Monoglove or Single-glove Suit

Single-glove lycra bondage suitI’ve been thinking about this suit since many years ago, but still have not decided if I indeed am ready to spend money (quite a lot, by the way) on it. The idea is to use it alone for self-bondage. Not sure if it’s possible, though.

On the other hand, putting the suit on should not be much more difficult then the pantyhose single-glove method. The belts can be used if bound by a partner.

This is a description:

“The monoglove suit is also suitable for those who are not enough trained to wear a usual monoglove. We deliver it also in a more restrictive form with an additional second belt in the elbow area. The arms can be fixed also in the crotch with a buckle. A leather collar closes the entry. No hoods can be attached.

Colors: red & black, also with appliqué colors. The shown is red/black. The leather parts are available only in black.

The pics shows Lycra we used in the past. The new fabric is much more shiny.”

10 thoughts on “Monoglove or Single-glove Suit”

  1. Don’t buy this! Csara does not deliver the suits but they do get your money!! Prevent them stealing your money and spread this message!

  2. My partner would love to put me in a suit like this .She knoiws I like tight fit clothing ,and this would be a new step in our relationship ,she says .

    If there’s anybody outthere who knows an other company where they make these monoglove suits ,please send me a link (or more) by email .

  3. Hi Sandra, I don’t think there’s another company. I’ve been looking for such design for years and even despite the exploding growth of the Chinese lycra/zentai market (they are closely watching all the trends), no similar designs have appeared. Still only zoom-bizarre

  4. Czara isn’t a bad company. They take advance payment and it can take a few weeks until you get the stuff, but they do deliver. Well, at least I ordered there three times and had no trouble – though it required some patience and they should really improve on communication.

    I have this suit, it is nice quality and all, but for self-bondage you need to to find a way to bind your hands together (and release eventually) or it won’t be safe because it is quite easy to slip the arms into and out of the bag while the suit is closed.

  5. Strappado wrote:

    or it won’t be safe

    Under “safe” you mean “secure”, right? In other words, the suit is not dangerous, but it will not keep your bound.

    Strappado wrote:

    it is quite easy to slip the arms into and out of the bag while the suit is closed.

    This is what I thought. So, all “pantyhose single-glove” tricks are welcome. Like a small hole at the tip (or dead end of the monoglove) to get a knife inside, etc. Or order the suit with the elbow strap and use it to (or a rope) keep the elbows together.

  6. Yes, “secure” is the right word. No need to have any extra openings if you can handle pantyhose single-gloves without. It is possible to close the suit from inside and then slip your arms into the bag.

    I am actually considering a belt or rope that goes underneath the arms on the back, then to the front, across the shoulders behind the neck. But that would definitely require some sort of release and it still requires an elbow belt, that is a bit shorter than the length of your forearms or it is possible to get the elbows out and then the rest of the arms.

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