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Pantyhose single-glove
Single-glove like using pantyhose, leggings or cycling short.

Thanks very much for this excellent technique. I've been interested in self bondage for a long time, but it was mainly just an imagination for me. However, browsing your site I noticed the "pantyhose single-glove" entry, and I couldn't resist to give it a try. For the first time it was not a big success, but now I can get in and out quite easily. I'm afraid of more advanced techniques, but this one is really good for beginners too.

My questions:
- What kind of pantyhose is used on the photos?
- How long can it be worn? Yesterday I tried to sleep in it, but it was too painful, so I had to take it off after an hour. Do you think the duration can be extended with some training?


pantytrap Wrote:- What kind of pantyhose is used on the photos?
I doubt you can find then anywhere. This kind of pantyhose were made by Le Bourget, Paulo Cuvali and (forgot the brand, will fill in later). Thick opaque slightly shiny lycra (biflex?) and true back seams. Absolutely fantastic look, I would say wet- or rubber-look. Not produced anymore.

pantytrap Wrote:- How long can it be worn?
Depends on lots of factors:
  • Your flexibility
  • Thickness, tightness and elasticity of the material
  • Size of the pantyhose
  • Your experience[/list:u]
  • Your current physical condition

pantytrap Wrote:Yesterday I tried to sleep in it, but it was too painful, so I had to take it off after an hour. Do you think the duration can be extended with some training?
Of course, some training always helps. I sometimes sleep while bound using this technique. But again, it depends on many factors.
The brand of the dark green pantyhose I used is Chantalle Thomas. Let me know if you find them anywhere.
(06 Nov 2007, 01:08 )Like Ra Wrote: Single-glove like using pantyhose, leggings or cycling short.

Hi. I stumbled across this site about a week ago and as a longtime wearer of tights/pantyhose was fascinated by the pantyhose single glove technique. I tried it a couple of times but couldn't manage to get the tights down over my shoulders with my arms inside, so I was able to get out very quickly. Until today. I used a very elastic-y pair of microfibre brown 70 denier tights and with a fair bit of wiggling got myself inside. I may have pulled the tights too far down over my shoulders. I have skinny very feminine arms and am flexible enough to steeple my fingers between my shoulder blades, but I just couldn't get out. I was totally stuck. It was quite an adrenaline rush. I had scissors but they wouldn't cut the tights material. So here I am in the basement of my home with the family upstairs and I'm trapped in tights bondage. I'm no way strong enough to rip a pair of microfibre 70 deniers but I managed to make it upstairs without being seen and infront of a large mirror. I found the waist band and got myself out. Total time stuck in tights bondage would be 15 to 20 minutes. All the time my heart beating really fast. It was scary but exhilarating.
TrannyNicki, good that you could get out.

I hope you were gagged and plugged? ;-P
(31 Jul 2010, 00:04 )Like Ra Wrote: TrannyNicki, good that you could get out.

I hope you were gagged and plugged? ;-P

I'm only at the beginning of my self bondage journey so I've not tried too many things. About 20 years ago I experimented a little with padlocks. I would padlock myself (wearing thick black tights) to a heavy piece of furniture and leave the key on the other side of the house so I would have to drag the furniture all the way over to the key to get out, which was interesting when the furniture got wedged between the floor and ceiling. Another time I padlocked myself into a skirt that I had to return unharmed. Once again wearing thick black tights. I broke the key in half and threw it out of my window. The skirt was so tight at the waist that I couldn't remove the tights and I had to cut the padlock off with a hacksaw which took about an hour, all the time my family wondering what I was doing in the bathroom so long.

I'm curious to try plugs, because I want to know what that feels like compared to what I've heard. Gags, we'll have to see.
Niki, uh try panties or wadded up stockings , yummm, both are tasty ! Tie a stocking about the moth to "Cram the panty inward sometimes " another thing is to use the Knee Hi's . they're fabulous for streching over the head with a good wad of panty or panty hose inserted . In fact , just typing and thinking about such a scene is mind boggling to me . I wear hose most of the year and I seldom throw away the ruined pairs . They have a very usefull afterlife as I can attest to. Oh yes , I'm trans too.
Stumbled across on the net - I'm sure we've seen this before, but just in case:

 tumblr_ncr623XjIc1tp0b0qo1_540.jpg    - it compliments Ra's links earlier, sorry about size/resolution

I was passing through some sites to get inspiration for a self bondage session, 'cause I've got a time alone at home, and saw this:


Than I thought, well, Why not?


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