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Selfbondage and single-gloves
I bet lots of self-bondagers dream about single-gloves. Despite monogloves are considered "don't even try them alone", let's keep all ideas in one place.
Links to blog posts and discussions:

In the last one I suggested to use a rope (instead of straps) with D-rings and forget about the zippers.
Now I got some experience with the "Bolero Armbinder" that I will share here:

1. After examining the zipper, I decided that without any clothes underneath the glove, the zipper can't jam at all. I got my phone ready for a one push emergency call to a friend, removed the straps from the glove, tied a long cord to the zipper slider and tried to put it on. It didn't work, because I could get both arms in but only slide on one shoulder part.

2. I tied a cord to a clothespin and stuck it to one side of the back opening, near the shoulders. Then I slipped into the jacket, slid one arm in and attached the cord to a hook. then slid in the other arm and carefully pulled the second shoulder on successfully. Then I pulled harder to get the pin off. The jacket seemed to be made for me, perfect fit! It felt pretty tight aeady and I had to struggle a bit to get an arm out again.

3. Still one arm inside the jacket, I closed the neck belt which doesn't go off, just to see if it would feel bad, because this would have made the jacket unuseable for solo-play, even without belt but with closed zipper instead. Then I put the other arm in and pulled the shoulder over as before. I walked around a bit, straightened my arms, moved my shoulders, neck and so on. In a lesser words, I made sure the collar was comfortable, even when lieing face down.

4. I considered for a while, then opened the neck belt and put the jacket on again. Next I had to struggle a bit to get the loop of the zipper cord onto the hook. Then I considered my experiences with zippers and didn't turn my back to the hook, instead I pulled the cord over my left shoulder. Then I started pulling. I had to help a bit with my fingers which could barely reach up to the end of the zipper, but once the start was done, it slowly closed up. I leave it up to your imagination how that feels 😊 At the height of my elbows, I stopped for a moment because once they are wrapped, I guess you can't get out without opening the zipper again. A moment that must be enjoyed. Then I pulled on and that was when my happyness ended: The slider opened on one side and got off the zipper, which opened all the way down instantly. Doh!

Tomorrow I will continue this report. I found a way to fix the zipper and had quite some fun! I will also try to make some photos of my helper devices in place etc. If my camera fails again, I will try to paint onto the original pictures from the seller.

PS: If you find any mistakes in language, PM me and I will fix it.
(04 Nov 2009, 08:03 )Strappado Wrote: Tomorrow I will continue this report.

Yes, please!
Bolero Report - part 2

I tried to use the jacket just with the belts. It worked, I can put it on, when I close the last belt after having
one arm in, then squeeze the other one in as well. Once both shoulder parts are on, it seems secure but even
without opening the belts I got free after a little while, even with both shoulders on - removing them is actually
quite difficult.

Later I found out the following thanks to the internet:

- If a zipper doesn't close properly anymore, the slider might have bent open
a bit on the sides. With a small pliers this can be fixed easily.

- A slider can be put back onto the zipper from the lower end, if that has no
clamps or is secured by any other means.

This was enough information to fix the zipper and so the next day, I resumed my experiments.
I actually had to replace the slider eventually with an old one from a jacket that I don't like anymore.

First scenario: No straps, one string to operate zipper, clothespin for the second shoulder. I made the strings
long enough to hold them in my mouth, for easy application to the hook, and big loops on the ends.
I used a hook on the wall and pulled the zipper-string over my shoulder. It stopped going any further when it got higher than my elbows because the zipper opening was too wide there.

Second scenario: Same devices as before but I closed the neck strap losely and tucked the collar underneath
as far as possible. This was a success, the zipper closed completely and without the string I would have been
trapped. But as a side effect, the neck strap was pulled up a bit and I didn't like that.

Third scenario: Like above, but two strings on the zipper. One that went through the neck strap for closing
and another one for opening. I made both strings long enough again to make sure I could grab them with my teeth.
This is crucial for opening of course! This seems to be the best solution, the neck strap didn't move up.

Safety considerations:

- The original slider can be ripped off the zipper easily if it is jammed. As long as the ends of the zipper aren't
sewn together, you can open it there and get out. Better sliders might be a small problem, but you can get your hands
free in any case and grab a tool to remove the slider. On the other hand, a proper slider should not jam at all if
you don't wear anything underneath the jacket (well, lots of hair at the collar might be trouble). This is only my
personal opinion, check this for yourself before using the jacket.

- As mentioned, I checked the collar width carefully. It is very comfortable in all positions that I tried. When
struggling inside the jacket, all pressure goes onto the shoulders, not into the collar. Of course this can be
different for others. Some men I know have considerably wider necks than me (1.80 cm tall, 80kgs, neither athlete
nor fat). As for the neck strap, I adjusted it to a diameter that is slightly wider than the collar, so it is
comfortable too. While wearing the jacket with my physiognomy, there is no danger of choking or suppressing blood
vessels on the neck. But unlike lycra or even cotton, this material does not stretch at all!

- Generally, having something around the neck is not safe. Hard to tell where to draw the line. I think in simple
scenarios the risk can be neglected. The risk will certainly increase with the complexity of a scenario. Using the
d-rings on the collar is simply idiotic. They add a nice appeal to the jacket but it might be safer to remove them
because it doesn't matter if your neck is attached on purpose or by mistake.

- Escape relies completely on the string on the zipper. I have no idea how to tuck it away safely while having fun
with the jacket. It get stuck somewhere, get off or break. I am using a key-ring to attach it to the zipper and the
string is a long high quality shoe lace. Without the ability to use a phone, this is an issue.

- Considering all the timed self-bondage scenarios, it doesn't really matter so much, but there is no panic escape.
Cutting through the material from outside requires a strong sharp knife attached safely somewhere. And that is quite
a security issue too.

A few observations and extra comments:

Zippers can be lubricated with a pencil (graphite).
When opening or closing a zipper, it works best when pulled straight up or down. The part to slide on next should be straight. Therefore I pulled the string over my shoulder and for the last part even over my head. Opening is not so iffy but still, we don't like jammed zippers and so I think it is best to have a safe standing position and bend forward and control the direction of the string while opening the zipper.

Conclusion: Using this jacket in self-bondage is not 100% safe but with appropriate caution and a sober mind it
can be used. The main difference to doing anything else is that you will be alone and calling for help is quite
embarrassing. But still, the neck/collar is the iffiest part of the jacket and I only tested it on my own neck.

Security / timed trapping: No clue yet, how to use a timer but perhaps a method of opening the neck strap after a while is the correct idea - only one string on the zipper that is trapped as long as the strap is on.

Ok, it got late again and I haven't prepared any photos or illustrations. Are they needed at all?

Looking forward to your comments!

PS: After having made all these experiments, do I need to say that I really like this jacket?
I crawled out of my bed to write one warning, having in mind that not all readers in this forum are well experienced in self-bondage and its hazards and I am sure it is too early to try the jacket without own proper thoughts.

I am still not confident about the safety of the jacket. I can't really tell why, but I am not going to remove my fail-safe open zipper end for quite a while. Just like accidents, zippers are not perfectly predictable and unless the seams or the closed zipper are weaker than I think, the jacket is quite a secure bondage garment, especially with, but even without the straps.

By the way, I wonder if a two-way zipper that is locked on the lower end, could be the clue for a time release. When you can open the zipper from the lower end, you can manipulate both sliders with your hands and even if they get stuck, you aren't. My quick release comes with the trouble to tear off the slider because it will be stuck somewhere between neck and hands when the zipper is opened from the wrong end. So simply locking a one-way zipper is too destructive. And there is another benefit of a two-way zipper: It will be possible to remove the string that is attached to the slider after closing which looks better and there is one less potential trouble source.
(05 Nov 2009, 01:49 )Strappado Wrote: Ok, it got late again and I haven't prepared any photos or illustrations. Are they needed at all?
It would be very nice when you can add photos or illustrations to your post.😎
I used the original pictures to make a few illustrations. I hope this helps. Click the image for a larger view.

1. Attach clothespin with string in the area of the red circle
Pull gently to get the right side on properly, pull harder to get the clothespin off
2. This looks okay, now you can zip up. If you can get the zipper lines a bit straighter, even better
3. Pulling up the zipper with a string, make sure the string is aligned to the zipper
i.e. blue line, by pulling over the shoulder, last part over your head even. Apparently, if you want
to have the straps on, you need to lead the string through all the straps and you need another method
for opening it.


I assume that you can find a way to attach a string to a clothespin.
For attaching a string to the zipper, I used a key ring directly on the slider, not on the handle. If you do that, make sure the ring can move freely or it will pull the slider into bad angles which makes operation difficult. If you want to use the neck strap and pull the string through, the ring should not be too large or it will either be stuck before or after the neck strap. It it gets stuck behind the strap, you don't need a second string for opening, because you are trapped anyway.

Not sure if anything else needs illustrations. My camera refuses to work and I am not good at drawing. So I will prepare what is necessary only.

Zipper repair - these images are about fitting a brand new zipper, one side of the zipper is left longer
intentionally. We don't have this luxury on the jacket, both sides are the same length. It makes it a bit
harder but it is still possible.
4. Insert one side of the zipper into the slider
5. Insert the second side of the zipper into the slider, don't push the first one out.
6. Carefully move the slider a bit in order to close the zipper.
Normally, the zipper is either locked with a metal clamp now or is sewed together underneath the slider. Otherwise
it can be opened easily from this side, which is my current fail-safe escape method. A warning: Using the
wrist strap makes it much harder to reach the zipper for manipulation.
Here is a way to get into a standard monoglove that is not too tight and has two straps that go over the shoulders and cross in front. It doesn't matter if it is laced or zipped, it could even be just a closed v-shaped bag with two long straps. Warning: Read everything before you start. Release can be very tricky.

you need
- a monoglove as described above
- a small rubber ring
- a string
- a hook on the wall or another method to fix a string and d-ring of the bag
- a method to get free

This only works if the parts of the pins of the buckles on straps can be moved easily up and down, possibly not to the sides. The idea is to make a self-locking buckle and tighten the strap using a string. I assume that the buckles are on the back part of the straps, so another person who would strap you in would pull the ends up to tighten. If your monoglove is different, you will modify my method accordingly.

Getting in

Step one: Slide the rubber ring over the pin of the buckle, then underneath the frame, around whole frame once or twice - depending on the ring size, then fix the end on the pin again. I hope the image makes it clearer.

Step two: Close the straps crosswise, i.e. from left back to right front and vice versa. Tie a string to the end of the strap with the prepared buckle.
With one hand, grab both straps at the top where they are crossing, thumb underneath, fingers on top, stick the other arm through the straps to its side. Change hands, stick the other arm through too. Now the bag is hanging in place, straps are exactly where they are supposed to, only the arms are not.

Step three: Slide the arm in that is on the opposite side of the prepared buckle. Lets say, this is the right arm. Change the length of the strap on that side if necessary. Now try to slide in the left arm as well, but pull it out again. Tighten the right strap until you can't get in the left arm anymore, release a bit. For the future, you can count the holes on the straps to remember this position. It might even be possible to get in the right arm with that tightness, might not though.

Step four: Attach the string to the hook, it should come off easily later on and you should be able to re-attach it much later while trapped in the bag.

Step five: Slide your other arm into the bag. Get the string over your left shoulder (where the buckle is) and carefully pull. If everything works fine, the buckle pin will always be pushed against the strap and if you release the string, it will go into the next hole. A mirror can be helpful to make sure you are pulling the strap end in one line with the rest of the strap.

Step six: Take the string off the hook and enjoy.

Step seven: The release depends a lot on the quality and stiffness of the straps.


In theory, you re-attach the string to the hook and pull again, but when you release, move to one side to ensure that the pin doesn't go into a hole. This works much better on stiff straps. Soft straps might work but it might require a lot of patience. Cheap straps can even be damaged and the pin gets stuck in the material or on the metal rim of a hole.

If you have a laced model and you are able to reach through the lacing, get a pair of scissors and cut yourself free if the first method doesn't work. This is my fail-safe method, because the straps on my (cheap) monoglove are very soft. But so far I didn't need it.

Another possible method, though not necessarily safe: Attach a string to the rubber ring. The string must be much stronger than the ring. In order to get free, attach the string somewhere and tear off the ring. This will make the first release method much easier but not necessarily safe. Having another back-up method is recommended.

The trouble with non-destructive release is that you cannot manipulate the position of the buckle pin, even if the rubber ring gets off. And from my experience I can say that the buckle is always in a bad position, you can't see it well and it might even be hard to get it near anything for moving the pin, especially while keeping tension on the string.

Getting in requires some flexibility of your arms and shoulders. When the strap for the second arm is too short, it might seem to be possible to get in but at a certain point, there will be a sharp pain in the elbow. I recommend not to push any further in that case but rather release the strap a bit.

I have no idea for a safety release on a laced monoglove where the laces are covered against the inside. Even if you can open the lace, the bag might not open wide enough to get free. A zipped monoglove might be escaped just like the bolero jacket, if you can reach the end of the zipper and have it prepared accordingly. But a cutter for safety belts, attached somewhere might be able to cut the straps or laces. Of course this can't be the standard release and if the straps are strong enough, the cutter might rather break than cut.

The following image shows the principle of the prepared buckle. You have to experiment with the position of the rubber ring and the way you wrap it around.


click the image for a larger version

I think a thin rubber hose slid over the buckle could be more effective. But when applying the rubber ring as described (not as on the picture), it is easier to adjust the position of the pin.

The monoglove on the following picture should be suitable for this method, except that I don't know if the buckles will work:

OK, I think I'm ready to buy a single-glove now. I would opt for the laces with straps.

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