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Session 05: a not very successful squassation
Hello everyone,

This time I decided to experiment with the squassation position. My setup was simple: a chain hanging from above where half the lenght of it was trapped in ice, this is by using the ice padlock technique. Then, the key was located upstairs at a distance at reach only when the full lenght of the chain got released frothe ice.

The rest was the usual: gag, ankle restraints, hood, and handcuffs at the end of the chain...

test0018.jpeg    test0075.jpeg    test0088.jpeg    test0104.jpeg    test0114.jpeg    test0140.jpeg    test0144.jpeg   

Everything was well until I realized I could hang from the chain andget impulse to go upstairs in order to reach the safety key...

test0168.jpeg    test0169.jpeg    test0170.jpeg   

Then I was able to remove my hood, gag, and reach the safety key to free myself...

test0174.jpeg    test0207.jpeg    test0241.jpeg    test0495.jpeg   

Then, this was an unsuccessful test. Angry I'm considering on using the spreading bar I used in my previous session so I cannot jump up the stairs that easily...


what do you think? any other suggestions?
Quote:what do you think?

Nice shoes Wink
And I still like the hair.
(12 May 2012, 22:58 )culmor Wrote:
Quote:what do you think?

Nice shoes Wink

(13 May 2012, 12:15 )B1u3 Wrote: +1
Now we have the "Thank you" button Wink
Ouh, yes, thats right Smile
Dan2010, I added all your sessions to your "corner" here: .

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