Pantyhose sale in supermarkets

I don’t like shopping, but when you can get pretty decent very shiny pantyhose for 80 cents…
“Give me 5. No, 6. Errrm… do you have more? I don’t care about the size.” Small are good for arms or for my wife, smallest – for my daughter, big for DIY bodystockings.

No, I did’t have to speak to anybody, the pantyhose were waiting for me in a big pile in the discount box in Albert Heijn supermarket. On the bad side, I’m afraid they are going to discontinue the very-very glass-shiny “Matglanzend” model.

One thought on “Pantyhose sale in supermarkets”

  1. The joys of shopping on your own, quantity over quality can sometimes be a great deal, and at that price – more please!

    I’ve never worried about buying pantyhose, stockings, etc at a store. They could be for my lover or myself, the store doesn’t care – it’s a sale and that’s all they want.

    I once brought a leotard from a small shop – though the young male cashier was obviously uncomfortable the female cashier was completely happy to help and sell me the right size.


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