Japanese self-bondage sites. Any volunteers to translate?

I found two self-bondage sites with very promising names and lots of content, but it’s the first time I could not squeeze any useful information out of my findings. Two reasons:

  • both sites are completely in Japanese
  • no pictures

That lets down most. Moreover, on-line translators did not help – I got a mix of unrelated English words and not translated 自縛 (even I know that it means “self-bondage”).

The only hope is those who speak Japanese. These are the sites:

One thought on “Japanese self-bondage sites. Any volunteers to translate?”

  1. I’m sorry only in sentences contents.
    The pant voice etc. will not be able to be translated.
    However, there is something that the self bondage is made an image.
    Mail was put out to a general person in Japan, and it performed.
    To our regret, the face has been hid.
    The self bondage of the woman in doing Japan is very few.
    Sentences of the appearance to do the self bondage that is the highest shame for the woman in Japan might be the best.

    I must be going by the machine translation.
    Thank you.

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