Redesigning the website

Update 2009-03-23 @ 12:35:25:

  • Moved some functions to JavaScript. That reduced the page sizes, decreased the page load times (since the menus are cached by the browser) ,  and increased the percentage of the content/metadata ratio.
  • The menus  can still be accessed by JavaScript disabled clients
  • Added contact info
  • Added navigation links (on the right) to the recent comments, most viewed articles, etc
  • Added a Map counter (at the very bottom). It’s a fun to see where you all are coming from 😉

Update 2009-02-20 @ 02:53:44:

  • Added Indexes to all horizontal menu items. For example, if you click on “Fetish” (top menu) you will see “Fetish Blog Index” in the left menu. This is the direct link for this particular Index:
  • Optimized all pages
  • Moved some load to JavaScript

Update 2009-01-26 @ 04:15:39:

  • removed the rest of the files referring to frames (old design)
  • added index.php files to the basic directories, like /sb/, /ft/, /ph/, etc
  • decreased the font size everywhere
  • added right column with the latest threads to the forum

Update 2009-01-23 @ 02:45:25:

  • Added corresponding left navigation panels to all categories.
  • The Forum navigation is still to be done

Update 2009-01-12 @ 00:14:32:

  • Fixed menu in Internet Explorer (just noticed another bug, what a nightmare … )
  • Added left vertical menu (not completed yet)
  • Redesigned the front page
  • Fixed some broken links
  • Added Orphus system to report syntax errors (select with the mouse, press Ctrl-Enter, comment, send)

Update 2008-09-22 @ 01:09:41:

  • Made the Forum menu usable in Internet Explorer 6.0.
  • Rewrote the landing page (home.php). The frames are slowly going away.
  • Fixed the the CSS style (a part of every page was “protruding” through the menu)

Update 2008-09-17 @ 12:08:49: OK, I have done my best to make it look better in Explorer. The right column is still not visible, though. Dunno what the problem is.

Update 2008-09-17 @ 02:54:44: The design is broken in Internet Explorer 6, because it does not understand fixed layers. No issues in Firefox.

Update 2008-09-09 @ 16:09:42: I noticed that in some browsers prevent JavaScript to get out of frames. In Firefox you can do (in the centre frame) Right Mouse Click -> This Frame -> Show Only This Frame

Update 2008-09-06 @ 03:22:03: Added the menu to the forum

Update 2008-09-05 @ 03:37:49: The first (visible) step has been done. Let me know what you think.

During the next couple of days I will be redesigning the site interface/navigation. The goal is to get rid of frames and to simplify the design further.

As a result you may see broken interface, double menu panels or nothing at all 😉

21 thoughts on “Redesigning the website”

  1. Hi Ra

    hope the redesign is going well, and that it isn’t getting in the way of your planned fun!

    looking forward to some updates soon, meantime I’ve posted one or two of my own on the forum (it seemed to be getting slow in there)


  2. Yeah, I’m a bit behind with the schedule 🙁
    The redesign requires ~5-6 hours in a row, something I can’t afford at the moment.

    I captured a couple of sessions (the last one No58 was mmm… intense…), but that’s about it.

    It turned out that I was not quite fit for what I planned (Session 58), so I’ve been training hard during the last four weeks.

    Self-bondage is a sport! 😉

  3. Self-bondage as an Olympic sport?!

    Now that would be worth getting out of bed at 03:00 to watch! It would beat beach vollyball any day… 🙂

    You could have various events:
    – men/womens singles (obviously!)
    – doubles and mixed doubles (now there’s a thought!)
    – team relay (now I’m being silly.. )

    ….this could a theme that would run and run.

    Can’t wait to hear about your sessions (and any photo would be a bonus) – sorry to hear that you are still suffering – know the feeling well.


  4. I’m suffering lack of time and muscle pain 😉
    No, seriously, you need to be fit, flexible, healthy, strong, calm and clever. Otherwise self-bondage is not a fun, but a no-brake racing.

  5. The funny thing is: look at the voting results. 4 votes avg: 1.75 out of 5

    Hey, the ones who have voted. What do you mean by rating the article as “1”?
    o- do not change anything
    o- it’s gonna be worse than before
    o- I like frames, don’t remove them
    o- I don’t like the weather!
    o- the current navigation rules!
    o- your site sucks!
    o- we are all gonna die!

  6. I’d take a vote of 1.75 to mean:

    You poor soul! Why not take the time to have fun instead of sitting behind a keyboard and screen for hours.

    That’s what I’d call work – and as we well knoe, all work and no play mean Madjack is sad (and in need of a session or two real soon.)

    Take heart Ra!

    we all love your work and just want to see more of you and your great sessions – I know the wait will be well worth it!


    Ps. I’ll vote a 5 to mess the statistics up – viva la revolution!

  7. …damn and blast it all! – I’ve been confounded by the cunning Ra, who only allows you to vote once!

    Is he running some sort of democracy here? What ever happened to one man – many votes??

    So, while I’m here; totally get the muscle pain thing. I’m into the 5th month of treatment for upper back problems. The worst part isn’t just the lack of ability to do some great self-bondage, but even when I do get a cance I’m always worried about leaving rope marks that might need some explaining to be done!

    LOL :-))


  8. Ohhhh … thanks so much Madjack!!! Let’s make a mess ;-D Gonna vote from two computers as 1 and 5! I’m going mad…

    You are basically right. And I totally agree with you. I spent so much time staring at the monitors and I missed so much fun…

    However… My idea was to make it easier for me to update the site and for you all to navigate. Here’s the dilemma:

    o- Migrate the site to WordPress, mysql and make the content fully dynamic.

    ++ very easy to update
    + easy to search
    + easy to keep track of the changes (RSS)
    + easier to translate (if necessary)
    = not sure about easy navigation, but probably it would be easier as well
    — if the database is down/overloaded – the whole site is down

    o- Leave the site as it is: half dynamic (blog, forum), half static (the rest)

    I see only one “plus” here:

    + that half will work independently from any databases. But only that half.

    Any ideas?

  9. > who only allows you to vote once!
    > Is he running some sort of democracy here?

    Oh, c’mon … You know what democracy is: getting access to as many backdoors as possible. Just clear the cookies ;-D

    > totally get the muscle pain thing
    > I’m into the 5th month of treatment for upper back problems.
    Mine comes from training, selfbondage and not-treated by doctors parts of my body.

    > I’m always worried about leaving rope marks that might need some explaining to be done!

    Ha! During one of my business trip I had to wear long-sleeved body to conceal the latex and rope marks on my hands.

    It was very warm in- and outside, so everybody was wearing t-shirts and shorts. But to eat my breakfast I had to put on Wolford String body (quite transparent, 50den look) with a t-shirt (because I did not have any t-shirts with long sleeves with me and the body was too transparent).

    Many thanks to my wife who convinced me to take that body with me!

  10. Hey! The new design is up and running then!

    Was confused at first, but easily figured it out and can already see the potential – well done Ra!


  11. Hi Ra! I’m back again after a well deserved break – well, I think it was! Site is functioning much better now and I haven’t found any broken links yet.. :-))

    Guess it’s gonna take some time to get everything back to normal, but looking forward to seeing some of your long promised session (hint!) and plan to post some more of my own also.


    Ps I kinda miss some of those pop-ups… NOT!

  12. Welcome back! BTW, I was also on vacation last week. Still sorting things out. Took me one whole day to get through the mail.
    One positive moment – I lost another kilo ;-D I want to be able get into my old latex catsuit which was even 8 years ago at least one size too small.

    Yes, yes, I remember. I promised. Many times. And still haven’t posted anything new. (*blush*)

  13. hi everybody i would love to email the owner of this incredible site but thre is no e mail adress whatsoever could you please send me your email thans didier paris

  14. Ohhhh – now I can see some of the improvements! Looking good Ra, very good!

    Knowing about the IT industry and change to systems & software I sometimes wonder if all this change is really needed – often it seems that the ‘pain to change’ is greater than the ‘pain of standing still’. (That sounds like a typical self-bondage predicament!) I hope you don’t have to spend so much time working on the site that you no longer have time to play and post!

    Take a break – do something fun (ahem…!) and keep those great posts of your sessions coming


  15. Ra! the site’s gone mad – either that or you have!

    (tee hee!)

    The links that seem to randomly select eBay items came up with this beauty:
    Venom Strait Jacket XL RTR Gas Boat

    I can guess that the term strait jacket tricked the search engine, but I really struggled to see the use for a toy boat in my games – unless you know better :-))


  16. Hmmm…

    o- secure the keys to your chastity belt, gag, collar and 6 other small padlock to the inside of the beauty
    o- launch it in a not big pond/lake/loch
    o- go home and put you favourite latex clothes on, do not forget a butt-plug, a chastity belt and a gag
    o- now in order to get the keys you have to swim to the beauty 😉

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