Nana to Kaoru. Chapter 14. Having fun and men vs women again

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In short: who does and enjoys what? The manga shows us the ideal situation: the girl gets tied up and enjoys “the breathers”, attention and (to some extent) sexual pleasure. The boy enjoys the process of tying the girl up, the possibility to touch the girl and play with her a bit, the “general view”, the face expression and capturing the moments with a photo camera.

However, the real life (see Paraphilias, sexual fetishes, normality, deviations and men vs women) skews this ideal picture. Women like attention, not many women like bondage as it is without attracting someone else to their bound bodies. Men like fetish stuff and bondage and, like one popular bondage magazine used to say: “Men like to be tied up too”.

But did you see women who really enjoy tying men up?

8 thoughts on “Nana to Kaoru. Chapter 14. Having fun and men vs women again”

  1. Of course there are some women who like to tie up boys. Before I married I met five girls who tied me up with pleasure. And they liked to be more the dominant part. So it was difficult for me to persuade them into the submissive role.

  2. So which came first, the fetish magazines and fetish porn, or the fetish communities? And which would have more influence on the other? If you want more female riggers and healthier femdom dynamics, do you try changing the community, or start producing healthier femdom porn?

    That having been said, I’ve only met one girl rigger, and she was more homoflexible than anything else. I don’t remember seeing her ever tie up any boys. So yeah, boys generally have to be bi to get much rope lov’n.

    And yes, I am using “boy” and “girl” regardless of age.

  3. Speaking of homo-, hetero-, bi-: if you are blindfolded, does it really matter who ties you up? I would choose experience over gender.

  4. I could tell the difference, and yes it matters. American men are conditioned to homophobia because of some persistent memes lingering in our schoolchildren. Not the teachers and staff, mind you, but stuff passed down by the students themselves.

  5. 603 ” wrote:

    because of some persistent memes lingering in our schoolchildren.

    It’s not a pure “American” feature. Children make same homojokes even in such a homofriendly country as NL. Even in very Dutch schools.

  6. You’re mistaken about the nature of it. Your kids are making jokes. Ours are deadly serious about it.

  7. Dunno about Cali. I’m in Texas. A look at how the state went during the election- even though most of the population seems to have actually voted the other way- should tell you everything that you need to know.

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