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Standing in my ballet boots!

Sun, Sep 24, 2017
Source: Ballet Heels
Sat, Sep 23, 2017
Source: Latex Stockings in fashion

Styling: Sibylle Oberschelp

Photographer André Plessel

Latex stockings

Sat, Sep 23, 2017
Source: Latex Stockings in fashion

PARIS | Norbert Bäres

Black latex stockings

Sat, Sep 23, 2017
Source: Latex Stockings in fashion

Sat, Sep 23, 2017
Source: Shiny uploads

Sat, Sep 23, 2017
Source: Shiny uploads

Hi All,

out of the blue, the Muse kissed me a few days ago, so it's time for a new fetish story. Just in case: the story is entirely fictional.

Enjoy, and don't forget to comment.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

More to come.

Fri, Sep 22, 2017
Source: Jane loves gloves

Previous Index

When they woke up, Willa was lying on her back, hugging Erika like a stuffed bear. Erika, lying partly on top of Willa, felt the latex of Willa's gloves clinging to her upper body. Their legs were intertwined and Erika became aware that her mons pubis was in full contact with Willa's leg. It almost felt like having sex.

They looked each other in the eyes, and Erika thought she saw real tenderness in Willa's eyes. It was a long shot, but…

“Have you watched ‘The Golden Compass'?” asked Erika.

Willa stared into the distance for a second. “Yeah, I think I did, at the cinema. Was it about a girl and a talking polar bear?”

“It was,” said Erika, caressing the side of Willa's torso with her gloved hand. “Do you remember that everybody in that world had a personal animal companion?”

“Oh yeah, the girl had a furry rat thingy —”

“Her name was Lyra, and that thingy was her dæmon. And it was actually her soul in animal form.”

“And you're telling me this why again?” asked Willa.

“You will see. Be patient,” said Erika, putting her latex-covered finger to Willa's lips. “The books the film is based on never actually say that the dæmon is the soul. but it's pretty clear, because the dæmon's animal form always reflects the person's character. For example, servants have dog dæmons, while strong, powerful people have tigers or lions or raptors, and one of the most evil characters had a serpent. And if the person is sick, the dæmon is as well. And it hurts both the human and the dæmon if they try to walk away from each other.”

Erika looked at Willa to make sure that she was still listening.

Willa nodded silently.

“Throughout the books,” continued Erika, “they explain how the dæmon, despite being outside and visible to everybody else, is fundamentally private. Touching somebody else's dæmon is a taboo, and if someone actually does touch your dæmon, you feel deeply humiliated and violated. It's the worst transgression of all…”

“Don't tell me so many details,” complained Willa. “I haven't read the books.”

“I'm getting to my point,” said Erika. She wound out of Willa's embrace and sat up. “The thing is, it is actually possible to touch someone's dæmon without it being an aggression, and Lyra finds it out by accident towards the end of the last book.”

“I can imagine what situation that is.” Willa smirked. “You have a dirty mind, Erika!”

“Shut up! This is not a joke,” Erika scolded Willa. “It's one of the most beautiful pieces of writing I've ever read.”

“OK. Go on,” said Willa, giggling.

“Thank you,” said Erika. “At the beginning of the second book, the second protagonist of the trilogy is introduced. He and Lyra meet by chance, but from then on, they are inseparable and go together through a gigantic journey. Towards the end of the third book, they end up falling in love with each other, but they are actually not aware of it because they are only thirteen and it's their first time falling in love. But then, they kiss and they feel the most wonderful and intense pleasure, and that's how they know that they are in love.”

“And I assume they touch each other's dæmons while they kiss.” said Willa.

“Yes, they do. And the way the author describes what they feel is genius. They are both very young, so they only kiss. But their feelings when they touch each other's dæmons are intimate and intense in a sexual way. Pullman never actually writes that word, but he is so good at describing things without ever saying the actual words! Those books made some conservative American mums go berserk.” She tried to imitate a whiny American accent: “My children are not gonna be reading that smut!”

Willa laughed. “Yeah, Americans! But British mothers also go berserk for no reason.”

“Don't I know it!” exclaimed Erika. She lay down again.

“Do you still want to masturbate?” asked Willa. “Because I'm getting hungry.”

“No, don't go,” said Erika. “I want you here.” And then she started rubbing herself with her gloved hand. Her movements were clumsy and shy, more like a first-timer's. “Can I ask you something?”

“Ask,” said Willa. She started fondling her own breasts.

“When you got naked, you didn't hesitate once. How is —”

“I didn't eat the apple,” said Willa. She licked her right middle finger and started circling her nipple with the wet latex finger.

“I don't get it,” said Erika. She stopped rubbing herself.

“I'm not religious, and I haven't read the real bible,” explained Willa. “But when I was little, I had an illustrated children's version, and the way they drew it, Adam and Eve didn't wear the fig leaf until they had eaten the snake's apple. The apple is what made them self-conscious. Before that, they didn't give a toss about their nudity.”

“So you're like Adam and Eve before they ate the apple.”

“I like to think that,” said Willa. “Why should I be ashamed of showing my naked body to you? Am I ugly or what?”

“You are beautiful,” said Erika.

Neither of them said anything for a while.

But then Willa said something that echoed like a choir of angels: “Do you wanna touch my dæmon?”

“What?” Erika felt an extremely hot flow of energy run down her spine.

“I mean, why else did you tell me that random story?” Willa put her right hand on Erika's stomach. “Here, let me pet your dæmon's head,” she said, resting her thumb on Erika's navel and softly moving the rubbery tips of her gloved fingers towards Erika's vulva.

“Oh!” Erika gasped. “You understood!”

Willa turned her head to look at Erika. “You are so easy to read!” She smiled. “How does it feel? Is it a transgression, or is it intimate and intense?”

“I'm not feeling particularly transgressed yet,” moaned Erika. “Why don't you keep doing that for a little while?”

Willa's gloved hand was suddenly gone, and Erika thought for a second that she had spoilt it all. But Willa's hand returned shortly after, moist with saliva, and went straight for Erika's most sacred parts.

“Yeah, that's what I was talking about!” exclaimed Erika as Willa's fingertips massaged her labia with great delicacy. “And it's the best feeling in the world.”

“Now you touch my dæmon,” said Willa.

“OK. But don't stop petting mine. We can do it at the same time.”

And so it happened that both girls simultaneously gratified each other sexually with their latex-gloved hands. It was not the first time that gloved fingertips played with either girl's throbbing clitoris; it was not the first time that gloved fingers entered their wet vaginae and explored them from the inside; it was not the first time that a gloved hand made the girls moan and squeak with delight. But it was the first time that the gloved hand in question was not their own.

“Does this count as sex?” asked Erika.

“It does!” said Willa. “A part of me is in your pussy. Does it not count just because it's my hand and not a body part I don't have? You're allowing my gloved hands to touch your dæmon, and you're enjoying it. Hell, my gloves are fucking you! Of course it's sex!”

“It's my first time,” said Erika, breathing heavily. “You have to teach me.”

“We're discovering this together. It's my first time, too,” said Willa. She took her hand off Erika's vulva and propped herself up on her elbow. “Do you want to taste me? I want to feel your lips on my clit and your tongue in my pussy.”

“And what about my gloved hands?”

“There's plenty for them to fondle while you lick me — my tits, my heaps, my behind…”

“Kiss me first. You've never kissed me. I'm not going to lick your genitals if you —”

Willa licked her lips and kissed Erika's. It was a loud and wet kiss, tingling and satisfying, but too short.

“More,” said Erika, puckering her lips.

Willa smiled brightly, but she didn't move.

Erika remembered how Willa had said that she liked her athletic body. It was time to show Willa her physical strength. Erika put one of her gloved hands on Willa's bottom, and the other one behind Willa's head. Then she pulled Willa closer and held her firmly in her latex-covered arms. Willa tried to yank away, but Erika's strong arms pulled her even closer.

Conquered by Erika's impetus, Willa hugged Erika firmly. They twisted and turned for a second, rubbing each other, belly against belly, breasts against breasts, and they giggled at their own silliness. Willa kissed Erika again, but now for real. She pressed her lips against Erika's. Erika opened her mouth, just slightly, and Willa squeezed her upper lip through the narrow opening. She first bit Erika's lower lip very lightly and then sucked on it. Erika opened her mouth a bit more, and Willa repeated the same motion as before, but penetrating the gap between Erika's lips more deeply. And then both girls tilted their heads slightly to the side and their open mouths melted, and they kissed and kissed until their lips started to go numb from the exercise and they didn't know any more whose tongue was whose, and the only thing they cared about in the world was being as close to each other as physically possible. They became one body wrapped in four latex-encased arms.

“That was my first kiss, and it was wonderful!” said Erika. “And yours?”

“Not my first,” said Willa. “But the best by far!”

“And who —”

“Shh! Who cares?” Willa kissed Erika to shut her up. “Live in the here-and-now. All you need to know is that I am with you here and now. Also, I'm losing my virginity to you. That should count for something.”

“Now kiss my dæmon,” whispered Erika.

“Gladly,” replied Willa. “But you kiss mine first.”

“No. You first,” said Erika.

“I have an idea,” said Willa. She made Erika stand on her knees on one end of the bed. “Now wait there for a second.” Then she walked around the bed and lay down on her back, positioning her head between Erika's legs. “Now you go down on me. Just don't sit on my face.”

Erika understood Willa's idea, bent forward, and planted a delicate kiss on Willa's mons pubis, just above her clitoris, at the same time wiggling her wet vagina just above Erika's face.

And so it happened that both girls simultaneously gratified each other sexually with their tongues, and it was definitely the first time that any tongue touched their private parts.

While the doings of Willa's tongue were very pleasurable to Erika, nothing compared to what Erika felt when she had Willa's vulva in front of her. She was overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of it. Willa's clitoris was magnificent like a young rosebud, surrounded by the pink folds of virginal flesh. Perfectly symmetrical and delicate, they looked like designed by an artful master. The wetness on them reminded Erika of the tiny droplets of dew that you can see on single blades of grass if you get very close to them.

Erika touched the little button of pleasure with the tip of her tongue, and she felt how it immediately retreated — it was so sensitive! But then Willa relaxed and Erika could see it throb like a tiny heart. Then she kissed it with the tenderness with which one kisses the head of a newborn, and she could see Willa's sexual organ shudder with delight.

Then Erika pulled Willa's labia apart with her latex-covered fingers, as if unwrapping a precious gift, and introduced her tongue into the honey pot. She elongated her tongue as far as she could and pushed it into Willa's vagina until her nose was buried in Willa's flesh, and she was surprised when she felt how the inner tissue of Willa's vagina wrapped itself softly around her tongue, as if hugging it.

And the taste! Erika had read and heard so many different descriptions that mostly involved fish, and not in a good way. All lies! Nothing could describe how good Willa tasted. Yes, there was a little saltiness to it, but the smell was glorious and sweet and fresh and clean. A bit of salty and a bit of sweet and a lot of fragrance — like good black liquorice or French anise sweets.

Willa was the first to reach an orgasm. Erika didn't quite know how she did it. All she knew was that pleasuring Willa orally was the best she had ever done. She was so fascinated by the taste, the smell and the texture of Willa's soft body that she forgot everything else. She was actually surprised when Willa started to tremble uncontrollably and to scream.

Erika, who had just inserted three latex-gloved fingers deep into Willa's vagina, startled. “Oh, God, Willa! Did I do something wrong?”

“No!” yelled Willa, breathing heavily. “Don't… stop… please…”

Erika got one more finger into Willa's vagina and went back to licking her clitoris. She could feel it throbbing violently under the tip of her tongue. She licked and she slurped until Willa's legs went into spasms and Willa gave a final scream that sounded like her heart was being ripped out of her chest.

“Stop now,” cried Willa. “That's too much!”

“Did I hurt you?” asked Erika, stopping immediately. Her fingers were still inside Willa's body.

Willa's gloved hand grabbed Erika's and pulled it out of her vagina. “No. Yes. I mean, what's the difference between the most intense pain and the most intense orgasm?” said Willa, panting. “Turn around, please. I want to kiss you.”

Erika turned around and sat down next to Willa. She helped Willa sit up. “So are we done now?” she asked. She was disappointed that she hadn't had an orgasm.

“No, Honey! I will finish you off afterwards, I swear. Just give me some time to recover,” said Willa, still breathing with difficulty. “Come on, kiss me.”

Erika grinned. “This hand was in your pussy a minute ago,” she said, showing Willa the stains on her glove. “Will you want to kiss me after I do this?” Then she licked her latex-covered fingers, one by one. Willa's unique taste wasn't really on her gloves, but Erika did enjoy licking her own fingers. Lost in the intoxicating aroma of the latex, she wrapped her lips around her soft and slippery fingers, and she sucked on them with genuine enjoyment.

“Give me those fingers,” said Willa and grabbed Erika's hand. “They must be delicious, judging by how you're purring.” Then she proceeded to lick Erika's fingers. She put Erika's long middle finger in her mouth and fellated it, all the while looking Erika intensely in the eyes. And Erika felt her vagina become extremely wet, despite the fact that the action was taking place so far away from her pubic region.

With her free hand, Erika grabbed one of Willa's hands and kissed it all over while Willa continued to lick her hand. And so the two girls spent a long time kissing and licking each other's latex-gloved hands, and this with great pleasure because, after all, their love of latex gloves is what had brought them together.

“I'm so wet right now,” said Erika after a while. “Will you please go down on me?”

Willa smiled. “OK, you slut! If you can't wait.” She kissed Erika on the lips, then pushed her back onto a pile of pillows, gave her inner thighs a slap so that Erika opened her legs, and finally buried her face in Erika's crotch while her gloved hands clung to Erika's buttocks.

The orgasm came to Erika with a force that nearly knocked her out. Afterwards she thought, if her life was made into a comic book, they would need to draw a nuclear blast wave wiping out a city to represent what she had felt.

“Oh, bloody… fuck… oh!” yelled Erika as the waves of pleasure wrecked her body. “Willa, I love you!”

Willa sat up and wiped her lips with the back of her gloved hand. “That was a delicious pussy, it was!” Then she laid down next to Erika and kissed her once more.

“Did you hear what I just said?” asked Erika. “I love you.”

“I loved it, too. That was my first time, but I'm sure, of all first times in the world, ours was the best.” She gave one of Erika's nipples a final playful kiss and jumped off the bed. “But now you have to go home. Have you seen what time it is? I hope you don't get in trouble with your parents for going home so late.” She extended her gloved arms towards Erika. “Please help me get these gloves off. I'll have a shower.”

Erika grabbed one of Willa's gloves by the cuff and pulled it off Willa's arm. She had red pressure marks around the elbow.

“Oof! That feels good,” exclaimed Willa, wiggling the fingers of her naked hand. “I sweated so much in these gloves! Now the other.”

Erika pulled off Willa's other glove. “Can I shower with you?”

“Better not, or we'll end up fucking in the shower.” Willa blew Erika an air kiss. “And you don't have time for that. It's really late.”

Willa went to the bathroom and returned to the bedroom ten minutes later. She opened her wardrobe to get fresh underwear, which she put on without a word. Then she slipped into a pair of soft fleece trousers and a t-shirt. She didn't put any gloves on.

“Willa, I love you,” said Erika again, but Willa was already on her way to the kitchen.

“Hurry up, Erika!” shouted Willa from the kitchen. “I'll make us something to eat while you have a shower. Sex makes hungry!”

This is a fictional story written by Janey Egerton. Any resemblance to actual people, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Fri, Sep 22, 2017
Source: Jane loves gloves


Pretty in wet colored leotard

Fri, Sep 22, 2017
Source: Leotard and swimsuit fun

Fri, Sep 22, 2017
Source: Leotard and swimsuit fun

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