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Have you heard of the new “visual” search-engine called Pagebull? Instead of textual excerpts it shows you “photos” of the pages, so by a look at it you can decide if you want to visit the page or not. Guess, what word I tried first? Of course, “selfbondage”! And here’s the result – please meet Petra Jane ( Bondage and self-bondage stories, latex, zentai, photo adventures and much more! If you get the following:

Sorry, this GeoCities site is currently unavailable.

The GeoCities web site you were trying to view has temporarily exceeded its data transfer limit. Please try again later.

either try later, or use , petrajaneb, petrajanec and so on instead.

Update 2007, Oct 05: New address is

Update 2013: all links are dead 🙁

10 thoughts on “New search engine – new self-bondage site”

  1. Hi there, thanks for your link and comments. I hope you enjoyed your visit and please feel free to call again anytime! My new Gothic Maid costume has now arrived and I will be adding some images real soon.

  2. Looking forward!
    By the way, if it’s not a secret, what kind of pantyhose were you wearing in your “Bondage” gallery (tunic.jpg)?

  3. No secret. It was a pair of silver glitter tights, I’ve also got a pair of gold glitter tights (pantihose) too.

    I seem to remember the secret, such as it is, was to wear a pair of tan hose under the glitter tights, adds a really special feel and look to the glitter tights. Also works well with fishnets too!

  4. No secret! The tights (Pantihose) in question were a pair of silver glitter tights, I’ve also got a pair of Gold glitter tights as well. Ideal for Christmas!

    What secret there is, is to wear a pair of tan hose under them as that gives a superb look, and feel, to the glitter tights on top!

    Works very well with fishnets too.

  5. Oh, absolutely. I always wear shiny glittering pantyhose under fishnets.

    But what is the model (label, name, etc) of those Silver/Gold tight you were wearing?

  6. Oh, sorry. No idea now, the packaging is long gone!
    Looking around google and some of the online tights suppliers I’ve used in the past, I would have to guess at Pretty Polly though may have been the suppliers….

  7. Bit off the original topic, but just to update your links, now have a domain AND php/MySQL enabled webspace and an understanding webhost. Currently uploading, and updating, the stories to a new format using Joomla! CMS.

    Visitors are most welcome, new guestbook, contact me option and bit by bit, all stories, images etc are appearing as fast as I can manage.

    Still can’t remember the brand of the glitter tights though, sorry. 🙁

  8. Mmmmm…. Joomla! … I was also thinking about Joomla …
    Let me have a look at your site …

    By the first look at it, does not differ very much from WordPress. I agree with the comparison I have read recently. Probably, the difference is in what is already included and what can be extended with plug-ins. I think I’d better stay with what I’m already quite familiar with.

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