Rubber butt-plug remover? Errrrmmmm …..

Pliers to remove rubber butt-plugs? What? I did need it once, but I made that butt-plug not out of rubber, and managed to get it out without such pliers ;-D

One thought on “Rubber butt-plug remover? Errrrmmmm …..”

  1. Oh dear goodness!

    It’s enough to put a person off butt plugs for good if you needed to use a pair of those every time!

    Once had a very (at the time) big scare with a home-made plug that was ‘swallowed’ – but ‘what goes in must come out’ as they say, and a short while later all was well 🙂

    Lesson learnt… down the local sex shop I went and brought a proper one (and still have and use it).


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