Fetish, pantyhose and science or … just a one site review …

Pantyhose photo contestDo you, folks, speak Russian? Yes? You are lucky. No? You will still be able to enjoy the site. What site? Patience, patience… Let me say something first…

Imagine that you have a strong fetish. Since you are reading this, on this site, it should not be very difficult. You have several choices:

  • Lurk and hide your fetish from anybody thus effectively restrain and limit yourself. A life in a wardrobe. A life full of fears. (No way…)
  • Only your very closed or carefully chosen friends know about your fetish. But you are afraid of your neighbours, co-workers, parents, parents-in-law, kids, kids’ friends, etc, etc, etc.
  • You do not hide anything. Everybody knows about your perversions. Some think that you are cool, some that you are mad, some that you should be locked away and forgotten.
  • You make a (global) trend. (I wrote that and paused. That’s actually the best, the greatest and can make you famous). Only a few in the world are able to make the public follow them. And you know them all. The latest example is Lady Gaga
  • And finally – you create a science, or a branch of a science, or add a scientific “fleur” to your “hobby”

More about the latter. A science. To start your own “niche scientific branch” is not that difficult. For example, if you like to wear shiny pantyhose and shiny leotard, just put them on, go to the very centre of the closest biggest city with a pen and a folder and:

“I’m from the Public Opinion Research Institute and for our study I would like to know

  • What’s your opinion on the tight clothes?
  • Do you like shiny clothing?
  • What do you think about the age and sex of…

Hundreds of questions! And you will be wearing you favourite outfit! Publicly! And for a “good” reason with no obligations.

Another example is less public. You can begin to classify your fetishes, make reviews, investigate the materials and dyes involved in the manufacturing, gather information on the trends, etc.

But in both cases you can say: “I’m a fetishist? Nah… That’s just a part of my job, I do that for money”.

Speaking of the latter example, that is something I always wanted to do but it appeared “too restrictive” to me. With too much obligations, “followings” the procedures, too much boring work with no pay-off.

But fortunately there are guys out there who managed to achieve phenomenal results.

Latest events, fashion shows, history of stockings, pantyhose, leggings, manufacturers and their history, brands, collections with detailed information about the models, promotions videos and advertisement campaigns, fashion and look, style and photos, photo contests, interviews, tests, reviews and pantyhose indices.

Pantyhose under microscopeTest and reviews is something you’ve never seen before. Brand name, manufacturer, size table, fragrance, composition with lots of details and related information. Photos… Oh, here comes the “real fetishism”. The front, rear and the inside of the package, all related close-ups, seams, labels, reinforcements, crotch panels, microscope photographies before and after the tests.

And, of course, the tests themselves. Personal opinion, material, softness, reliability, comfort, photos, price/quality and more and more and more …

pantyhose indexAnd finally – Pantyhose Index! “A universal coefficient to predict the amount of women preferring pantyhose and stockings as opposed to trousers and jeans.

As a kid I used to count flesh coloured, white and dark pantyhose on the street. It was a competition! The scores were something like 112:17:34… What a time…

But these guys went further from counting to prediction.

And you can find this all on one site. What site you are asking? Didn’t I tell you? Oh, sorry, it’s NeoFashion.Ru The most scientific fetish pantyhose site in the world! 😉

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