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Self armbinder technique (single glove alternative?)
Discovered this rather clever idea on Frechdach's website


the end result is this wonderful device

selfbondage%20armbinder1.jpg thumbnail   

It is not quite a single glove, but looks just as effective.

I don't know how easy it is to escape from... Wink

Looks beautiful, but I doubt that this method is free from usual single-glove flaws - blood vessel cuts. I wonder how long it takes to finish the tie and how long it takes before the arms go asleep.

Some more notes:

The more steps the more "adjustable" the "construction", but at the same time the more difficult to tighten up.

What does prevent the rope from sliding down the arms? There's definitely some room for improvements.
Wasn't there a similar method in the blog or another forum post?
We found, that it is almost impossible to have both, elbows and wrists tightly together, which means, that you can get your hands apart and undo the bondage easily.
Yes I post it here and it does work very well.
I think the threads can be merged.

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