Latex, creativity, Made by RuBear or The Perfect Body Part IV

See Part I, Part II and Part III.

The very creative and talented team called RuBeaR invented something what might improve “the artificial bodies”.

First of all – the seamless moulded latex corset (the product page). I would say it looks like it’s taken directly from the 3D world. Steel springs inside, 1-2mm latex outside, laces behind.

Currently it exists only in one size – it compresses 60-75 cm (24-30″) waist down to 54 cm (21″). Easily the most common women’s waist size (mine is 78 cm 😉

And the next one is a Living Doll suit (product page). Any configuration is possible: with or without stockings, with or without gloves, with or without hood, different eyes and mouth, etc. But the most important that the corset can be built in the suit!

Imagine a combination with a PhotoGenic Mask!

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