Pantyhose in the morning or a warm breeze against your…

Pantyhose in the morningI think it’s a morning. Usually you get this yellow cast and long shadows when the sun begins to beam over the top of trees. There is nothing better than a pair of freshly unfolded sheer pantyhose in the morning. When a light and already warm breeze gently caresses your tightly nyloned buttocks. Nothing should cover that thin transparent layer of shimmering film… No sound apart from distant chirping and twittering should interrupt the metronomic click-clucking of high heels.

It’s just one of these happy pantyhose mornings.

Kudos to Alex. The source is unknown.

5 thoughts on “Pantyhose in the morning or a warm breeze against your…”

  1. I don’t know about you folks, but a sight like this would make my whole day a better one – I would even want my train to be late!



  2. This is interesting… While I totally second/third/fourth your:

    Madjack wrote:

    a sight like this

    doubleflash wrote:

    That’s an inviting sight

    the next second after I had seen the photo I thought about myself on the place of the girl 😉 Probably dressed like her, probably with some additional twist (bound elbows? a single-glove? a red ball-gag?)

    I even feel the gag in my mouth, the tightness of the inescapable but yet soft leather holding my arms together. I see that the blouse or “very short dress” can’t be pulled down over my naked bottom in the second skin made of transparent nylon. I hear the sound of stiletto heels, locked on my ankles… No way to hide or cover yourself…

    Fantasy and imagination… Something what I definitely have ;-P

  3. Like Ra… you’re being greedy!

    I’m trying to just imagine (as a man) being able to walk down the street in pantyhose!

    Although I would volunteer for your vision!

  4. TieUpTime wrote:

    I’m trying to just imagine (as a man) being able to walk down the street in pantyhose!

    That’s not difficult. I do this every day – that’s just a matter of practice. Capri and pantyhose do mix with a good result 😉

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