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Throw-back Thursday. This sexy #citizenreign latex shot by @joel_fetigraphy on model Clor Lee @chloe_fell_over, hair by Trey Griffiths, MUH by @blackrosemakeup.

Thu, May 14, 2015
Source: Citizen Reign

We're going to be putting up some new blog posts over the next few weeks! Go and check out s few we have already there at

Wed, May 13, 2015
Source: Citizen Reign

The beautiful @misscherrybutton in her mint julep set. Photographed by @shotbyash. We seeing seeing what your up to in our gear! #citizenreign and @citizenreign so we can see!!!

Wed, May 13, 2015
Source: Citizen Reign


my citizenreign lingerie is here! Will put up a review soon. x

Yay! Love it when adorable people receive super cute orders from us! 😊😘😘

Tue, May 12, 2015
Source: Citizen Reign

Corset & stockings ♥

Corset is by Bizarre Design

Mon, Apr 20, 2015
Source: Kay Morgan

Tue, Apr 14, 2015
Source: Ylatex

Catsuit + high heels = ♥

Please help me out and vote for me in the Simon O. latex model contest >> (I can win a new catsuit!)

Thu, Apr 09, 2015
Source: Kay Morgan

I need your help! Please vote for me in the Simon O. latex model contest to make it to the top 12 (1st round)! You can vote 1 time every day and you can even vote for multiple models.

Vote here >>

And feel free to share around :D

Thank you! ♥

Mon, Apr 06, 2015
Source: Kay Morgan

Red latex ♥

Follow me on facebook for more latex photos »

Mon, Mar 30, 2015
Source: Kay Morgan

Sun, Mar 29, 2015
Source: Ylatex

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