The adventures of Terri and Jennifer. Chapters 33-41

Chapter 33
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Chapter 35
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Chapter 33

It was nearing 5:00 p.m. Thursday evening, the day of Jennifer’s return flight. I was sitting in Jennifer’s kitchen out at her ranch, slowly sipping a glass of chilled wine. My left hand was gently pulling on the new silver nipple ring inserted in my left nipple. Yes, it was new, as was the right one and the two rings inserted through my labia. A few changes had taken place in this long, but short, four and a half months.

My legs were encased in my favorite black leather thigh-high boots, the ones with the six inch heels. The boots felt sleek and were tight fitting as they were custom made to my measurements. I had to keep my legs fairly straight due to the stiffness of the leather. My long black leather kid gloves lay on the table before me. These gloves had been through a lot over these past few months. I wore nothing else but a smile. The wooden chair felt cool to my naked behind and my inner thighs were already wet. I had sat on these wooden chairs many times in the past, most of the time tightly bound and gagged. These chairs and I were old friends. Jennifer and I had bought them specially because of their design. They made for some great chair bondages due to the narrow back and sturdy arm pieces. Today, though, I was sitting with no ropes or gags to hamper me, just me and my boots.

I had already laid out all my bondage toys and placed my total array of fetish clothing, including my boots and shoes on the floor in Jennifer’s bedroom. They, like me, were waiting to be used in what I hoped to be a fantastic bondage homecoming for both Jennifer and myself.

Jennifer’s plane was due in at 5:45 p.m. and she had a thirty minute drive from the airport. As a surprise and a treat, I had chartered a limo to bring her and her luggage home. I had asked for a female driver in uniform knowing that Jennifer would enjoy the servitude. I had plenty of time to finish my preparations and surprise for her return. I had hoped that it would be a surprise that would take us to new heights of bondage fun. I knew it would for me, as I smiled again, gently pulling on now both nipple rings. I closed my eyes and licked my lips as I pulled the rings harder.

Jennifer had been gone for four and a half months, but the time seemed to fly by. She had flown to Europe to conduct several fashion shoots and runway fashion shows for her company. She was now on her way back for a much-needed rest. I had planned on letting her rest just as soon as she had me tied up and secured for the evening.

I had done so much in the way of bondage fun, surprisingly, since her departure. Lots of self-bondage, of course, a bondage model photo shoot as part of my birthday present, a few domination scenes with another of our girlfriends, Robin, and then the piercings. My head was spinning as I continued to pull harder on the rings. The memories were many as were the variety of bondages. I couldn’t wait to tell Jennifer all about them, bound, of course, and only if Jennifer removes the ball gag that will be locked in place.

Her letter was in front of me on the table stating when she was to arrive and that she received my special package that I had sent her. I had sent her a package of keys and a note about the limo service I had arranged for her return. The keys, of course were to my freedom. They were special keys that only she would hold. The keys fit specially coded locks that we use in our self-bondage fun when I want Jennifer to find me and take control. I did have a safety key that worked on the locks, of course, that I use for emergencies but the price would be high if I had to use it and of course Jennifer would know immediately now if it’s used.

I’m sure Jennifer knows what’s about to happen when she arrives home. We’ve been playing these games too long for her not to understand the significance of those keys. She doesn’t know, however how permanently I wanted to make the commitment. Thus, the new piercings that I continued to play with.

It was now 5:30 p.m. and time to begin the final steps. Jennifer said that she would call from the airport and let the phone ring twice, hang up, then call back immediately and let it ring twice more. That way I knew that she had landed and was on her way to the ranch. I would wait until I had heard the second phone call to complete the final steps of my bondage. She also said that she’d continue to call and let the phone ring once using her cellular phone as she traveled en route to the ranch. That way I knew she didn’t get into an accident during the trip home. With what I had planned for my self-bondage, being alone all night would not be something to look forward.

As a one last safety mechanism, prelude to any self-bondage adventure, I called a mutual girlfriend of Jennifer and me, Robin, and asked her to call me at Jennifer’s in the morning. I told her that if no one answered, then would she mind stopping by before noon to check the horses for me. I would leave a note on the door telling her where I was and when I was to return. Robin agreed and I hung up the phone. I pulled the note from my purse that I had written last night. The note would really tell Robin that I was in the bedroom and needed help with my restraints and that I would be her slave for the rest of the weekend if she let me out of my self-imposed bondage. Since she was also a close friend and sometimes bondage partner of Jennifer, she knew where the spare key to the front door was kept. Jennifer knew to take the note down when she arrived. Hopefully she’ll do just what the note had asked Robin to do.

I was now all set. If all things go wrong, I would only be tied up for about fifteen hours at the most but the thought of how I was going to be tied sent a chill down my spine. Fifteen hours would seem like forever. Luckily I had slept late the morning in anticipation for a long evening.

I finished my glass and got up to put away the bottle of wine and noticed that there was some fresh leftover food in the refrigerator. Jennifer had mentioned that she had a new housesitter and not to worry about the place for this weekend. I knew that she did have some workers who took care of her horses and the grounds a few days each week. They were, however, off for the next several days since I had volunteered to take care of the things for her. I shrugged, picked up my gloves and started toward the bedroom, not thinking any more about the food. I’m sure I’d remember to ask Jennifer about the food later that night, assuming I was ungagged long enough to ask anything.

I had been planning this weekend’s bondage adventure for the last several weeks and the time to finish the final act was quickly approaching. With each step I took toward the bedroom, slow and calculated, due to the stiffness of the boots and the height of the heels, the memories of the past four months were all coming back to me. The feeling of fullness in my mouth from all the different gags, the tightness of the ropes, cuffs and straps, the erotic sting from the piercer’s needle and of course, the waiting and longing for release both from the bondage and the always mounting sexual tension.

It was as if it was yesterday when I was driving to Jennifer’s ranch to pick her up and take her to the airport, it is all still clear in my mind. . . . . . .

Chapter 34

I had volunteered to drive Jennifer to the airport for her flight to Europe. Being a fashion consultant and photographer for a very large firm afforded Jennifer the opportunity to travel all over the world. This was the firm’s biggest project to date and they wanted Jennifer to personally head the team overseas. Unfortunately for me, she’d have to be gone for quite awhile to complete the job.

The drive to Jennifer’s was uneventful, yet full of both anticipation and sadness. Jennifer and I had been friends for several years now and we continued to share with each other, our deep love of bondage. This was going to be first time that we would not be together for such a long duration. Most of our weekends together were spent playing a variety of bondage games, with me being on the receiving end most of the time. At times though, Jennifer would get her turn in the ropes and gags. I would always take full advantage of the situation to totally tease and dominate my bound and helpless friend. Though I thoroughly enjoy being on the receiving end, especially with Jennifer as the giver, it’s always good to watch another person drool behind a big red ball gag and Jennifer could sure drool. I guess it was those slight domination tendencies I get once in awhile.

Our games varied but always centered on that feeling of tight restraint and sheer helplessness. Erotic sexual denial was at the top of the list of things to do to each other while bound and gagged. Jennifer took great pride in her ability to tease me for hours without relief. Her best effort to date was 24 hours of bondage and teasing of my bound naked body without any sexual relief. It left me dripping wet, short of breath many times, and my thighs very slippery. Jennifer just smiled at me over breakfast the next morning as I sat there bound to our favorite wooden chair being fed by my beautifully nude mistress. When breakfast was done, she untied me, kissed me goodbye, handed me my panties, a sweater and my high heels and kicked me out of the house. She was sending me home without allowing me any sexual relief. I had to call her when I arrived and let her listen to me as I played with myself to an earth shattering orgasm. Jennifer just blew a kiss into the phone and hung up, what a day that was.

Naturally I got my revenge in the coming weeks. Ask Jennifer sometime what is it like to be hung upside down, spread wide open, and licked from end to end. Jennifer really likes her toes licked and sucked and I naturally concentrated on the areas that drove Jennifer wild. Many times in the past while I was bound but not gagged, Jennifer would sit back in her easy chair with her feet up on the ottoman and I would have to lick and suck all of her toes. It usually started with me licking and kissing her high heels or boots but eventually those would come off and it would be flesh on stockings, followed shortly by flesh on lips so to speak. Jennifer would just sit back, enjoy a nice long cigarette or two while I took care of her feet. Now with Jennifer the victim, I would use her love of foot worshipping to my advantage, to tease her to near orgasm. Adding to the fact that Jennifer was bound upside down, and especially with a blindfold and tape gag (with my wet panties as a gag filler of course), the restraints just added to the feeling of helplessness and of course, the pleasure. Naturally, Jennifer’s pay backs were hell or heaven depending on how you looked at them, but I loved them.

For the drive, I had worn a long black wrap skirt, a white knit button down, long sleeve top, thigh-high black stockings and black knee high shiny boots with two inch heels. Short thin black leather dress gloves topped off the outfit. Of course, no bra or panties were worn. Jennifer had taught me the feeling of being free and suggested I not wear them once in awhile to enhance that feeling. Since I was feeling very sexy today, just thinking about the up coming game, I decided again to indulge myself. I’m sure Jennifer would notice right away.

My nipples were punching holes in the blouse as the cool air rushed past them, not to mention the fact I kept inserting my gloved fingers into my blouse and slowly caressing and pinching them. Now I usually don’t drive down the road playing with myself but sitting next to me on the seat was a small bag of restraints; a ball gag, handcuffs and a set of butterfly style nipple clamps connected by a small metal chain. Jennifer’s instructions were clear about what I was to do with them when I arrived at the ranch. Just the thought of one last game before her departure was enough to cause me to slip my hand under my skirt and play with my already wet and naked pussy. The mixture of odors, my wet sex combined with the smell of wet leather from my gloves, was overpowering. It was hard to concentrate on the road. I knew that I had to stop though as I didn’t want to have a crash or destroy all the sexual anticipation that was building up inside me.

Chapter 35

I arrived at Jennifer’s ranch a few hours before we had to depart for the airport. The extra time allowed us a chance to chat while she finished packing and hopefully finish this one last bondage game Jennifer elected to play. I let her pick the game since I loved surprises and it was her last for a few months, or so I thought. With what was planned so far, I could hardly wait for the next step.

Her ranch was on 25 acres of wooded land that she used to keep and train her horses. Jennifer was very much into the equestrienne scene and she looked stunning in her tight ridding breeches and tall black ridding boots. She was picture of sheer female domination, especially when she held her short black ridding crop in her gloved fingers. Her ranch is secluded from most of the access roads and thus it made for the perfect location for many of our outdoor bondage scenes, which we played often. I have been bound and gagged swinging nude from the rafters in her barn to tied to a tree out by the lake. Once while we were both out riding, we decided to play a quick game of captured equestrienne. Jennifer and I flipped a coin and I lost. She told me to take off my blouse and bra and go topless. I quickly obeyed. Jennifer was still dressed in her tight grey ridding breeches, boots, white blouse and her short black gloves. I was still left in breeches, boots and gloves. She tied my wrists behind me with a long piece of leather cord she had brought with her (imagine that, huh?), then gagged me with her red bandanna. Jennifer then helped me back on to my horse and then led her horse and me throughout the grounds. Several times during the ride, she would approach the outer limits of her land and we would see cars driving by close enough that if they looked hard, they would have seen a topless young woman mounted a top a horse, gagged with a red cloth. Needless to say, those were some great days.

Oh yes, Jennifer did get her chance in the ropes while outdoors many times. I especially enjoyed the time when I had tied her nude, except for her boots, to a large tree located on the back of her land. I blindfolded her and put her panties in her mouth as a gag that was kept in place with a black leather strap. I even added a tight crotch rope that I tied to the tree such that any movement would be felt on her naked pussy. I slowly walked the horses away from the spot leaving her to stew by herself. I then quietly crept back to watch her struggle. It was a beautiful sight of sheer helplessness and distress. I quietly slipped up in front of her and quickly grabbed both of her nipples and held them in my gloved fingers. She was taken by surprise but stopped struggling instantly. Again, it was a nice day for both of us. Anyway back to this story.

Jennifer had quite a spread here and she did have a few hired hands to take care of the place for her when she was not around. Today they were off. Jennifer was always thinking ahead.

I parked my black BMW next to the house, left the keys in the ignition, and picked up the small bag of restraints. I pulled out the handcuffs, keys, red ball gag and the nipple clips. I walked up to the porch and placed the keys in an envelope that I had written on the outside “PLEASE.” I then took the red ball gag and inserted it into my mouth and tightly buckled the black straps behind my head under my hair. The ball fit perfectly and was lodged nicely behind my teeth. My anticipation was growing. I always enjoyed the gag, especially the ball gag. I enjoyed that feeling of fullness and especially anytime I did it to myself at the request of another. With the black straps tightly buckled, the ball was not coming out.

As I approached the front door, there was a note attached with a clothespin. The clothespin was also holding up a red bandanna. The note was in Jennifer’s handwriting and it only said “USE THIS ALSO.” I knew what it was for and with what was already planned, the hour or two we had together was already starting off with a bang.

I looked around to ensure my privacy and then unbuttoned my blouse and pulled it off my shoulders, uncovering my bare breasts. My nipples were rock hard. Of course, I took the time to tweak them again with my gloved fingers. I quickly attached the set of nipple clamps to each nipple, rolling my eyes as the clamps took hold. I then walked over to the front door and pushed the envelope with the keys to the cuffs through the mail slot and listened as it hit the floor. Next to the front door, about chest high was a metal snap hook that Jennifer had screwed in the frame earlier this morning in preparation for my arrival.

I quickly blindfolded myself with the bandanna and then hooked the small chain attached to the nipple clamps to the snap hook. I was now bound to the house by my nipples. I quickly rang the doorbell, then proceeded to lock my gloved hands behind be with the handcuffs. A shiver went up and down my spine. I always loved this part when it comes to the self-bondage. Besides the self-gagging, feeling the cuffs close on my wrists, knowing that with each click, my freedom was being denied, was very exciting. In this case unlike my other self-bondage adventures, I didn’t have a safety key. It was now on the floor of Jennifer’s living room behind a locked door. I was now at the mercy of who ever came along. Ah, what a thought.

No telling how long Jennifer would take to come to the door. Knowing her, she was probably watching me from her front bay window that extended on to the porch, smoking silently, laughing behind a sensual cloud of smoke, at my now helpless and vulnerable position.

After a few minutes, I was beginning to wonder if Jennifer was home at all. I hadn’t called before I left my house, but I did tell her when I would be at the ranch. Thinking back now, I didn’t see her car in the driveway when I pulled up. My mind started to race. Bondage does that to you now and then. I couldn’t back out of the bondage now and I couldn’t reach around to remove the nipple clamps. The length of the chain was short enough to prevent me from moving or bending much at all. As I stood there and thought about it, my only options were to try to pull the clamps off, or wait and hope Jennifer or someone else would come by. I pulled back slightly. The clamps held, they weren’t coming off. I would have to wait. I tried yelling into the ball gag but only garbled words came out causing me to drool down on to my chest. There was also no way I could remove the blindfold. At that moment, an alarm went off on the porch. It was Jennifer’s security alarm. Somehow it had been activated.

Chapter 36

The alarm scared the hell out of me. Jennifer must have set it before she was to leave and now that I was on the porch, my movements around the front door must have set it off, or so I thought. I didn’t know what to do. Pulling on the chain only caused more tension to my nipples and the design of the clamps only caused them to tighten as I pulled. I was now worried that since the alarm was going off, the police were now on their way. My mind continued to race. What was interesting though, was as I was standing there bound by my nipples, the thought of being discovered by others combined with the bondage was making me very excited. I could feel that my inner thighs were getting wetter by the moment. My gloved hands roamed over my ass since that was as far as I could reach. I continued to pull gently on the nipple chain, thus helping the self-excitement along. An orgasm was slowly building. Then, just as quick as the alarm sounded, it stopped snapping me back to reality. I smiled behind the ball gag. I knew Jennifer was up to her old tricks.

I heard the front door open and smelled Jennifer’s brand of perfume mixed with cigarette smoke. Jennifer quickly kissed me on the ear, taking the time to cup my right breast. I moaned into my gag. I was dying with excitement. The caressing stopped and again, I moaned. Jennifer must have stepped back to admire my handy work. The sound of her high heels on the wooden porch was unmistakable. I felt her reach for my cuffs thinking she was going to unlock them, but no, she tightened them one extra notch on each wrist. Freedom was something that would have to wait. I was also starting to drool down on my bare chest. The ball gag was good for that, especially since I had buckled it on extra tight this time.

I then heard what sounded like the jingling of a roller buckle on a leather strap. It wasn’t long until I found out that I was right. Jennifer lifted my skirt to above my knees and buckled the strap tightly around my legs just above where my boots stopped. My legs were effectively useless but my ankles were still free allowing me to keep my balance.

Jennifer then unhooked the nipple chain and pulled me toward her. I didn’t have any choice. She kissed me on the nose, then on the ball gag. Gag kissing was something that Jennifer and I both enjoyed. With her holding the chain, I wasn’t going to stop her, not that I wanted to anyway. She then pulled me along into the house. Being blindfolded and hobbled at the knees was making each step a challenge but being led by the nipples ensured complete compliance. Once inside, she left me standing in the front room and stood back to look at me once again. I felt her raise my skirt to check for any panties as she must have noticed that I wasn’t wearing a bra. She laughed and slapped my naked ass. I moaned into my gag.

Jennifer moved around behind me and lightly kissed my neck. She seemed pleased with what I was wearing, or what I wasn’t wearing to be more exact. I pressed back against her and she reached around and pulled sharply on the nipple chain quickly getting my attention. This quick pull to the nipples stood me straight up. Jennifer laughed. She then moved around in front of me and removed the blindfold but left the ball gag, nipple clamps, handcuffs, and knee strap in place for the time being. The game continued at Jennifer’s pace.

Chapter 37

Jennifer was dressed in her black thigh-high stockings, black g-string panties, black push-up bra and topped off with a set of black five inch shiny black patent opera pumps. She was stunning to say the least. The contrast of her white skin, black lingerie, and her long black hair was sharp. A thin sliver ankle chain adorned her left ankle.

Jennifer laughed again and stepped forward and unbuckled and loosened the ball gag, gently wiping away the drool. She then kissed me deeply, followed by a warm and sensitive embrace, what a way to start the afternoon. I knew that I was really going to miss her now. She carefully removed the nipple clamps, setting them aside for later use. I sucked in my breath as she loosened the clamps. Jennifer gently rubbed each nipple with her long soft fingers. I stood there with my eyes closed. They rolled in response. Nothing else was removed. Obviously, I was to remain handcuffed and hobbled for a while longer.

We walked arm in arm slowly, due to my hobble strap, into her bedroom where Jennifer needed to finish dressing. I sat on the wooden chair that she had placed in the middle of the room and watched as Jennifer pulled on a sleek below-the-knee black leather hobble skirt, very expensive no doubt. When the skirt was on, she picked up a long piece of rope and walked behind me to begin my bondage ordeal. I watched anxiously over my shoulder as Jennifer looped the rope several times around my arms above my elbows, then reaching beneath my arms, she grabbed my left arm and pulled it toward the right, tightening the ropes as she went along. When my elbows were now touching, she then cinched the loops several times tightening the cords with each cinch. She then wound the last several feet back under my arms, around and up the front of my shoulders and knotted the two ends behind my neck. The excess was then looped down to the elbow tie thus preventing any possibility of the elbow ropes slipping down. My wrists remained handcuffed. Being flexible was a virtue and making my elbows touch always enhanced the feeling of helplessness. This position also had the added effect of causing my breasts to stand out. Even with my wrists uncuffed, with my elbows tied touching behind me, escape would have been impossible.

With the elbows done, Jennifer returned to her dressing and pulled on a beautiful white long sleeve silk blouse. She was beautiful and the outfit went perfectly with her long black hair. The combination of the leather skirt and silk top was a mixture made in heaven. There was just a hint of the black bra underneath the blouse and the material was thin enough to show the outline of her hardened nipples even through the bra. Obviously she was as excited as I was.

After the blouse was on, Jennifer took another long rope and tied my arms to my body, crisscrossing it above and below my naked breasts several times, forming a nice tight breast bondage. The ropes made my breasts stand out, as did having my elbows tied together behind me. We chatted throughout this episode as though what we were doing was normal. It was to us. We discussed her agenda, and what she was hoping to accomplish on the trip. The bondage she was adding now, she told me, was kind of a going-away present from her to me, which suited me just fine. When Jennifer cinched the last knot, she gently reached up and took both harden nipples between each of her thumb and index fingers and gently rub my nipples between. With the compression of the ropes, my nipples were already hard and very sensitive and still slightly sore from the nipple clamps. I closed my eyes, licking my lips. Jennifer stopped and smiled. Not yet she told me. What a game!

With me arms tightly bound to my chest, Jennifer sat at her vanity and began to apply her makeup. She lit up a long white cigarette sensually blowing a thin stream toward the ceiling. We continued to chat about the week’s work, and odds and ends, always coming back to bondage is some form or anther. When her makeup was perfect, and it always was, she put out her cigarette in the nearby ashtray and she got up to finish her packing.

As she packed, I noticed that she had placed two sets of handcuffs and her ball gag in one of her suitcases. I smiled. She saw the look and said that she wanted to stay in practice while in Europe. I thought to myself that maybe she would find a pretty French woman or two to tie up and have her way with them or better yet, maybe she would use them on herself. Jennifer was starting to like the self-bondage aspect of our bondage play, but only for the simple restraints right now. She seem to like the idea of doing to herself, the same as I did. I could see Jennifer now, in her hotel room in Paris, bound and gagged on the bed, nude, wondering where she put the key. She can be quite the scatter brain at times. Again, I smiled and almost laughed out loud. It would not be the first time she did something not so smart dealing with our bondage fun, especially with self-bondage.

Once when she had me tied to a chair and ball gagged, she jokingly decided to tie herself up with my watching. She proceeded to gag herself, add a blindfold, then quickly handcuffed her wrists behind her. Though she did it as a joke, she forgot to put the key in a place where she could easily get to it. It was funny watching her walking carefully around the room trying to find her purse. I tried, gagged as I was, to direct her toward her the dresser where her purse was laying. After a few attempts and a bruised shin from her kicking the chair, she finally got the keys. The problem was that now, she had applied the handcuffs in the wrong direction and the key hole was not accessible, she was stuck and I guess, so was I. She did manage to get over to me, with my help and kneel down behind the chair to such a position that she could untie my wrists. It took me awhile to get the rest of my ropes undone but finally I was free standing over my helpless friend. I quickly strapped her ankles together, then attached a long strap to her handcuffs and the straps wrapped around her ankles. I then pulled them close together to form a nice hogtie. I left her in that position while I picked up my restraints. She just lay on the floor drooling in defeat. Needless to say, she didn’t make that mistake again.

Anyway, with that last self-bondage episode in mind, I had this picture in my mind of a frantic phone call from overseas listening to a desperate woman moan into her gag trying to tell how she screwed up again. I was going to miss her.

Chapter 38

With the last of her four suit cases packed, Jennifer approached me and said it was my turn to “get packed.” She held up my black leather chastity belt with the two of my favorite plugs attached. She had borrowed the belt last week. I thought she was going to use it for herself, and apparently she did. She joked that the belt made for some interesting times last week at work. She was now returning it because she thought I might need it while she was gone. She was right of course as I use it all the time for my self-bondage fun.

She unbuckled the waist strap holding it open for me. I protested meekly, but Jennifer just smiled knowing me too well. I carefully stood up and she slowly raised my skirt. Jennifer did the honors and tightly buckled the waist strap snugly around my waist then carefully lubricated the two plugs. She had me bend over as she slowly caressed my butt with her long fingernails and lightly fingered my pussy. She was such a tease. This caressing combined with the tight bondage was starting to drive me wild. I didn’t need an lubricate because I was already wet. Jennifer sensed this and quickly inserted the two plugs, drawing the crotch strap tightly through my legs and locking it to the waist belt in front. The lock Jennifer used had that special blue dot on it. As part of our games, Jennifer maintains the keys to these specially coded locks. I also had a key but it was currently at work in my desk drawer. This one key was my safety in case Jennifer couldn’t get to me. As she locked the belt on, she pulled it extra tight and my face blushed with both excitement and humiliation. Jennifer just smiled and leaned down to kiss me as she snapped the lock shut. I really loved these moments together.

With my “packing” done, we sat and chatted for several minutes until it was time to leave for the airport. Jennifer sat back in her chair, crossed her long silken legs, and lit up another long white cigarette. She drew deeply, blowing the smoke toward the ceiling. The cigarette was in sharp contrast to the red nail polish. She looked sexy as hell and even more dominant while smoking. I could tell that she enjoyed just sitting there quietly watching me stew in my bondage. She quietly sipped another glass of wine.

Sitting for me was not easy with a rear end full of soft rubber. I was constantly shifting my butt around trying to find that more comfortable spot, there was none. Jennifer just sat and smiled at me though a smoky haze. She got up and retrieved two additional pieces of rope and went about tying my booted ankles tightly together followed shortly by my knees. Jennifer carefully cinched each rope tightly. She then finally removed the leather strap that I still wore from when she first strapped my knees together on the porch. She then slowly walked around me eyeing her handy work and lightly caressing my bare shoulders. When she was behind me, she reached around with her hands and gently cupped both bound breasts, pinching my aching nipples. I moaned and leaned my head next to hers.

She continued to roll each nipple between her fingers, gradually increasing the pressure. My excitement was building. Jennifer suddenly stopped and stood up. She grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. I stared up into those wonderfully blue eyes. She quickly kissed me driving her warm wet tongue deep into my hungry mouth. Then she pulled back and replaced her tongue with the red ball gag, buckling it tightly behind my neck. She walked around in front of me and kneeled at my bound knees. She reached up and quickly kissed me on the gag, then slipped her wet lips down to lightly kiss each nipple. I closed my eyes in excitement. The squeezing and kissing of the nipples were only a warm-up to the nipple clamps that Jennifer quickly applied. So much for the soft caressing. She gently pulled on the chain attached to the nipple clamps forcing me to follow her every move.

Jennifer let go of the chain and stood up. She told me to stay put and that she would put the suitcase in the car. I had no choice. As she started to walk out of the room, she stopped, return to me and quickly hooked the nipple chain to my bound knees, thus preventing me from standing. Having to keep my body bent forward to prevent pulling on my clamped nipples, caused me to put more weight on the butt plug that Jennifer had so carefully and teasingly inserted. I lowered my head in defeat. I watched as I started to drool on my knees.

I watched as Jennifer made two more trips back into the bedroom to retrieve her bags. Each time she walked in, she stopped to pat me in the head, tickle my nose, or tweak on the nipple chain. When she returned the third time, she was carrying the red bandanna that I had blindfolded myself with earlier on the porch. She quickly blindfolded me, tying the bandanna tightly over my eyes. She carefully checked for any sign of light leaking in, of course there was none. I continued to sit there and drool and stew in my much excited state.

I once again, was alone with my bondage. I listened carefully as Jennifer walked around the room ensuring that all items for her trip were in the car, my car to be exact.

I next heard Jennifer moving another chair over to where I was sitting. I heard her step up on the chair and heard what sounded like rope being pulled through a hook. It wasn’t long until I found out the purpose of this additional rope.

Jennifer knelt at my booted and bound feet and quickly tied another rope around my ankles and under the heels. I then felt her wrap a long leather strap under my bound knees and around and behind my upper torso. She pulled this strap tight forcing my breasts close to my knees. Jennifer then carefully untied the nipple chain from my knee ropes thus releasing the tension on my nipples. Now what?

I felt my feet being pulled out from under me and gently pulled toward to the ceiling. This action put all my weight on the butt plug and forced the plug deeper into its warm hiding place, I moaned. Jennifer then tied the end of the rope off leaving me sitting on the chair with my legs over my head and my upper body connected to my knees. Needless to say, I wasn’t going anywhere.

Jennifer slowly caressed the back of my thighs that were now fully exposed and gently pushed on the two plug inserted in my pussy and butt. I bit hard on my ball gag as the excitement started to build. Suddenly she stopped again leaving me sexually frustrated.

I heard her walk over and pick up my keys and then walk back to me. She whispered in my ear that she was leaving now to head to the airport. I was confused. I thought I was taking her. I struggled but that only served to move me closer to the edge of the chair and I realized that ending up in a suspension would greatly make things worse. Jennifer also whispered that she had called one of her male workers to check on the house after she had left to ensure the security alarm was set up correctly. They were to check the house carefully, including the inside, before setting the alarm. Of course, they would have to check the bedroom and who would they find but little old me all nicely bound and gag with my rear in showing. The only good thing was that the chastity belt was locked on and without the key, it wasn’t coming off. WOW! Some game.

Chapter 39

This game was more than I had expected. In fact, I was starting to get worried. I yelled into my gag but Jennifer only laughed. A last quick feel to my bound breasts and she was gone. I heard her close the front door, and my car start and back out. I heard the sound of the car fade away.

I was stuck. No telling how long it would take until the person Jennifer called would arrive and no telling what they might think when they found a partially nude woman tied in such a reveling and stringent bondage position. This was not part of the game or so I thought. I tried to struggle but once again all it served to do was move me closer to the edge of the chair. Also, all the movement only served to further stimulate and push the butt plug deeper into my sensitive rear end. My excitement was growing as was my fear of the unknown. All of the sudden, my blindfold was removed and there I was staring up into the smiling face of the lady who bound me. “Miss me?” she said. What a relief. She must have stopped the car down the drive and quickly walked back to watch me struggle. Another part of the game! Jennifer has told me countless of times that she has just sat back and watched me struggle in my bondage, many times while she played with herself. She enjoys being the voyeur, especially with me as the victim. Many times though, I am blindfolded and don’t realize that she is watching me. It is very exciting.

Jennifer quickly released my feet from the overhead then unbuckled the strap holding my knees bound to my upper torso. Then she untied my ankles and knees. This was followed next by her untying my arms and elbows and removing the upper torso rope bondage. She retrieved the key and unlocked my handcuffs. I quickly removed the nipple clamps, gritting my teeth as the blood rushed back into the nipples bringing the nerves back to life. The ball gag was next. Jennifer just smiled and we embraced in a lingering kiss and warm hug. I pulled my blouse on and we then departed for the airport. Yes, I was still wearing the chastity belt and plugs and evidently I was to continue to wear them until I could get to work that afternoon after Jennifer’s plane departed.

As we drove to the airport, Jennifer told me that she had thought about hogtying me in the trunk of the car for the short trip. She decided against it due to number of people who would be at the airport. Lucky for me, huh?

The rest of the ride was uneventful and we chatted about the last bondage game and her trip. Jennifer just sat back, relaxed and quietly smoked her cigarette. The whiteness of her cigarette was in sharp contrast to her thin black leather dress gloves she wore to complete her outfit of black leather and white silk. About half way to the airport, Jennifer reached over and took my hand. She told me she was going to miss being with me. I nodded, I was also. We held hands the rest of the way to airport. The gloves were cool to the touch.

Chapter 40

We arrived shortly at the airport parking lot. I dropped Jennifer off with her bags, at the front entrance, and went to park my car. Before she got out of the car, she told me bring my leather jacket with me into the airport. I shrugged and nodded that I understood, maybe she was chilled due to the drive.

After I parked the car, I walked to the front of the airport where Jennifer was standing waiting for me. She was quietly smoking her last cigarette before the flight. She greeted me with a smile and we walked into the airport and down to the gate.

Since it was an international flight, I couldn’t go with Jennifer through the security gate. We moved over to near the large picture windows to finish saying our good-byes. While we were talking, Jennifer passed me an envelope and told me that she hadn’t forgot my birthday that was quickly approaching. I opened the envelope and discovered a name of one of her photographer friends that wasn’t making the trip. Jennifer told me that as one of my birthday presents. She had arranged for me to have a private photo shoot where I was going to play the bondage model. This photographer was a close personal friend of Jennifer’s and she was aware of the likes and dislikes of both her and I. I blushed, but I was also filled with excitement. I have always thought it would be fun to try to be a bondage model. After looking at all the bondage magazine and videos over the years, I always wondered what it would be like. Jennifer and I discussed many times our different fantasies and one of mine happened to be posing as a bondage model in front of a camera with a stranger doing the tying and photographing. Jennifer told me her friend would call me next week to arrange a time. Jennifer had made all the arrangements for the location.

Jennifer’s first boarding call was being announced and we quickly hugged and said goodbye. Jennifer whispered in my ear to shut my eyes and hold my wrists up. I did so and was startled to feel her lock a set of handcuffs on each wrist. I opened my eyes with surprise. They had a blue dot on them meaning that I didn’t carry the key with me. Normally, Jennifer had them and the other was at work with the key to my locked chastity belt. Jennifer took my leather coat and draped it over my cuffed hands. Now I knew the reason for bringing my coat in to the airport. Jennifer just smiled and leaned forward and kissed me softly on the lips. She’d call from Paris when she arrived later in the day.

I stood stunned with my cuffed hands in front of me covered by my leather jacket. I watched as Jennifer walked through the metal detectors and headed to her gate. She turned and waved bye and blew me a kiss. It was going to be a long four months. A tear wailed up in my eye, I raised my fingers to brush the tear away and was quickly reminded about the cuffs. I smiled and slowly shook my head. That Jennifer. I watched as Jennifer walked down the ramp. Her long black leather skirt forced her to take small steps and her very high heels only made matter worse. All this didn’t faze her one bit. Everyone behind her just enjoyed the view as I was doing. Quickly, she was out of sight on the plane.

Chapter 41

I turned and made my way out of the airport and got to my car. I had to figure out a way to pay the parking toll without raising suspicion about my cuffed wrists. Luckily there was a toll booth set up to take exact change without getting a receipt and I was able to get through without raising any eyebrows.

I headed directly to my office to retrieve my set of keys so I could unlock my handcuffs and then also the chastity belt and remove the plugs. Luckily the office was empty and my keys were still where I left them in my desk. I quickly unlocked the cuffs and then unlocked the crotch strap. I slowly removed the two plugs, which were still very wet from all the excitement and teasing. It did however feel good to get the butt plug removed. The waist belt was then unbuckled and removed. I placed everything in a plastic bag that I had brought with me so I could take the belt and plugs home and clean them. No telling when they would be needed again.

I sat in my large leather chair and took a deep breath. The leather was very cool to my naked ass. Jennifer was now gone and I was alone for the next four months or so, only to share my bondage with myself. I quickly remembered the envelope that Jennifer had given me at the airport. I pulled it from my purse and read through it again. The thoughts of being bound and gagged by another women, other than Jennifer, and then photographed were racing through my mind. What was this photographer like? How did learn of our games? What would her bondage techniques be like? Where did she learn her techniques from? These questions would be on my mind for the next week. I only hoped I could wait until her call came. With all the thoughts of the modeling adventure and the stimulation from the earlier bondage fun, I caught myself slowly playing with my nipples again. This time I didn’t stop it. A slow orgasm was starting to build. I sat back in my chair, spread my legs and quickly started to rub my wet pussy. More bondage games were going through my head, I rubbed harder. I exploded into a massive orgasm, my head went back hard against the seat, I was seeing stars. I thought I was in heaven. Two more smaller orgasm followed as I continued to play with myself thinking of the upcoming week.

After several minutes, I caught my breath, straightened my clothes out, picked up my restraints, and my coat. I had to go back and wipe the wet spot off the chair. I smiled and headed home. My knees were still weak from that last sexual adventure. That night I slept with my wrists strapped in front of me for the whole night. I even locked my big toes together. A soft latex blindfold completed the outfit. It was hard to sleep thinking about all the possibilities that could come out of the bondage model adventure.

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