Chinese style bondage and bondage in Chinese movies

I came across several Chinese movies with bondage scenes (see a couple of them below). Of course, it’s not enough to make any conclusions, but here are some thoughts:

  • Chinese bondage is very different from Japanese one


    Japanese Chinese
    “Square” arm tie More “squassation” style
    Elbows are pulled together Hands are pulled up
    Rope loops are cinched in between Other methods are used to tighten the ropes (e.d. wedges)
    Asymmetric bondage is popular Did not see asymmetric bondage
    Quite complicated, artistic-oriented Much simpler, pain-oriented


  • Too much torture in Chinese films (not cited in the post, I can’t stand pain and torture so I avoid any related materials)

Could anybody Chinese among us please comment?

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And a romantic one:

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4 thoughts on “Chinese style bondage and bondage in Chinese movies”

  1. 你所展现的是一些中国的束缚爱好者拍摄的视频。不是专业的编剧,只是业余的一些爱好。模特也是业余的束缚爱好者,你的视频不清楚,以下网站会对你有帮助 非常漂亮的模特。

  2. You show a video shot by some of China’s bondage enthusiasts. Not a professional writer, but some of the amateur hobby. Models amateur bondage enthusiasts, your video is not clear, the following websites will help you: very beautiful model.
    The shackles of traditional Chinese, it is very dangerous, previously used in the treatment of offenders, often lead to the suffering of prisoners, there will be serious disability. Generally bound with a rope, and now has been allowed to use that. Your video shows an amateur, so it is not very severe, will not cause harm.
    You can communicate with me via e-mail, it is estimated hard for me to find your site.

  3. Google translate has improved over the time:

    What you are showing is a video taken by some Chinese bondage enthusiasts. Not a professional screenwriter, just a few hobbies. Models are also amateur bondage enthusiasts, your video is not clear, the following website will help you: Very beautiful model.
    As far as the traditional Chinese bondage is concerned, it is terrible. Previously, the use of criminals often led to the pain of the prisoner and the serious disability. Usually only one rope is used for binding, and it is no longer allowed to use it. Your video shows amateur, so it is not very harsh and will not cause harm.

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