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Weight loss, exercise and "be fit" hypnosis
If you need a helping hand to look&feel better, or some encouragement - this is the thread!
What a voice....

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And so positive!
Hm... Obviously, I like this one:

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Need additional motivation? Tongue

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Cross-linking here (exercise while sleeping):
Thanks for posting these Ra! Much needed!
Sissy Fitness Trance

A few months ago the rest of family went abroad for a few weeks, and I had the house for myself. I was back to the good old self-bondage single life, just now I was accomplished enough to afford some gear! As I had around 8 weeks for myself, I decided to live out a few fetish and sissy fantasies, I had cooked up in my mind over the recent years. Boy girl, it was a blast!

I could do a few posts about my experiements, if anybody is interested, but one of them was forced weight loss and taste sensory deprivation. Big Grin

My idea was to put myself on a forced diet of meal replacement. The effect would be to get in shape for those corsets, and be deprived of pleasant feelings such as enjoying tasty food!

I sampled a few of the options to find one which is balanced and nutritionally complete, and has as less/neutral taste as possible. The best option I found was Soylent Original. It tastes like nothing, and drinking even one cup makes you feel filled. So I spread several cups throughout the day, which works really well when wearing a corset.

A nice extra is that it is a white, milky substance, resembling well.. the average adult needs 2000 cal per day, I decided to ration it and start with 1200 cal. Other than Soylent I only had water and coffee.

After about 1 week I felt really good and healthy, I did not expect that! After 2 weeks I lost all the extra fat, and started to look really feminin. My belly was flat, and my legs were skinny and developed a nice gap between the tights. Since my face got skinnier too, some of my work pals noticed, so I increased my rations to 1500 cal per day.

It was a complete success - not only did I feel healthier and looked better than in a long time, it was also a very sensual experience to be forced into weight loss and sensory deprivation.

After my family got back, I returned to normal food, and did a lot of gym excersise to build back my body mass as muscles and not fat. (My good intentions did not last long)

But I can tell you, it works better than hypno videos Tongue
(06 Jun 2019, 07:03 )kbzlace Wrote: I could do a few posts about my experiements, if anybody is interested,
Yes, please!

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