:39:

  • removed the rest of the files referring to frames (old design)
  • added index.php files to the basic directories, like /sb/, /ft/, /ph/, etc
  • decreased the font size everywhere
  • added right column with the latest threads to the forum

Update 2009-01-23 @ 02:45:25:

  • Added corresponding left navigation panels to all categories.
  • The Forum navigation is still to be done

Update 2009-01-12 @ 00:14:32:

  • Fixed menu in Internet Explorer (just noticed another bug, what a nightmare … )
  • Added left vertical menu (not completed yet)
  • Redesigned the front page
  • Fixed some broken links
  • Added Orphus system to report syntax errors (select with the mouse, press Ctrl-Enter, comment, send)

Update 2008-09-22 @ 01:09:41:

  • Made the Forum menu usable in Internet Explorer 6.0.
  • Rewrote the landing page (home.php). The frames are slowly going away.
  • Fixed the the CSS style (a part of every page was “protruding” through the menu)

Update 2008-09-17 @ 12:08:49: OK, I have done my best to make it look better in Explorer. The right column is still not visible, though. Dunno what the problem is.

Update 2008-09-17 @ 02:54:44: The design is broken in Internet Explorer 6, because it does not understand fixed layers. No issues in Firefox.

Update 2008-09-09 @ 16:09:42: I noticed that in some browsers prevent JavaScript to get out of frames. In Firefox you can do (in the centre frame) Right Mouse Click -> This Frame -> Show Only This Frame

Update 2008-09-06 @ 03:22:03: Added the menu to the forum

Update 2008-09-05 @ 03:37:49: The first (visible) step has been done. Let me know what you think.

During the next couple of days I will be redesigning the site interface/navigation. The goal is to get rid of frames and to simplify the design further.

As a result you may see broken interface, double menu panels or nothing at all ;-)