Everyday life Bondage but without Dominance, Submission and Masochism

Girl with bound elbowsIs it possible, you might ask? I’ve already mentioned, that from BDSM I accept only the “B”. I do not like pain, I do not want to be humiliated, punished or dominated, I do not like role playing. Just comfortable sensual bondage and fetish clothes.

Bondage or fetish clothing in public? Yes! Not because I’m an exhibitionist, but because of the same reason – I like it. If there was nobody outside my home I would go out bound and gagged, clad in latex, zentai and high-heels. Just what I sometimes wear at home, where nobody can see me.

Going to the shop wearing high heels, latex mini dress with long sleeves, single glove and penis-shaped gag? Yes, please! But in a town, a city, a village, a place where this is accepted, not frowned upon, not shocking (see, for example, Fetish Gyms) . And, of course, I would like to look aesthetically pleasant.

Today I was literally awed with amusement (hey, can I say that?) that there is a brilliant artist who could catch and show these feelings in his drawings. His name is Grigbertz. I’ve just discovered his site, I haven’t read (yet) all the wiki’s, plots and stories, but I’ve read the comments to the cited images and they second my thoughts.

Grigbertz’ girls obviously enjoy and even proud of their bondage and do not see it as humiliation or burden for either themselves or the others (see, for example, the market series and “Lisa and a maid”). The bound elbows do not seem to bother them at all. Whether they are taming a dragon (a nice reference to King Kong), speaking to a local gang, cooking, buying food on the markets or asking for a free room in a guest house.

And, actually, why not? The crazy fashion has adopted collars, latex, corsets, chains, masks, very high heels, very short skirts, going out in just pantyhose or lingerie, so bound elbows and surely naked body do not sound extraordinary perversive.

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  1. of course one has to understand we are not in a perfect world. if you walked out the door in bondage gear, would you ever see your door again? With say, yout hands in cuffs, behind your back, and leg cuffs on, your open for an attack from anyone, and anyone may have ideas that sure isn’t yours.

  2. You can’t be sure even without bondage or anyone around. Here’s an example. A couple of days ago I made a wrong step and badly twisted my ankle. Result? I have crutches standing behind me. Not sure for how long.

  3. To me, concealing my self-bondage is exciting. I love walking to town wearing a tight zentai under ordinary shirt and jeans. A ginger butt plug keeps me focused and very aware of what is happening to my body. (If you haven’t explored figging, google “figging ginger”. It’s hot!)

    Another favorite game involves a 1 3/4 inch chrome egg. I run a 2 foot long light nylon through the egg and tie it off. Then I stretch a condom over the egg, lube my rectum, and insert the egg. The twine hangs between my legs. I tie a 1 pound lead weight to the twine. Then, I put on my jeans and the rest of my clothes. The weight hangs down in one pants leg.

    Then I walk to a public place like a grocery store or coffee shop. The swinging lead weight and the 17 ounce egg slowly tire my anus. I have to really focus to keep the egg from slipping out.

    The sensations from the swinging weight are delightful, but soon it takes all I’ve got to keep the egg clamped in my ass. But, since I don’t want to have to explain why this contraption just clattered out of my pants, I have to strain, hard. Great fun!

    There a lot of ways to enjoy self-bondage in public!

  4. How about casts and braces. Everyone will look and stare at someone with two long arm casts on, and depending on how restrictive (covering all the fingers?) it can be very restictive? ANd they don’t suspect its public bondage!

    The most restrictive I’ve done this in public was probably dinner with both arms in casts and slings which tied my arms to my chest and a neck brace on.

  5. In theory, this could work. I thought back and forth. This would require public bondage to become completely acceptabie first. Second, many people would have to do it. Like that, the risk for an individual would be rather small, just as small as for a dog to be stolen while waiting outside the supermarket for his master. Probably, it would be forbidden by law. Bondage makes you helpless, and people would take advantage of that, just as they do these days on the internet, with mobile phone contracts, with baseball bats and whatever.

    I had another idea though: In order to make public life safer (that would be the official explanation at least), people would only be able to leave their homes in some sort of bondage that would make it impossible to harm each other. And of course, the style of bondage would be subject to fashion and personal preferences. People would even find ways to travel in hogtie or suspended 😀 But in a way, this would be boring. There wouldn’t be any thrill in hidden public bondage anymore, perhaps, it would be the start of a new fetish even – being unrestrained in public.

  6. Just walking with hands in pockets can mean a bad fall and missing teeth! (took a fall on to face from motorbike hands stayed on grips.. man I was glad to have full face helmet! )

    your fantasy is I think a odd one, I would like to point out while you would be making your self far less capable of self protection, many of the rest of us are buying leather with holsters attached to better protect or selves.

  7. I draw various things, and have an interest un this.The drawings you posted is very interesting.I would like to draw such pictures in which girls are bound as a socially accepted norm or consensual bondages.Like it would be customary to be restrained and when going to some parties it would be more elaborate(like ornaments and good clothes are worn).
    I would like to give you the pics while publishing to deviantart or wherever(I haven’t started drawing yet).
    In return you will have to send me ideas.Either in my e mail id or in deviantart to ninja2000.
    This is not a commission.I do not want money from this.But it will be done as per my schedule.As a bondage enthusiast(tier who have not tied anybody yet) I would love to hear from you.

  8. indianninja ” wrote:

    I would like to give you the pics while publishing to deviantart or wherever

    You can join the forum and post images there. What do you think?

    indianninja ” wrote:

    I would like to draw such pictures in which girls are bound as a socially accepted norm or consensual bondages

    Boys like to be tied too 😉

    indianninja ” wrote:

    In return you will have to send me ideas.

    This is always difficult. Especially not to repeat what was already done (many times).

  9. boys..hell yes.I do.I like to tie and to be tied.But I get more enthusiasm for girls in bondage as I am a man.
    For forum I would like to. But I thought it would be better to post the images in some bigger server and send you links. But if posting in your forums ok then I can do that.
    Well..Is explicit images forbidden?That’s not my problem cause there is place for that elsewhere and I don’t do images without some story.
    I am trying to join the forums now.

  10. By the way, the page was a bit oddly loaded in opera mini from phone.

    And I forgot..the ideas need not be unique and I have my own ideas too. Just if a scenario comes to your thought..
    Or you would like more pics like those above, let me know.
    I think it is time for getting the thing out.

  11. indianninja ” wrote:

    But if posting in your forums ok then I can do that.

    Yes, that would be great!

    indianninja ” wrote:

    Is explicit images forbidden?T

    No. You can post explicit images in the forum. If they are too explicit (e.g. photos), please enclose them in the “spoiler” tags.

    indianninja ” wrote:

    I am trying to join the forums now.

    Yes, please. let me know should you have a probem.

    indianninja ” wrote:

    By the way, the page was a bit oddly loaded in opera mini from phone.

    It is entirely possible. I haven’t tested all browsers. What is the problem exactly?

  12. Title preceiding Grigbertz images:

    “Everyday life Bondage but without Dominance, Submission and Masochism”

    With Grigbertz, he has settings where people aren’t malicious, but there’s still someone often doing dominance and/or masochism.

    His Bondage witch series – the chains and bindings are generally meant to inhibit females for whatever reason, yet the bondage witches tend to maintain their spellcasting power despite being bound. They’re generally not liked, which is why they’re kept in chains as a means of control (Technically, he has a D&D 3.5e ruleset addon where thuse witches can eschew the material/somatic/verbal components.)

    Dwarf Jewelry series is a women who gets tricked by a dwarf into wearing bondage. While there are people who are nice, there’s a few scenes where she gets attacked/etc, or is in a less-than-ideal position (e.g. the alchemist mansion). Later, the dwarves add to the bindings, specifically some more jewelry that destroys some clothing that covers her.

    Chain Girls series – most of the girls were technically slaves and were subject to dominance. At least in this case they aren’t often attacked by random population.

    Thus his settings generally have people who are accepting in general (at least on 2 of the 3), but all of them are still some form of domination made by someone.

    Is the society depicted in the title possible? Maybe, but it would require a significant cultural shift that’s not naturally feasible.

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