Business trip. Night-morning 1. Discovered!

As the first part of the title says – I’m on business trip again. I did not have time to properly plan my entertainment and took almost all toys with me. The big bag weighs at least 20kg plus I have a couple of smaller ones 😉

I arrived around midnight, so I did not have enough energy to do anything more serious than clean myself and put on: transparent latex briefs, chlorinated latex gloves (I wanted to test one thing), pantyhose (legs, arms), a stocking (head), two swimsuits. So, nothing special. In the morning, I jumped into the shower, pulled on something civil and ran downstairs to the restaurants. When (after ~20min) I came back… … Surprise! The maids cleaned my room! Guess what was on the full display?

  • laptop, photo cameras
  • ropes (lots of!!! different length, different colour, different thickness)
  • pantyhose (lots of!!!)
  • latex (lots of!! In an open bag)
  • freshly washed transparent latex briefs, hanging on chair
  • swimsuits and various lycra paraphernalia
  • bags and bags full of toys, fetish clothes, ropes, etc…
  • probably there was something else, don’t remember…

The stuff was still laying there, but a bit moved to the side. So, I’m discovered! ;-D MadJack, remember that discussion?

Madjack Wrote:
I often wonder if the hotel staff could even begin to guess what goes on when that polite, well dressed, respectable businessman closes his room door at night… ?

Like Ra Wrote:
Hmmm.. I never keep my naughty stuff in safes… So, basically with a little effort any hotel-maid can see what’s inside the dozen plastic bags dropped in a pile in the wardrobe.

But the biggest disappointment was when I found out that my epilator stopped working… Also, I forgot the battery charger for my flash, and discovered a major flaw in the time-lock design…

2 thoughts on “Business trip. Night-morning 1. Discovered!”

  1. What can I say… ‘fore warned is fore armed’ 🙂

    The question is – will you use that hotel again?

    The curse of mixing business with pleasure strikes again!!


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