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Session 04: improved version of previous session
Hello everyone,

Last week's session left me very unsatisfied, so I had to try it again. I did it today and the story was very different...

The setup was the same: chain around my torso with handcuffs at my back (see my previous session for details). This time I made sure the leather straps were well fixed to the spreading bar, so I my feet couldn't get loose again. To make things more interesting, I added a little more clothes and a hood. The release device was again based on ice-melting. Here is a picture of the release setup:


With everything in place, I proceeded to bind myself:

01.jpeg    02.jpeg    03.jpeg    04.jpeg    05.jpeg    06.jpeg    09.jpeg    10.jpeg    11.jpeg   

Even though I tried to, this time I couldn't get loose any of my foot, no matter how much I struggled:

13.jpeg    14.jpeg    15.jpeg    16.jpeg   

At some point, I decided that it would be better to be patient and wait for the key to drop... however, while waiting in seating position, I found out that the chain was loose enough to let me reach the hood and take it off:

17.jpeg    18.jpeg    19.jpeg   

Nevertheless, I still had to wait for the key to drop in order to free myself:

20.jpeg    21.jpeg   

From the time I got bound to the time I reached the key to free myself, 35 minutes of excitement passed by Girl_wacko

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