Zentai dress

This is something new in the zentai fashion. At least for me. I had a photo I could not find at the moment. It’s probably even published here somewhere.On the photo there is a person in a similar dress but without sleeves (hands are bound inside the sleeveless dress) hung upside down by the dress (legs inside). So it looks like he/she was trapped in a sack. (Will check again tomorrow, I must’ve missed it)

You may want to check this eBay shop ( or this one for more designs.

5 thoughts on “Zentai dress”

  1. ok guys, what is your opinion on fetish pencil skirts or hobble skirts? i thought it might be an interesting idea, but it seems more for with someone else than self bondage (maybe self bondage)

  2. what is your opinion on fetish pencil skirts or hobble skirts

    I like them 😉 Mummification-like kind of clothes. Regardless type of bondage (bondage, self-bondage or no bondage at all).

    Actually, I was thinking of buying a tight latex hobble skirt or dress (for myself) with a zipper. Zzzzippp! And you are bound!

    There’s on bad thing about zippers- they tend to destroy nylon pantyhose. So wearing latex stockings underneath is highly recommended ;-P

  3. Not yet. So can’t comment on the reliability/quality. But I’m going to try to buy from some of them. Need to decide what I want first. This is the problem. I want lots of stuff 😉

    Next problem is the size. My first zentai suit I bought in Germany and it was terrible. It did not fit and fell apart almost immediately.

    Most likely 90% of zentai suits are made in China. So, why pay too much for the same stuff?

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