Winter parka and 7cm of lilac pantyhose

Speaking of (my) imagination. No upskirts work like this image (I hate upskirt pics, by the way). Is anything (apart from lilac pantyhose) worn under the parka? How short is the parka? How much of the nylon clad legs is visible? How old is the girl? Is it a girl at all? You can’t see the face, probably it’s a boy in pantyhose? What is on her/his feet? High-heels? Soft fluffy high boots? Sneakers?

All you see is a boyish face and 7cm of pantyhose. This is where the imagination begins to spin.

2 thoughts on “Winter parka and 7cm of lilac pantyhose”

  1. Looks boyish to me… Also, look at his/her hands. Big with “pronounced” joints. Typical 12yo boy… But you never know these days…

    Anyway, I like this “uniform” regardless the actual sex of the person 😉

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