Girl with bound elbowsIs it possible, you might ask? I’ve already mentioned, that from BDSM I accept only the “B”. I do not like pain, I do not want to be humiliated, punished or dominated, I do not like role playing. Just comfortable sensual bondage and fetish clothes.

Bondage or fetish clothing in public? Yes! Not because I’m an exhibitionist, but because of the same reason – I like it. If there was nobody outside my home I would go out bound and gagged, clad in latex, zentai and high-heels. Just what I sometimes wear at home, where nobody can see me.

Going to the shop wearing high heels, latex mini dress with long sleeves, single glove and penis-shaped gag? Yes, please! But in a town, a city, a village, a place where this is accepted, not frowned upon, not shocking (see, for example, Fetish Gyms) . And, of course, I would like to look aesthetically pleasant.

Today I was literally awed with amusement (hey, can I say that?) that there is a brilliant artist who could catch and show these feelings in his drawings. His name is Grigbertz. I’ve just discovered his site, I haven’t read (yet) all the wiki’s, plots and stories, but I’ve read the comments to the cited images and they second my thoughts.

Grigbertz’ girls obviously enjoy and even proud of their bondage and do not see it as humiliation or burden for either themselves or the others (see, for example, the market series and “Lisa and a maid”). The bound elbows do not seem to bother them at all. Whether they are taming a dragon (a nice reference to King Kong), speaking to a local gang, cooking, buying food on the markets or asking for a free room in a guest house.

And, actually, why not? The crazy fashion has adopted collars, latex, corsets, chains, masks, very high heels, very short skirts, going out in just pantyhose or lingerie, so bound elbows and surely naked body do not sound extraordinary perversive.