How it all began. What is your story?

When and how did you discover your fetish(es)? Was it a picture? A photo? A film? Did someone dress you up for fun? Did you play “cowboys and indians” and ended up bound and gagged? Was it something simple like a pair of household rubber gloves you put on for cleaning and that triggered your love for latex?

Here’s Pvcpinafore’s story. What is yours?

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  1. My story…. Wow! Where to begin!

    Was around 10’sh, lying in a park, having a picnic with the parents. I was reading a superman/superwoman comic. She was bound to something…. evil guy coming towards her (lol….. no pun intended!). I was kinda humping the grass…. Superwoman in some shiny blue material….. struggling against her bonds…. “SLAP” across the back of the head from my Mom yelling at me to stop that!
    Stop what I wondered! but the image of shiny skin tight material was set in my mind.

    Few years later, our family went vacationing to a caravaning beach resort. I was 13 & hormones were starting to kick in. Going to the toilet block one evening I saw this blue, one piece bathing suit. It stuck in my mind….. I touched it…. fnatasised about it.

    Later that evening, I went back for a shower. I grabbed the bathing suit of the line. In the shower cubicle I put it on…. and couldnt keep my hands off myself, soap, hot water & sexy swimwear! (It was that moment I was hooked into a world I still dont understand!) After my amazing shower I put the blue swimwear back on the line.

    Next evening it appeared again, in my mind it belonged to the sexiest blonde surfie girl ever to live, and she was leaving it on the line for me. Again I “borrowed” it & wore it in the shower. This went on for 4 evenings…. probally the most amazing days of my youth.
    Then one evening…. they wernt there. I didnt know what to do. next evening, my second last at that caravan park, I stole a pair of bikini’s & tried to wear them. Nothing happened for me, and the next day I buried them. Even now..many,many years later i feel bad for not returning them. Easpecially as when we left, I saw a notice on the board asking for anyone to return a certain type of bikini…(my apologies to the lady who owend those bikini’s………)

    Next memory was discovering the plastic “covers” that went over babies nappies. I used to hump but without knowing why. It was while “sqeeezed” into a pair of plastic baby covers i finally had my first cum! Talk about a set up for a kinky life! I was still young, still hadnt kissed a girl, & here I was wearing plastic “undies” wondering why when I rubbed enough, I had the feeling of peeing, but no pee filled the plastic undies, but another liquid.

    Stockings were the next on my discovery….. but thats another story!

    Youth is so wasted on the young! 😛

  2. loki ” wrote:

    Going to the toilet block one evening I saw this blue, one piece bathing suit….

    I “borrowed” it & wore it in the shower.

    I wish I had such an opportunity, when i was 13. I usually borrowed my Mom’s stuff, but she did not have any one-piece swimsuits. She bought one later. I was in heaven. Light blue pantyhose and this Japanese white with small black and scarlet flowers swimsuit! 20% lycra. It was a bit small for my mother, so I was the only secret wearer.

  3. Hello.

    First: Congratulations on your great site. Nice to check out I’m not one of a kind. There are more like myself out there!

    How did I found out my “special interests”?
    Well, as a kid in a normal small town I was always the first to offer myself as a trade-off for the release of whowever in my “team” was caught and” tied to thetraffic sign pole. Yes, the good old “indian and cowboys” (actually more often in the line of “cops and robbers” so the girls in our street could play too). Funny to think that back in the very early 70’s everybody in town thought it was perfectly normal for half a dozen or so pre-elemenaty school kids playing in the street and tying one of them to traffic sign poles… Those were the days!
    Anyway, by them I was always the first volunteer to be tied tied up instead of the “caught robber” but I could not really understand why. But I did spend some nice moments with my hands tied behind my back and the traffic sign pole (usually tied with a jumping rope). On the other hand I was also very keen in tying up our prefered “victim”, a girl of course. It always felt nice to pass those jumping ropes around her wrists and watching her trying to escape… But then I got pityfull and offered to stand for her…

    The first time it actually “clicked” was in the summer vacation when I was turning 12 years old. We went to my grandfathers place in a much smaller countryside village and we took my godfather’s son with me. He was my best friend by then. We had a nice holiday but he had to return home just after two weeks. For my great luck he forgot the pants of his trainer suit. There was no lycra yet by then but it was the shiniest and stretchiest fabric I had ever seen. The night he left I found it under the bed in the my bedroom (he had slept in a matress in the floor). I had alreday said goodnight to mum and dad so I decided I would tell them the next morning. Bu,t during the night, it kept coming to my mind. I don’t know why but I decided I would wear it for the night, but I decided I would try its stretchiness by inserting both my legs together in just one leg of the pants. Wow! That felt nice! I felt cosy and warm and confortable! I looked like I don’t know what, but as best as I have ever seen myself! It was difficult to fell asleep but I finally did. But not for long. I woke up in the middle of the night with the strangest of the feelings in my “private parts”. It was as hard as never before and it was pulsing with the strangest of the vibrations. It then felt as if a burst and then a floating feeling. I felt wet but I knew I did not pee. What was that? I felt relaxed and fell asleep again. Next morning I did not tell my parents about the pants. I hid them in my room I wore them every night for the rest of the holydays. I got wet a couple more more times before I found what what that was!

    And I never looked at tight clothes, pantyhose, gymnastics or bathing suits the same way again ever since!

    Keep up the good waork and forgive me my bad english… I’m not a native english speaker.

  4. I was around nine years old and 13-year old Donna, my neighbor wanted to play “nurse” so she took me to a thicket of gardenia bushes and pretended to give me a shot in the only hole in my buttocks, with a twig. She told me to just lay there as if I were unconscious as she inserted the twig up my asshole. Rolling me over she saw my dick totally erect and she took advantage of me. I got my first lay at nine.

    To make sure I didn’t say anything to anyone she made me put on her panty and lick her pussy all the while the twig was deep inside my asshole.

    After that incident, I was never the same innocent boy and craved sexual fetishes with Donna thruout my teenage years. She got into bondage and as I went thru puberty, she would do forced feminization on me making me wear her underwear (including panties, bras and pantyhose)and sometimes her bathing suits. We would occasionally play sadistic things where she would insert a tampon up my butt and pull out the applicator leaving the string hanging out.

    Now as an adult and married male I still have this fetish need to cross dress complete with tampons. My wife kinda knows my secret and at times we’ve played some of those fantasies Donna and I did when I was younger. My wife knows I love cross dressing and being the “female” victim and has role played with me outside at night “dolling” me up in sexy club clothing then raping me in the bushes outside our rural home in the rain, leaving me gagged with my tampon and panty in my mouth wrapped in my pantyhose, naked in the muddy grassy shoulders of our unpaved driveway leading to our home.

    She loves feminizing me and I like it when she victimizes me as a woman.

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