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Phytoestrogens and magic herbs - Zooy - 23 Feb 2021

(23 Feb 2021, 12:21 )christianna Wrote:
(23 Feb 2021, 05:12 )MindsEye Wrote: what hormones are you taking? Maybe you should listen to spirit girl body transformation along side that and record your results over a month of listening to it.

Thanks for helping to keep me under Spirit Girl's control. I'm listening to  body transformation right now. Can't help it. I've listened to it before, but forgot about it.
I'm taking Proestro, Folliform, Bust Bunny Breast Enhancement, Aguaje and Red Maca (great for a rounder feminine ass), Ainterol Pueraria Mirefica, and Peony & Licorice Formula. All available on Amazon.
I don't want breasts, so I stopped taking these pills, but Spirit Girl took control  and I couldn't stop myself. Luckily, I didn't take them this morning. Maybe this is over and I won't be taking them any more.

Do these products really work, or is it just a lot of make believe?
Can anybody with experience comment on this?
If they do not really work, it should be easy to stop using them.
Personally I have used some of these products, including lots of fenugreek, and I am rather underwhelmed.

RE: Kei's MindWarp - Like Ra - 23 Feb 2021

How do we call this new thread? 😉

RE: Kei's MindWarp - Zooy - 23 Feb 2021

(23 Feb 2021, 18:43 )Like Ra Wrote: How do we call this new thread? 😉

How about:

"Phytoestrogens. Do they work?"


"Phytoestrogens. What are their effects?"

RE: Kei's MindWarp - Like Ra - 23 Feb 2021

Is it only about estrogens?

RE: Phytoestrogens - Tinker D - 23 Feb 2021

I have. With mixed results. Some good, some are garbage.

RE: Phytoestrogens - Zooy - 23 Feb 2021

Which did you use? Could you determine which worked and which did not?

In the internet there are always the same stories.
For instance about pueraria mirifica. It goes all down to a single monk in Thailand.
But based on that there are lots of companies trying to sell you the stuff for lots of money.
I used it for a number of months, but never noticed anything measurable.

RE: Phytoestrogens - Like Ra - 24 Feb 2021

(23 Feb 2021, 23:42 )Zooy Wrote: never noticed anything measurable.
Sometimes even years of heavy HRT does not bring any changes 😁 (there were lots of "failed" transition timelines on youtube, most deleted now)

RE: Phytoestrogens - Ellie - 24 Feb 2021

(23 Feb 2021, 23:00 )Tinker D Wrote: I have. With mixed results. Some good, some are garbage.

What do you recommend?

RE: Phytoestrogens - Tinker D - 24 Feb 2021

Let’s see...
Back in the early 2000s, there was this Herbal formula on a M2F website that was to give you female like features. By a Dr Earth-angle, or something like that.
I don’t think I should post the formula here.
But that formula did cause my breasts to really firm up and they did get a little bigger. But there was a few side affects. One was that I got very short tempered, and started to become inpatient.
All of the items listed were over the counter herbs that you can buy at the local Big Box stores. After about a year, everything just stop. No more growth.

I then tried the the bottle stuff on eBay and some of the other sites and got little to no results. Come to find out that almost every bottle has the same herbs as earth angle’s. Of course the formulas were a little different, but pretty much the same.

RE: Phytoestrogens - Like Ra - 24 Feb 2021

@Tinker D - do you think you got your breasts naturally or as a result of your experiments?