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Session 05: a not very successful squassation
Hello everyone,

This time I decided to experiment with the squassation position. My setup was simple: a chain hanging from above where half the lenght of it was trapped in ice, this is by using the ice padlock technique. Then, the key was located upstairs at a distance at reach only when the full lenght of the chain got released frothe ice.

The rest was the usual: gag, ankle restraints, hood, and handcuffs at the end of the chain...

 test0018.jpeg     test0075.jpeg     test0088.jpeg     test0104.jpeg     test0114.jpeg     test0140.jpeg     test0144.jpeg   

Everything was well until I realized I could hang from the chain andget impulse to go upstairs in order to reach the safety key...

 test0168.jpeg     test0169.jpeg     test0170.jpeg   

Then I was able to remove my hood, gag, and reach the safety key to free myself...

 test0174.jpeg     test0207.jpeg     test0241.jpeg     test0495.jpeg   

Then, this was an unsuccessful test. 😡 I'm considering on using the spreading bar I used in my previous session so I cannot jump up the stairs that easily...


what do you think? any other suggestions?
Quote:what do you think?

Nice shoes 😉
And I still like the hair.
(12 May 2012, 21:58 )culmor Wrote:
Quote:what do you think?

Nice shoes 😉

(13 May 2012, 11:15 )B1u3 Wrote: +1
Now we have the "Thank you" button 😉
Ouh, yes, thats right 😊
Dan2010, I added all your sessions to your "corner" here: .

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