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Phytoestrogens and magic herbs
Yesterday I stumbled upon this eBay: Pueraria Mirifica or Aliexpress: Pueraria Mirifica description:

- Brighter, Softer and Younger Skin
- Smaller and Lighter face
- Anti-Wrinkling
- Anti-Aging
- Stronger Nails
- Smoother and Less Oily Facial Skin
- Fuller, Longer and Stronger Hair Growth
- Body Energizing

OK, I love it!


- Men Appear More Feminine in the Face

still perfect!

- Butt and Hip Enlargement

Mmmm... Not a concern, if you keep your weight within the norms amd your body in a healthy state. Especially if your waist will be narrower.

Reading further:

- Breast Enlargement (in Men & Women)

Nah... I rather pass.

And finally:

- Complete "Feminization" Process

OK, I see now ... apparently all the benefits above is pure lie, just like the last claim 😁
Correct. Most of what is listed is untrue. The enlargement of breasts does occur, however one needs protein for this stuff to work. And, it does work for most and doesn’t work for Beans in others.

All I can say, like I said before, “ It seems to be working for ME.”
Do not use Biotin.
Got it.
Ok, I do have long hair. I haven’t had it cut for over a year now. Now my hair is oily, so I use shampoo for oily to clean and use voluming shampoo to add volume to my hair. I can pretty much put my hair up into a pretty good ponytail.
Got a lot great reactions from the girls at the bar.
How do you keep it up? Every time I try a ponytail the hair elastic slyly slides back down and stays neck level, so annoying. I currently use hair pins and clips to put my hair up.
Well, the way I do mine, is to brush my hair back and then take the brush and place it between the back of my neck and my hair. I pull the brush straight back away from my neck and up.
Using my hands, I then twist my hair and using a rubber band, put my hair into a ponytail.
After that, I then pull the tight and up to get a ponytail.

That’s how a female friend taught me.
I've started meta-investigation on Pueraria Mirifica on - so far I see only positive results.

Attached is the interview with Dr. Garry Gordon "Pueraria mirifica: Just for Menopause or the Herb of the Decade?"


Quote:The difference in breast cancer rates is indeed striking. In the United States, it is more than 10 times (141.1) that of the Chang Mai Province in Thailand (13.7), where PM is widely consumed. It's been used for more than 700 years and still very few outside of Asia have ever heard of it.

Quote:Passwater: Does PM have any effect on breast Size or tone?

Gordon: I assume you're talking about the craze that swept the Internet, promising larger breasts in just two days. This was taken From the true story about PM enlarging breasts by a full cup size in Japan. More than a decade ago, Japanese cosmetic companies flocked to Thailand to purchase "PM" to mix in creams and to be taken orally. After some time, they sought lower
and lower prices. The end result was that the wildcrafters simply mixed in less expensive species. Some Thai wildcrafters are eighth generation. They know the market value of real PM. The original breast enhancement study was done in Tokyo by Japanese Prof. Kuramoshi and Thai Assoc. Prof. Yuthana Smitasiri. They showed that 72% of women taking PM exhibited significant increases in breast size. Younger women had a markedly higher rate of success than older women, who lowered the overall success rate. Some years ago, a company in California launched ISIS, a system using real PM. They guaranteed success or your money back and had 96% satisfied customers, not asking for their money back.

Quote:Clearly, PM was meant here for men as welt as women. The dosage for men is half that of women, so 1 mg/kg body weight. This dosage was first calculated from the dosing of "peppers" as used in Thai traditional medicine. Smith Naturals worked with Dr. Schauss for six months, collecting samples and analyzing the miroestrol levels, to convert the traditional pepper dose into milligram dosing.

Quote:Passwater: Does PM affect male breasts?

Gordon: I had to think about this, as the male breast lots the same estrogen receptors as women. Since men don't have the same amount of mammary tissue, the answer has to be no, or at least not in the same way as PM has been shown to increase breast size and breast firmness in women.

Passwater: Does PM have a positive longevity effect or does it just make people look younger ?

Gordon: The old men and women who've taken it regularly, in the north of Thailand, have natural black hair well into their 80s. Old women enjoy chasing after their young grandchildren and men still hike in to the mountains, running up hills much like a jackrabbit. These women still have firm breasts and young skin. Men pursue active sex lives. They have great memories and don't remember ever being sick. We interviewed Sam, a man in his 80s, who sleeps through the night and didn't understand why we would ask if he woke to urinate. He said, "no one here wakes up to do that."

As I take it, it's not about feminization at all. But rather about health is general. So far I like it (the description, that is).

Attached Files
Pueraria mirifica - Herb of the Decade.pdf (Size: 2.32 MB )
Yes, it does help wellness.
I like the stuff. Also, you can add fem herbs and yes, you can grow breasts.

But just to let you all know, if your going to get this stuff, stay away from the stuff marked as Breast Enlargement formula.
All it is is a bunch of fillers with some PM mixed in.

I’ll take the pure PM with a glass of milk with 2 eggs and Ham... Sam-I-Am
Let's continue.

Medical applications of phytoestrogens from the Thai herb Pueraria mirifica


Quote:Pueraria mirifica Airy Shaw et Suvatabandhu is a medicinal plant endemic to Thailand. It has been used in Thai folklore medicine for its rejuvenating qualities in aged women and men for nearly one hundred years. Indeed, it has been claimed that P. mirifica contains active phytoestrogens (plant substances with estrogen-like activity). Using high performance liquid chromatography, at least 17 phytoestrogens, mainly isoflavones, have been isolated. Thus, fairly considerable scientific researches, both in vitro in cell lines and in vivo in various species of animals including humans, have been conducted to date to address its estrogenic activity on the reproductive organs, bones, cardiovascular diseases and other climacteric related symptoms. The antioxidative capacity and antiproliferative effect on tumor cell lines have also been assessed. In general, P. mirifica could be applicable for preventing, or as a therapeutic for, the symptoms related to estrogen deficiency in menopausal women as well as in andropausal men. However, the optimal doses for each desirable effect and the balance to avoid undesired side effects need to be calculated before use.


Quote:Based on the toxicity tests in various species of animals, it is likely that P. mirifica does not exhibit significant toxicity effects. Acute toxicity studies in mice fed with P. mirifica powdered tubers revealed an orally administered LD 50 value of greater than 2–16 g/kg BW [39,40]. These doses are far higher (> 400-fold) than the equivalent of those consumed by Thai people (250 mg/(50 kg BW$d) or 5 mg/(kg BW$d)), and is likely to be higher than that accounted for by the differences in metabolism between mice and humans.


Quote:The effect of Pueraria plant extracts on the prevention of bone loss was first reported in P. lobata
[84,85]. Subsequent research revealed that P. mirifica crude powder could prevent bone loss, both in terms of the BMD
and BMC, in trabecular and cortical bones of the 4th lumbar vertebra, tibia and femur in ovariectomized female and
orchidectomized male rats (Fig. 5) in a dose-dependent manner [58,67].
. . .
taking the above into consideration, P. mirifica tubers seem to have some potential for the treatment of osteoporosis in menopausal women and andropausal men.


Quote:P. mirifica might be applicable for the treatment of dyslipidemia, atherosclerosis or cardiovascular disease, which are very common in the aging population. Indeed, there is some evidence to support that P. mirifica consumption contributes to lower risks of cardiovascular disease.


Quote:The loss of sex steroid hormones accompanying the menopause and andropause has emerged as a significant
risk factor for neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases. Numerous studies have revealed the
beneficial effects of estrogen on improving memory function.
. . .
P. mirifica may have potential for use in neurodegeneration protection.

Antioxidative and antitumor

Quote:pretreatment of a high dose (1 000 mg/(kg$d)) of P. mirifica to female rats for four weeks before the induction of a breast tumor by a single injection of the 7,12-DMBA carcinogen actually resulted in decreased levels of tumor development and multiplicity.
. . .
It is generally believed that antioxidants can aid in cancer prevention or have an anticancer property.
. . .
compared to other medicinal plants found in Thailand, such as Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni, Curcuma longa Linn., Andrographis paniculata (Burm.f.) Nees. and Cassia alata Linn., the P. mirifica extract showed the lowest antioxidant activity.
. . .
Based on the ranking of antioxidant activity of these 28 P. mirifica cultivars, the tuberous root extract that showed the lowest estrogenic activity, as determined by the vaginal cytology assay, i.e. Petchaburi and Nong Bua Lam Phu cultivars, in contrast, showed the highest antioxidant activity, and vice versa

So... I still like it 😋

Attached Files
malaivijitnond2012-Medical applications of phytoestrogens from the Thai herb Pueraria mirifica.pdf (Size: 780.17 KB )
Then why not take the plunge and try it?

On the other hand, if you had the covid-19 shot, it might be best to check with your local doctor first.
More benefits (including skin rejuvenation and alcoholism inhibition):

A comprehensive review on Pueraria: Insights on its chemistry and medicinal value

Wiki Talk:

Personal experience (he was 40 at the time of the experiment) :
Not a clean experiment, as PM was used along with Saw Palmetto (a herbal supplements for reducing the amount of testosterone) and breast enlargement body cream. The result was a very noticeable breast development. He stopped after 5 months. Also he's affiliated with the PM supplier.

Quote:I happen to be one sissy that is very interested in the effects this feminizing herb can have on the body. I’ve been taking 1,000mg of PM per day over the past 90 days. My skin is noticeably smoother and my nipples are more sensitive, tingling and a little sore.

A word of warning: Pueraria mirifica may cause you to gain unwanted weight. I’ve put on five fucking pounds over the past couple of weeks—no way it could’ve been the ice-cream!

This is an interesting one:

Quote:I purchased this item (4 bottles) in January 2016 and started taking 4 capsules a day a few days later on February 1. After a month I noticed my skin feels much smoother and the amount of body hair growth has slowed considerably. However, the hair on top of my head is growing faster and is much fuller and softer to the touch. Being a 60 year old straight male, I am very happy with these changes. Note that I am not attempting to transition - my goals for taking this supplement are to lessen body hair growth, reduce skin wrinkles, and improve how my skin looks. As a thin-built 165 pound, 5 foot 11 inch guy, adding a little fullness and curvature to my chest and butt would be a bonus.

It has now been almost two months taking 4 capsules a day. I noticed yesterday that my right nipple has a small lump under it now, and is very sensitive to touch (it feels great!). There is no lump under my left nipple, but expect it will happen soon. There is also very noticeable size gain on both right and left side of my chest. And to my surprise, my butt has firmed up a little and my wife says it has gotten a little bigger. Actually, at my age, I am surprised there is anything going on! I find it amazing that this stuff can actually trigger this kind of development in a guy my age. But looking in the mirror is proving it to me!

I plan to continue taking the PM, but may cut down to 2 or 3 a day – will have to see. I like all the changes so far, but don't want my chest to get too big. B-cup is plenty!

There have also been some other noticeable changes. If this makes sense, I smell a little different now. My wife says she likes how I smell, and has commented about it a few times. She has also said that my skin looks better and has a slight “glow” to it now. I can't see it, but that's what she said. And since my hair is looking so good, I am letting it grow out. The amount of grey in my hair is less now and it's taking on more of the darker blond color it was 20 years ago. My chest and leg hair is growing much more slowly, and it's much less coarse. I shave my chest (personal preference) and like the decreased body hair. The hair on my chin is also growing a lot slower.

I guess the bottom line is that this stuff really works! How well it works is an individual thing. Everyone is different. I think you will see changes too, but you have to be patient. Giving it only 30 days or only taking it sporadically will not work. You need to take them every day, and stick to it. Also be sure you're getting all the right nutrients. I take a multivitamin, vitamin E, vitamin B complex, and calcium supplements every day too. I'm sure that has helped.

Attached Files
A comprehensive review on Pueraria Insights on its chemistry and medicinal value - ScienceDirect.html (Size: 98.98 KB )

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