Latex, fishnets, high heels… Everyday classics. Part III

Latex mini skirt fishnet pantyhose  office style

See Part I and Part II

Let’s continue the latex + pantyhose + high-heels office style theme. Suddenly, I caught myself thinking about:”I wonder what I would look like or feel in these clothes…”. (Actually, this is one of my most important criteria on rating such materials 😉

Anyway, what would you feel if you had a coworker (let’s simplify the situation and think about women) dressed like the girl on the photos? Would you be able to carry on with your work? Would you get used to it after, say, two months?

3 thoughts on “Latex, fishnets, high heels… Everyday classics. Part III”

  1. I would love to take part in an experiment to find out how long it would take to get used to female co-workers wearing latex as everyday garb. Personally I don’t think I coule ever get used to it. I may be able to forget it for a while but I would soon be reminded every time ‘she’ dropped her pencil.

  2. Well I think she has great legs and is dressed well but if she turned up at my work it would cause many problems and I think she would be asked to go home and get changed.The 300 old men would all have something to say but I think some of the ladies would also complain but from a distance it might just be the skirt is a bit to short but close up it look sexy.

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