Adventures in Rubber. Chapter 6

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Part 14


“I have something very special in mind for you, dear,” muttered Dodds to himself, as he unlocked Mandy’s door.

For a moment, he stared appreciatively at Mandy’s rubber-covered form, held immobile by the dozens of straps stretched out from her legs, arms, head, and torso. He watched in silent appreciation as she shifted slightly, trying to relieve the strain in her limbs and waist induced by the fiendish bondage suit. A faint moan issued from the thick red rubber helmet.

Mandy thought she heard a faint click that might have been the door opening. She resolved not to act beaten, even though her tortured waist had turned numb hours ago. Actually, she had found the whole affair so far to have been rather pleasant, for although she might be dominant and tough on her lover and slave Flora, she became positively weak-kneed when faced with Mr. Dodds’ handsome face, perfect etiquette, and unbelievably perverse imagination.. Despite his gentlemanly manners, he was the creator of the most bizarre methods of fetishistic dominance Mandy had ever experienced.

She felt disoriented, almost weightless, as indeed she might, with her limbs, torso, and head evenly but firmly suspended from the bed rails. She shifted slightly, a gobbet of warm KY jelly squelching through her crotch. Despite herself, she let out a soft moan in delight. Dodds smiled as he pulled the massager onto his hand and moved towards Mandy’s immobile form.

Without warning, Mandy suddenly felt a firm pressure on her crotch, followed immediately by waves of powerful vibrations. She writhed in new arousal, trying to push her mound into the vibrations. She felt the warm throbbing build within her, letting out a small squeal as she approached her orgasm. As suddenly as they had started, the vibrations ceased, and despite her efforts to complete it, she couldn’t quite climax. She whined with frustration, all pretences of pride destroyed. Dodds smiled.

“I see you are still enjoying yourself,” he said loudly, so that she might hear him within the tight fitting helmets. “I don’t know about you, love,” he continued, “but I’m ready for a change.”

He began untying the straps suspending her over the bed.

“I hope you have plenty of energy left,” he added, “you’re going to need it.”

When he had her down from her elevated position, he freed her arms and legs of straps, and stood her upright. Shortly, he had stretched a strap from the top of her helmet to the top rail of the bed, forcing her to stand straight. Finally, to Mandy’s relief, she felt him unlacing the heavy bondage suit. As the corset laces came loose, she let out a sigh, and breathed deeply, her aching waist quivering as unused muscles returned to life. If not for the strap holding her up by the head, she might have collapsed, so weak was her waist and back. She felt wobbly, as if her torso itself were made of rubber.

Soon she felt the heavy suit being stripped away and then to her delight, hands massaging her breasts through the thin latex of her inner suit. Damn, that feels good! she thought. She couldn’t stand it any longer- she had to have him. She wiggled and squirmed up against him, no longer caring what he did to her, or how desperate she looked, only wanting to be satisfied. Alas, it was not to be.

He stepped back from her. She could not move forward without strangling herself within the tight helmet. Then light blinded her as the suit’s hood was unlaced and removed. Dodds had pulled out a small pair of scissors and was snipping away at the rubber tape covering the rear zipper of the second suit. In a minute he had it uncovered, and the remnants of glue and tape peeled away. He unzipped this too, and let it fall to the floor, her collected sweat streaming down her body.

She gazed in silence at this incredible man, who could turn her pride and temerity to jelly with a glance. He smiled again.

“How do you like my visit so far?” he enquired.

“Not bad… But you know, you’re going to make it damn hard for me to play the domineering bitch, after being mistreated like this! Every time we meet, it ends up like this- me grovelling at your feet while you dream up new, er, torments for me. I really wish you’d call before dropping in. And you might at least have asked my permission to top my slaves first.”

“Ah yes, well,” Dodds replied, “I am not in the habit of asking permission of my slaves for anything. And you know I couldn’t have had nearly as much fun if I’d given you fair warning. Besides, I called last time, remember?”

“Sure, you called to order me over to England! By the time I got back, Flora was nearly out of her head wondering whether I was coming home. Speaking of Flora, what have you done with the others? You know I’m going to have a hell of a time handling Jason after this stunt of yours.”

“Now don’t worry, love, I’ve thought of everything. First of all, they have their own problems to think about right now, I wouldn’t worry about them. And secondly… secondly, WHO ARE YOU TO QUESTION ME, SLAVE?”

He suppressed a grin as she cowered at his feet.

“Get into the shower, you smell like a locker-room!”

She scooted, smiling very slightly to herself. Truth to tell, she was a bit whiff, having sweated out untold hours tightly bound and laced down- rubber body suits were not known for their breathability. She was grateful for the chance to get clean. She spent almost a half-hour under the steaming water, luxuriating in the needle spray and wishing she had a shower massager, that she might relieve the sexual tension she had built up over the last few hours.

She seriously considered masturbating only for a moment though, for she knew Dodds could walk in at any moment, and he would be furious if he caught her. He preferred his slaves to get their stimulation from whatever “torture” he dreamed up… to rely upon him for release.

She dried off slowly, her core still warm with the memory of those unexpected vibrations. She assumed that Dodds would be putting another all-enclosing outfit of some kind on her, since that seemed to be his particular fetish this year. So she dried herself even more thoroughly and, after powdering herself all over with talcum, she exited the bathroom. Like a butterfly from its chrysalis, she thought.

Dodds seemed unimpressed with his butterfly, however. He did smile appreciatively, even licked his lips suggestively, but he said nothing, just waved her towards him where he sat on the bed next to yet another pile of garments and gear. He held something up. It was a large plastic butt plug, hollow, with big holes in it. It had a frighteningly large hose attached. From her experience, Mandy thought that the hose was too large, it looked like it would allow an awfully fast flow.

It was obvious what his intentions were, so she bent over obediently. When she was suitably plugged, he motioned for her to sit down on the bed. She did, with a little groan. He remained silent as she sat down next to the pile, and with a grin and a little flourish, he produced two small foam earplugs from his breast pocket. Under his watchful eye, she inserted them carefully into her ears. Her eyes grew just a little wide as her world became silent and she tried to imagine what new ideas he had in store for her. She hoped he would finally allow her to come.

“Get into that.” He said it loudly, so that she might hear through the earplugs.

He pointed at a black pile of rubber on the bed. She picked it up. She recognized it as her own. It was her thickest suit, custom-fitted to her measurements, made from two laminated layers of heavy weight latex, making it nearly an eighth of an inch thick. She had only worn it on a few occasions; while motorcycling, or when walking outside in wet weather, and once in the summer sun when she had felt particularly masochistic. It was ideal for keeping dry, as it had attached feet; heavy gloves, an open-faced hood and a watertight zipper like those used in diver’s suits. It was also the very devil to put on, since it fitted skin-tight, and the thick rubber didn’t stretch easily.

As she handled it however, she felt something different about it. Closer examination revealed that apparently, Mr. Dodds had made extensive modifications to it.

“How could you?” Mandy scolded. “This suit cost me over a thousand dollars! Just because you own half a dozen companies, and can afford whatever exotic gear you like doesn’t mean I can! I expect you…mmph!”

Mr. Dodds had just stuck the toe of a patent leather shoe in her mouth to shut her up.

“Now you listen to me, you little minx!” he said. “I have gone to considerable trouble and expense to bring this little circus to you, and I expect you to show the proper gratitude! As for your precious suit, it isn’t as if it were the only one you have. Maybe Kris Kringle will bring you a better one this Christmas, but only if you’re a very good girl.”

He knew she hated to be called a girl.

“Now why don’t you save your tongue for what it is best at,” he added, “and look over my work- you may find that wearing this suit will be quite enjoyable.”

Mandy stared sullenly over the high-heeled shoe filling her mouth at the strange suit in her lap. There were now many small rubber bumps lining the moulded breast cups. Stranger yet, the breast cups were now huge rounded cones, hard and heavy to the touch, and each had a small jack connector at the tip, like chrome nipples. The seat of the suit had also been heavily modified. There was a thick dildo at the front of the crotch, with numerous little rubber fingers above it. To the rear of the dildo was a reinforced hole in the crotch. The front of the crotch had another large, hard, and weighty addition moulded on, shaped roughly like an athletic cup. On the outside, it looked like her natural mons, but greatly exaggerated. It too, had a jack connector in the front.

Her favourite catsuit had been made into a “grope suit”, and a severe-looking one at that. She stared at Mr. Dodds with renewed respect, and some trepidation.

“Well? What are you staring at? Get into it!” he admonished. She knew it could not be put on without lubrication, and Dodds must have realised this, as he handed her a large jug of viscous fluid.

“Here, this is better than wasting a dozen tubes of KY. It’s the same silicone stuff I sent you before, so it won’t hurt the rubber.”

She poured a third of the thick, slimy liquid inside, and smoothed it into every cranny of the suit. Then she liberally greased her body with more of it, revelling in the sexual feelings it aroused as she caressed her slippery body. The greasy goo felt warm when spread on the skin, like expensive massage oil. Almost eagerly, she began to put on the suit. Dodds indicated that she should thread the hose from her butt plug through the hole in the crotch of the suit. There was a plastic ring on the hose that stopped the hose from coming any further out, and left several inches of slack inside the outfit.

With her body so well-greased, it took no time at all before she had the thick suit pulled up to her neck, then she looked enquiringly at Mr. Dodds for help. He helped pull the arms and gloves on, then zipped the back up to her shoulder blades. Apparently unsatisfied with her lube job, he pulled out the neck, and added the rest of the jug of greasy fluid, which she thought at first was overkill, until she realised that Dodds never did anything without a good reason. She shuddered as she felt it slowly slither down her back, the tight suit spreading it out across her skin. He dribbled the last bit on her head, rubbing it into her hair, and over her face and neck. Finally, he removed the shoe from her mouth.

“Open wide,” he said, holding up an atomiser.

She did as she was told; hoping that whatever he had in mind didn’t taste too bad. The cool spray was bitter, and made her mouth and tongue go numb.

“Now swallow,” he added.

She swallowed. He repeated the process twice more. It didn’t surprise her when he stuffed something else into her mouth. It was some kind of form-fitting gag made of plastic, that kept her mouth open slightly, yet her teeth fit into it, and when it was seated, it was quite comfortable. With her tongue, she could feel a large hole though the centre.

Mr. Dodds was holding the open hood of the suit in front of her face. About the time she realised that something was very different about that hood, he quickly pulled it over her head, and zipped the suit the rest of the way, up the back of the hood. He’s changed the hood! she thought. She knew he was perfectly capable of it, for he was a first-rate rubber craftsman; one of his several holdings was a company he had started himself to make rubber goods for other kinky folk.

She realised now that he had removed the suit’s original open-faced hood, and replaced it with a totally enclosing helmet of the same thickness. This one had soft pads over the eyes and ears, and what felt like a surgical- style oxygen mask covering her mouth and nose. She was certain, though; that any surgeon would have been horrified at the use this one was being put to. The zipper had pulled the hood tight, pressing the pads into her eyes and ears, and she knew she would be completely deaf until he removed it. The face portion as well, was brought tightly against her lips, revealing that a good-sized hole had been left at the mouth of the helmet. Knowing Mr. Dodds, she was certain it wouldn’t stay unplugged.

“Now comes the difficult part, I’m afraid,” she heard, very faintly. He must have been shouting, so that she could hear him through the thick helmet and earplugs. She felt something small and soft intruding in her mouth.

“Swallow this,” she heard. Oh, no, she thought. God damn it, not this. Please, I’ll throw up! The soft thing pressed against the back of her throat. Whatever it was, it wasn’t very big. Shit, she thought, a stomach tube! She could only feel it as a faintly detectable pressure, so numb was her mouth and throat. Okay, remain calm, she told herself. He’s obviously anaesthetised your throat, you should be able to do this. It won’t be much worse than deep throating George.

She chewed on the end of the soft rubber tube for a second, salivating a little, hoping to fool her stomach that she was just swallowing food, like a long piece of spaghetti. She really had no choice; she realised, since he could force the hose through her gag until she choked on it if he really wanted to.

Eventually, to her surprise, she managed to swallow the end of the tube without even retching. Just barely, she could feel it sliding down her throat. It felt obscene, an intrusion into her body where such things didn’t belong. Dodds watched the slow progress of the tube as he gently fed it into her mask. When a mark on the tube reached the mask, he slid a metal coupling along the tube until it seated in the mouth hole, sealing the junction. The stomach tube came out a small hole in the side of the fitting.

All that was left was to attach a small puffer bulb to a valve above the breathing tube, and with a few pumps, the inflatable skirt of the oxygen mask swelled and sealed against her face. Dodds must have been finished, at least temporarily, as Mandy felt him guide her to her feet, lead her by the hand out the door, then down the hall.

She was surprised he hadn’t put boots or shoes on her- he usually considered some kind of uncomfortable foot wear de rigueur with his outfits.

As she moved, she delighted to feel her suit sliding around her. The excess oil was too thick and light in weight to slosh, but the suit was somewhat loose on her body, sliding over her skin very sensually as she walked toward the elevator. She revelled in her aroused state, deliberately swaying her hips and lengthening her stride. She was rewarded with many little caresses within her suit. She felt the big rod macking in the grease, and the little bumps rubbing across her nipples, grabbing at her labia and searching for her clitoris. Her heart thumped excitedly as they entered the elevator cage and she wondered what further devious ideas Dodds had in store.

The sexual feelings she had just experienced were so strong, she knew it would not take much more before she got off.

They dropped like a stone to the ground floor, then took the stairs to the basement. The small amount of exercise thus far had already turned her suit into a mild sauna, the silicone lubricant warming slowly to her body temperature. She certainly couldn’t feel the slight chill of the basement. At the foot of the stairs, they turned right, cueing her that they had headed into the room she often used for enemas or other watersports, as it had a sink and a floor drain. She had begun to feel heavy and fuzzy-headed, and she wondered what drug Dodds had given her this time.

Shortly she was forcibly lowered to the floor, and she felt Dodds’ hands brush her side as he did something around her body. She shivered, her sense of touch overly sensitive due to her isolated state. Before long though, she was standing again, only to find herself being walked over to, and strapped into, the upright rack she had built herself. Dodds smiled grimly as he switched on the light.

He paused inside the door, gazing around the room in anticipation. The spraying equipment stood ready in one corner of the room, the respirator in another. To one side stood Mandy’s circular bondage board, a motorised, padded wooden slab to which a slave could be fastened and rotated.

He had already prepared the table on which he would mount his specimen: in the middle of the floor sat a large platform, tilted on bearings, like a giant seesaw. A shaft connected under one side disappeared into a large machine on the floor. The panel was nothing more than a full sheet of 1″ plywood, over which he had laminated a thick black rubber sheet using latex cement.

He lay Mandy back upon the table, then carefully chalked her outline on it. This done, he manhandled her over to her standing bondage rack and strapped her up to it. For a moment, he admired her exquisite shape. Although she might not have the body of a Cosmo cover girl, the shiny black latex covering her body made her, in Mr. Dodds eyes, the ideal woman. Each curve of her body, the long, muscular legs, her ample hips, was made silky-smooth by the wonderful material.

If she didn’t have the more classic beach beauty figure that Flora sported, it was of no matter, he preferred his women to look like women, not Barbie dolls. The additions to the suit gave her a sexier, post-modern look. The huge, rounded cones of her breasts jutting straight out, and the mounded cleft between her legs, emphasised her female shape to the point of caricature.

She might be a modern store-window mannequin, Dodds thought, but one that few window dressers would dare display.

With a sigh, he returned to his work. He got out a large tin of latex glue and carefully painted-in Mandy’s outline upon the slab. While it dried, he examined a set of hoses and fittings attached to the equipment in the corner, handling them lovingly.

“Ever since I watched your slave Flora suffer this at your hands, I’ve longed to try it out on you,” Dodds announced softly.

Apparently the earplugs, covered by the helmet’s thick pads, were doing their job, for Mandy gave no sign of having heard him. When the glue had dried, Dodds guided her backward to the edge of the slab, positioning her feet with care. He opened his glue can again, and coated the entire back of her suit with the latex cement. When he was satisfied with the job, he stood astride her body, and after threading her enema tube through a small hole, slowly leaned her back onto the slab. Moving with care, he firmly pressed each portion of her body against the layer of glue, permanently bonding her suit to the slab. A few more touches of glue cemented her arms, hands, even each finger down to the rigid platform.

For a few moments, he left the room. The distant sound of a car door slamming was heard, but within her rubber prison, Mandy heard nothing. She squirmed a bit, marvelling at the wholly pleasant sensation of being enveloped in a warm and slippery womb. The dildo pushed in a bit as she moved, and she tried to encourage it. She found that she could shift a few inches within the thick rubber suit. This also had the pleasant effect of massaging her breasts within their cups. It felt delicious, but it wasn’t quite enough. While she waited for the next addition to her adventure, she tried to rise up, knowing it would annoy Dodds, but her suit seemed to be fastened to the table.

Dodds returned, carrying a large metal box equipped with several buttons and knobs, and a lamp cord, which he plugged into the wall. A coiled lead was plugged into the jack at her crotch and another to each breast-cup. The other end of each lead he connected to the control box, which he set on the floor. The hose from her rear he connected to a bulging enema bag, which he hung on one of the hooks of the bondage wheel. His last task was to wheel over Mandy’s portable respirator unit, a device she used with some of her more outlandish bondage ideas. It was intended as a safeguard, supplying life-giving air to a slave in complicated or severe bondage. She had added cylinders of nitrous oxide and oxygen to spice up the air being sent to a slave. She had used it more than once to knock out Flora, then awaken her later, stuck in some new and bizarre bondage situation.

Dodds connected the respirator hose to the fitting at Mandy’s mouth, and the stomach tube to another enema bag on a stand. At last, with a flick of the switch, the little unit started with a hum, pumping with an alternating hiss. Dodds walked back to her supine form and experimentally wiggled each of the wires where they attached to those outlandish looking breasts. The anonymous but shapely figure within moaned with delight (or frustration), but did not move visibly. He looked over the connections at her mouth, the air hose, the seal of the stomach tube, the tubing from her rear. Satisfied that all was as it should be, he began to spread old newspapers around her rigid form and the panel. This done, he wheeled over the other equipment dolly that had stood waiting in the corner for this very moment.

Part 15

Mr. Dodds pulled out of his pocket a small vial, and opening it, dropped several large pink and blue capsules onto his palm.

“I hope you enjoy this my love,” he muttered under his breath, “it was a deal of trouble getting these.”

He opened each capsule and poured the contents into the funnel at the end of Mandy’s stomach-tube. This done, he picked up the plastic pitcher he had brought downstairs. He poured the thick liquid into the funnel.

“Carnation’s best, my love, bon appetite!” he said; though he knew she could hear nothing.

As he poured, he watched the figure stuck immobile upon the slab, her stomach moving visibly.

“She’s full now, I’ll bet,” he muttered.

Setting the half-empty pitcher in the corner, he removed the tube from its connection on the mask, and headed for the sprayer. The equipment that Mr. Dodds wheeled over to Mandy’s motionless side appeared to be a common paint sprayer, and was, except for minor modifications to the spray gun. It was a contractor type, with one hose to the air compressor, and one that dipped into the paint bucket. In this case, however, the label on the five-gallon bucket read:


After listening to Mandy’s breathing and looking over various fittings once more, he went to work. He turned on the compressor and donned a filter mask to protect himself from the spray. Soon a smooth coating of latex rubber began to build up on the statuesque female form stuck to the slab. It covered everything: the blindfold, the mouth fitting and the seams of her suit, with a glossy black shine.

When he had a smooth coat applied, he waited several minutes for the volatile carrier to evaporate. He knelt down, running his hands over the now dry coating. It was a perfect coating of rubber, smooth and flexible, and it partially glazed over all the little seams and imperfections, creating a seamless glossy covering. The chest of his sculpture rose and fell as the living woman inside breathed slowly and deeply, at the insistence of the respirator whirring in the corner.

He stepped back and began the next coat. In her rubber confinement, Mandy was slowly cooling off from the exercise of coming downstairs. She was amazed at how rigidly Mr. Dodds had managed to fasten her down. She decided that he must have actually glued her suit to something. He definitely gets to buy me some new rubber gear, she told herself.

After a while, she felt a pressure building in her stomach. He must be feeding me something, she thought. This is silly- why couldn’t he have fed it to me before I suited up? Unless… unless it’s something he thinks I wouldn’t normally eat, but that’s dumb- he’s seen me eat raw oysters, what could be worse than that? Ugh, I don’t want to think about that, I have too colourful an imagination.

Then she remembered the over-sized enema tube and plug. Shit! she thought, what if he’s planning on leaving me in this thing for… my god, how long could he leave me in here? He didn’t catheterise me- I hope he knows what he’s doing… damn, what if I have to piss? The tube in her gullet soon became warm, and her stomach protested slightly as it became full. I really hope it’s nothing nasty, she thought, god knows what he’s thought of this time.

Whatever it was, it kept coming, and soon her stomach was becoming uncomfortably full. By the time the flow had stopped, she felt positively bloated, as if she had overindulged at Christmas dinner. Presently, she felt a slight chill through the suit. Perhaps he was washing her, she thought. A little later, she felt it again, but not as strongly. She noticed after a while that her confinement seemed slightly stiffer. She couldn’t move much, but she could flex her stomach muscles, and wriggle a little, so she did, the slimy oil inside her suit squelching past her crotch as she did so. She shuddered as the little warts inside the breast cups stimulated her nipples.

She was certain now. Her suit was definitely much stiffer. She could feel some resistance to her breathing, but the mask and breathe-through gag pumped air steadily, filling her lungs and emptying them, so she had no anxiety about being able to breathe. Never the less, a little thrill ran through her, as she wondered what Dodds could be doing. She had no idea how long he would leave her in this helpless condition, but she was certain he wouldn’t let her get bored. All she could do was wait.

She felt a little wave of internal heat run through her. Damn, but she was horny.

Mr. Dodds was delighted to find the latex coatings drying faster than he had expected. He was up to the fourth coat now, and Mandy’s form was now a permanent part of the rubber-covered slab, joining with it smoothly where she lay upon it. The thick layer of rubber made a smooth, continuous coating over her suit. When the fifth coat was applied, he shut off the compressor, pushing the equipment back into the corner. Once more he checked Mandy’s breathing, and briefly grabbed her crotch and squeezed gently. A very faint moan issued from within the rubber sculpture. He left the room.

For quite a while, the room was quiet, except for the even pumping of the respirator, and the sighing of air through the hoses. Then Mr. Dodds returned, leading in the bewildered pair of “Flora” and “Jason”, though neither could say now for certain who was which. When the slab with the strange woman-shape came into view, they both stopped and stared. A long, waist-high table of glossy black material supported a female statue made from the same ebony substance. Her form & proportions were exquisite, if somewhat unlikely. Huge conical breasts jutted up from the supine figure, and an oversized mons bulged between her legs. The sculpture’s form flowed smoothly into the table, showing no seam or sign of fastening. The table was obviously designed to tilt, being supported by an axle at the centre, and having a single rod-shaped support attached under it, which disappeared into a large box on the floor. Small coiled wires ran from the tip of each breast and from her large mound to another, smaller, box on the floor.

The effect was literally that of an avant-garde sculpture, something from a modern art museum perhaps, except that they knew someone was inside.

“Well, my pretty pair, what do you think? In case you’re wondering, there really is someone inside that. It would make a fine piece of art, don’t you think? They could put it on permanent display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The person inside is quite all right, however, and is probably having a hard time keeping calm, as I’ve taken certain steps to ensure a very distracting, yet… pleasurable, stay.”

Flora and Jason looked on in amazement, wondering anew just who was in the other’s costume, and which of them had the misfortune (or was it fortune?) to be entombed within the solid rubber statue. By this time, they’d got the idea that Mr. Dodds, however kinky, had no desire to cause them harm, and besides, they could both see the breathing hoses connected to an expensive looking hospital respirator, although only the real Flora knew with certainty what it was.

Each of them secretly wished that it was they who were trapped in the close confines of the sculpture, and wondered what “steps” Dodds had taken to make it “pleasurable” for the sculptee.

“Enough gawking,” announced Dodds, as he clipped “Flora’s” armbinder to a wall-hook. “Jason, please get up here.”

He was standing next to a large hospital-style table with a thin mattress on it, which he patted, as he looked pointedly at Flora. After Flora did as she was told, Dodds proceeded to fasten “Jason’s” harness to the rails of the bed, metal clips attaching to the D-rings on her harness. Since there were straps with D-rings every few inches on her torso, arms and legs, even her head, it took some time before “Jason” was firmly anchored to the bed. Mr. Dodds also attached leather straps between “Jason’s” legs, and between her arms and body. When these were tightened, she was held rigidly in place. He released a catch, and the table tilted forward, providing her with a splendid view of the rest of the proceedings.

With the gag filling her mouth, “Jason” was hardly in a position to complain. She wondered what Mr. Dodds had in mind for the chromed dildo fixed firmly over her mouth. She imagined Mandy using something like it on her, and became instantly wet with desire.

While “Jason” squirmed, Mr. Dodds led “Flora” to a small platform with a long rod sticking up from it. Small metal clamps on the platform mated with his boots at heel and toe, fastening them rigidly to the floor. A turn of a thumbscrew allowed the telescoping core of the rod to reach up to “Flora’s” ass. The threaded end was snaked through the hole in the girdle, and mated neatly with the socket in the dildo. With a few turns of Dodd’s wrist, the rod was secure. With the rigid steel boots immovable, the rod now impaling his bottom, and the stiff corset clamping his waist, “Flora” found it quite impossible to move, other than with a slight bend at the hips.

“There!” remarked Mr. Dodds, “I think we are ready for the Grand Exhibit. I wanted you to be in a receptive frame of mind for this, to better appreciate what you are seeing. Flora, you ought to find this especially interesting, in light of your recent ordeal on Mandy’s clever little treadmill. The person under those layers of rubber is, of course, my occasional slave and lover, Mandy. What you must understand is that Mandy has been my slave for quite a few more years than you and she have been together. She has undergone tests of physical endurance that you cannot even imagine. This will be one of the more enjoyable ones. Perhaps I should explain what I have done.

“The sculpture you see before you is composed of a layer of rubber about a quarter-inch thick. It completely covers the thick latex suit Mandy has on under it. It also bonds her body quite immovably to the platform beneath her. The suit has been heavily modified. It is not very tight, and I’ve lubricated it inside with about three litres of silicone oil, allowing her to move slightly with effort, or if for example, we were to tilt the table. Heh-heh.

“The suit has little rubber warts lining the breast cups and the crotch area. I’m sure you’re both aware how sensitive Mandy’s nipples are.”

At this, “Jason” squirmed still more within her tight bondage.

“In addition,” continued Mr. Dodds, “there’s a thick dildo in her lovely little quim, and a large enema plug up her rear. The helmet is equipped with an inflated surgical breathing mask, a gag, padded eyes, and padded ears. In addition, her ears are stuffed with foam earplugs, so that she is completely isolated from sound. The breathing hose is connected to this respirator apparatus so that we may regulate what and how much she breathes.

“She can see, hear, and smell nothing whatsoever. She can feel only a slight friction if she wriggles within the confines of the suit. She has been in this state for several hours, so by now she will be just a little wonky from sensory deprivation. I’ll now supply her with enough stimulation to more than make up for it, however.”

So saying, he walked over and flipped the switch on the box below the table. Immediately, it began to hum, and the arm coming out of it began to push and pull, tilting the table slowly back and forth, through an arc of almost ninety degrees. Mr. Dodds continued his speech.

“I want you both to imagine what sort of strong mind it takes to endure the sort of sexual intensity I intend to treat her to. Flora, you can probably best appreciate what she will experience, but I assure you, this will be quite a bit more thorough a treatment than you received.

“Here is another detail of her situation. I’m sure you’ve both noticed the somewhat exaggerated shape of her breasts and crotch-mound. These are small but powerful vibrators, which have been moulded into the suit with her, one over each breast and one at the crotch. They are plugged into this.” He pointed to the control box.

“Let’s give her a small sample, shall we?”

Here he reached down and flicked the switch on the other small box on the floor. A small pilot lamp glowed. They could hear no change over the humming from the motor on the floor, nor could they see any movement in the strange shape on the slab. Other than the rhythmic tilting of the platform, but each gave a small shudder as they imagined the feelings that had to be coursing through Mandy’s helpless body inside. After a long minute or two, Mr. Dodds turned everything off.

Mandy panicked a little as she felt herself tipping, afraid she was about to be dropped on her head, but whatever was moving her soon swung back the other way, and her lubricated body slid down towards her feet. In a way, this was worse, as the fiendish accessories of the rubber suit mindlessly made love to her body. As her weight slid down, the rippled dildo gently forced its way into her vagina, filling her delightfully. Since she was swimming in slippery silicone oil, she was powerless to prevent this, even if she had wanted to. Then too, the little rubber warts lining the breast cups and crotch area teased her nipples and fondled her clitoris. She felt the heat rushing to her privates and her pulse throbbing in her head. She moaned with delight. Then she was swaying back, slithering tightly into the head and shoulders of her rubber prison, the bumps and rods reversing their sensuous motion. She realised that for some reason, she was becoming increasingly aroused, more sexually aware than she could remember ever having been before.

Her attention had narrowed to include just her skin, her breasts, and her crotch. He must have drugged me again, she thought… something special, although my head feels clear. She tried to think of other things, but all that came to mind was a collage of previous sessions, other bizarre treatments she had received at Mr. Dodd’s hands.

Her thoughts drifted back to her early days with him, when he had first begun her training. He had made her put on his first gift to her- a custom-made black rubber evening dress, and had taken her out to the latest trendy dinner theatre. Despite the powerfully erotic feelings the dress induced in her, or perhaps because of them, she had been a little embarrassed, an emotion she was not used to feeling. Perhaps it was because he had insisted she remain naked beneath the dress. Perhaps it was the stares of the other patrons. Although the cut of the dress was undeniably elegant and would not have raised an eyebrow were it made from satin or velvet, the unusual sheen and the liquid rustle that accompanied her passage attracted attention like a magnet.

During dinner he had kicked off a shoe and masturbated her with his toes beneath the concealing tablecloth. She had only barely managed to conceal her climax from the other patrons and the ever-attendant waiter.

Suddenly a new sensation snapped her back to the present. Powerful vibrations were coursing through her chest and crotch. Her pelvis involuntarily tried to arch upwards to meet a non-existent lover, and her nipples swelled still further within their cups. Her breasts felt as if they had little motors inside them, the vibrations were so strong. As her slave Flora had often wondered in the past, so now did Mandy: “How much more of this am I going to have to take?”

She tried again to let her mind wander, but her situation now was entirely too distracting. She let herself go with the motions, and it was with great relief that she felt her first orgasm building. Almost immediately the vibrations, the rocking motions ceased. She screamed into the mask, cursing silently, wondering how Dodds could have known. She was blind with lust now, wanting anything- anything at all to satisfy her. She tensed in her rigid rubber prison, trying to rub against her suit, to mack up and down a bit on the rods filling her, but to no avail.

Flora and Jason, even Mr. Dodds, could see nothing of this, and although Mr. Dodds had a very good idea how excited a state his slave was in, it was sheer dumb luck that he had managed to frustrate her imminent climax for the second time that day. He smiled, reviewing in his mind what he had in store for his slaves. He walked to the respiration equipment and reached for a valve on one of the tanks.

“And now, the piece de resistance…”

He put on his best “lecturing” smile.

“Maybe I’m getting jaded in my old age, but I’m just not satisfied any more with simple mechanical stimulation. True, rubber and leather and bondage are wonderful things, but I’ve been experimenting with new ideas.

“Tonight, Mandy will experience the culmination of two years of investigation. In the past Mandy’s sensuality, her desperate sexual and fetish needs have been her strength- she could turn almost any torment to her own pleasure. But never before have I tampered directly with her mind as well as with her body.

“Tonight, rather than pain or discomfort, she will undergo the most intense sexual stimulation of her life. Everything else she has felt this weekend will pale by comparison. If she survives with her mind intact, she will have proved herself to be the finest slave in my experience, as well as a stern Mistress.

“I’ve a few other touches as well. Half way through my preparations for this little show, it occurred to me that it would be a waste not to use her rotating bondage frame for something, so I tied her enema bag to it. With the table set to a slow speed, it will alternately empty and fill her bowels, rather quickly, as the wheel rotates ’round. He turned the valve under his hand, then turned the other. No obvious changes occurred, and only Dodds could know what reactions might be occurring inside the rubber sculpture.

“Let me explain what I have just done”, he continued. “This tank is full of nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas. The other is filled with pure oxygen. Automatic timers will switch between the two, alternately clearing her head and making her higher than a kite, every ten minutes.

“The nitrous mixture is set thin enough so that she will merely feel giddy and euphoric, rather than too drowsy. I’ve done this in the past with several other slaves with great success. It seems to calm them down in between climaxes, allowing them to recover just slightly. But today, I intend to outdo myself. We all know that Mandy is very much multi-orgasmic. Now I intend to see just how many climaxes she can attain!

“But wait, there’s more, there’s more!”

Dodds actually giggled, while barely managing to not quite sound like a late night television commercial. He was really enjoying himself.

“Several months ago, a friend of mine in the medical field heard of a new anti-depressant drug being tested in Canada. It’s called Chlomipramine. It worked, more or less, but patients on whom it was being tested began to complain of excessive sex drive, and spontaneous orgasms. It would seem the Canadians have stumbled across the world’s first true aphrodisiac. I have tried it myself, and when taken in quantity, its effects are startling.

“Oh, it’s a bit of a stimulant, although it’s quite harmless really, but as a side effect, it makes one so randy, so impossibly horny, everything else takes a back seat until you get satisfaction. When I first tried it on a slave with whom I was out driving, she nearly caused a wreck, she was so desperate!

“Mandy was given a largish dose about an hour ago. Its effects will last about eight hours. Naturally, we’ll try to keep her satisfied, although I rather suspect that will be difficult. Hmm. Well. Let us begin. First the table.”

He flicked a switch, and once again, the table began to tilt back and forth.

“Now, the vibrators,” as he set the other toggle, “and the gas.”

He flipped another switch on the respirator equipment.

“And finally, her enema.”

He twisted a dimmer switch on the wall, and the bondage wheel began to rotate slowly, gradually raising the enema bag. They all stood transfixed for a moment; no one moving, (though two of them would have been hard pressed to move in any case) as they looked on in awe, even Mr. Dodds himself, at what he had done.

A bizarre female form, apparently wrought of polished ebony, grew out of a solid slab that swung back and forth through almost ninety degrees. It was a female sculpture, although the artist was obviously obsessed with sex, for the breasts and mons veneris were exaggerated, huge, rounded things, with small wire leads trailing from them.

Certainly, the artist could be considered avant-garde as well, since the tubing leading to the sculpture’s mouth was hardly standard on the as-issued female body. Then too, how did one explain the shifting of shape within, as the table tilted, something sliding around inside.

Mandy grunted in surprise as her world began to sway again, and sighed with relief as she began to slide back and forth, the fiendish fingers and warts, now old friends, massaging her clitoris and nipples. The dildo slid firmly home, filling her, then slid out again as she tilted the other way. Suddenly, the vibrations began again, seemingly from inside her breasts and crotch. She shouted with joy as incredible thrills spasmed through her body.

She was sure now, in some small corner of her mind, that she had been drugged, that this was greater than her normal response, but her body screamed, “WHO CARES?” and she gave in completely. As if the fat dildo inside her weren’t enough, she now felt a cool pressure building in her belly. The enema rushed into her, and she was grateful that she’d had so little to eat in the last twenty-four hours. She didn’t relish the idea of cramps. The water filled her belly, and in combination with her already full stomach, made her feel completely swollen, pleasantly over-full. When the table swung down again, the crowding inside her made the dildo feel as if it were ten times larger. She felt stuffed, like a living sausage skin. After a few more cycles of her dark and unstable world, she felt the enema rushing out again.

She hardly noticed when the smell of her air changed in a subtle way, but gradually she calmed down, although she was still out of her mind with lust. She felt happy, unreasonably happy and at peace, although she certainly wasn’t satisfied yet. She cheerfully macked up and down on the rod, not knowing or caring where she was, or what was happening to her. Eventually, again unnoticed, the air changed its flavour again, and her head began to clear, so that although she knew precisely what sort of situation she was in, she also felt more insistent that she get some satisfaction. The effects of the little rubber warts and vibrations became more noticeable, and she lost herself again in wave after wave of sexual spending and release.

We may as well leave her now, as the rest is more or less the same, for hours on end.

Mr. Dodds turned to his other two guests.

“Well folks, that’s that for a few hours, we shan’t see much more than this. Why don’t we leave her to her pleasures, and see if we can’t find something else to amuse us for awhile.” He began to unfasten the straps holding “Jason” to the hospital gurney.

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