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What pantyhose/stockings are you wearing today?
i was wearing these to a hallowean party in the week.
black with bats on them.
lyndhurst oct 17 (2b).jpg thumbnail   
I recently gave up on shaving and veet, too messy and too much stubble so I switched to an epilator and its made my legs perfectly smooth, so tonight i’ll be wearing my Cecilia de Rafael Eterno tights as recommended here ?
Two layers of pantyhose underneath leather-look leggings. It's cold today...

leather_Like_leggings-IMG_20171229_135652.jpg thumbnail   
fl_profile.jpeg thumbnail   

Uploaded this recently to fetlife - also needed picture for my avatar here Smile.

Sheer black pantyhose layered with a dark teal 50 denier tights and black lace fashion tights.  Its getting pretty cold in California as well.
Christian Dior Navy blue control top pantyhose...absolutely wonderful!
cd.png thumbnail   
I love how they stitch the "CD" into the control top! I also like how Christian Dior pantyhose are tapered to fit your legs. I believe pantyhose by Dim have a tapered fit as well.
Quick shot of my first ever mini skirt bought for me by my wife (I'm wearing two layers of shiny pantyhose):

IMG_20171230_194207_mini_skirt_shiny_pantyhose_layers.jpg thumbnail   
I finally found some Danskin ultra shimmery tights that I've wanted ever since I saw Ra's legs encased in them!
Danskin1.jpg thumbnail    100_7314.JPG thumbnail   
These are absolutely amazing tights! All pantyhose should be made like this, so durable and sexy! They're the perfect combination of pantyhose and spandex/Lycra tights.
Danskin Ultra Shimmery and Oroblu fishnets: ;P
Does anybody know "the name" of these Oroblu pantyhose: ?
(22 Jan 2018, 01:39 )Like Ra Wrote: Does anybody know "the name" of these Oroblu pantyhose: ?

They appear to be Oroblu Samantha tights.


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