Latex catsuit with built-in single-glove on eBay

What: latex catsuit with a built-in single-glove. It looks like a latex version of this lycra one – see Monoglove or Single-glove Suit. See photos below.

Where: the item (direct link)

Why: It can be a real fun in bondage, but I wonder if this suit can be used for self-bondage as well. See Strappado’s posts and tutorials.

Speaking of the comfort I’m more leaning towards thin (0.8 and thinner) latex bolero style single-glove (including this catsuit). Unlike “usual” leather, such gloves should put less pressure on veins and nerve endings. What means long time wearing and generally – more fun.

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19 thoughts on “Latex catsuit with built-in single-glove on eBay”

  1. Decisions…. decisions… My wife is asking if I want it…

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh …. 1 min left….

  2. I have a similar “catsuit” made from lycra. Big problem is, that the opening for the arm-bag is too low and therefore you can get your arms out and reach for the zipper (in front on my suit).

    This rubber suit seems to be better, but it is hard to tell from the images. Anyway, it is a prototype, they will come up with the finished product eventually, I hope. Should be as suitable for SB as the bolero single glove, even better because the zipper looks quite strong.

    OK, I checked the website of mad duck, they don’t have a shop…

  3. Strappado ” wrote:

    OK, I checked the website of mad duck,

    Yeah, me too. But check their flickr page with prices… They are crazy… What a bout a catsuit for €990:

    Catsuit Flame deluxe: An awesome catsuit with flames all over the body.  Colour 1: translucent blue, Colour 2: metallic blue, Trim colour 1: metallic old gold, as shown: € 990,00; Photography by Christian Stumpf, Model: Iluva-Is

    Yes, it’s nice, but €990 is WAY too much.

    Or this one:

    Catsuit Stripes: Very exclusiv catsuit with stripes allover.  Colour 1: metallic black, Trim colour 1: metallic blue, as shown: € 839,50; Photography by Werner Hrabak, Model: Cysil

    for €840.

    So, when the single-glove suit is ready, I do not think it will be close to affordable…

  4. Im a fan of the leather armbinderdress. Have one in the closet, have not closed it all the way i think i get stuck ifølge i do.

  5. Vest ” wrote:

    I think, the main danger of these garments lies in the collar. Suppose, you have a string attached to the slider of the zipper. You hook it onto a door handle and move away, to pull the zipper down. It will go down, but so will the top of the collar, it folds. You need to support the collar in order to succeed. Methods could be tested with a similar garment that does not restrain your arms. I succeeded to operate a front zipper by leaning against the back of a chair, but it required a long string that I can grab with a foot, and some dexterity, to pull the string with my foot.

    And of course there are other typical dangers from zippers. The slider can get caught in some material near the zipper line, the handle can break or a “dent” of the zipper line could move out a bit and block operation.

    I have a few garments with similar risks that I feel confident with by now. So I would also try this suit if I had one. But I would make sure to have something at hand to cut myself free.

  6. A bit thread necro, but there’s an eBay company called the Federation who have a bodysuit with built-in armbinder. Not a full catsuit, not latex or lycra, but worth a look.

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