Ice, Snow, Latex, Bianca

Bianca Beauchamp latex dress on snow and iceDo not try at home (or, actually, outside) what Bianca Beauchamp from LatexLair has done. I love the outfit. Her dress (in one of my favourite colours – pewter) reminds me this condom dress. But I hate to wear latex when it’s cold. Despite her heroic efforts you can clearly see that she’s freeezzzzzing!!!

I tried it once during one of my business trips. I was already fully dressed in several layers of latex and had to go outside to grab the ice-lock from the balcony. Brrrr…..

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One thought on “Ice, Snow, Latex, Bianca”

  1. The high-heels on ice seem especially fraught with peril. You either will have low traction or put a hole in the ice.

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