Canon, cats and shiny pantyhose

Canon vs Nikon. Everlasting battle with a couple of brands in between. While technical parameters is the only objective thing to discuss, but funny enough it’s not the technical parameters why photographers choose one brand or another.

What really distinguishes them is the ergonomics. They are way too different. Go to the nearest shop selling both Canon and Nikon SLR’s and take the semi-pro bodies in your hand. While one of them will fit your palm like a glove and you do not have to look around to find the “trigger”, the other one will utterly confuse your anatomy and brain.

Going one step further I noticed interesting correlation between Canon addicts and love to cats. The opposite is true as well, non-Canon people (especially the Nikon-admirers) prefers dogs. Of course, it’s not a 100% correlation, but still a tendency.

One step further. Look at the picture. Canon and shiny (ok, a bit shiny) pantyhose. Now have a look at this one. Canon and shiny Oroblu Style.

Do you have any photos of photographers in pantyhose? Upload them here!

Thanks to Porter for the photo

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