Selfbondage story “The Pain Program” (3D comics)

self-bondage device selfbondage 3D comics storyJust found this self-bondage 3D comics on the Internet. As always, despite it’s a fiction story, you can get some ideas and can learn a couple of lessons. (48 images.)

6 thoughts on “Selfbondage story “The Pain Program” (3D comics)”

  1. Heh… I find it amusing to see another one using a computer as a master to control the session. As the geek I am, I did it in my fiction ‘Slaved to the machine‘ and since a time now I’m really getting to know my way around microcontrollers. It will not be long before I’ll start tinkering with electronic (controlled) stimulators..

    I would Never do electrostim though. Leave alone in SB… Besides the fact that she completly neglected the rule(s) for safety release and healthy play, it doesn’t even really appeal to me.

    One thing though, I DO like the art… It’s times like these that I curse my disability to make fine art on paper.. But you know what they say: Those who can: draw… Those who can’t: knot… };-)

  2. This reminds me a bit of Second Life, where you can do similar stuff, except, you don’t get the bodily experience. I am not a good story teller but I could upload a few images in a new forum thread.

  3. It will take a few days, I have screenshots but they aren’t great. I also want to make a device similar to that one in the comic.

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