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Pencil skirt fetish
I love them, and for some reason I thought someone here mentioned them recently too. Here are some pics of a pink rubber one:
 a.jpg     b.jpg     c.jpg     d.jpg     e.jpg     f.jpg   
Great! I even smell the scent of latex! Or is it chocolate on my desk?
Pencil skirt - a fashion item, that accentuates femininity and merges it with BDSM and fetish.

What I find mesmerizing is that a tight pencil skirt (like high heels and stockings) looks adequate as an attribute of both dominance and submission.

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Speaking of BDSM: leather pencil skirt with laces

 pencil_skirt-05_leather_laces.jpg     pencil_skirt-04_leather_laces.jpg     pencil_skirt-03_leather_laces.jpg     pencil_skirt-02_leather_laces.jpg   
But the ultimate material for pencil skirts, in my opinion, is latex!

 pencil_skirt-09_latex.jpg     pencil_skirt-08_latex.jpg     pencil_skirt-07_latex.jpg     pencil_skirt-06_latex.jpg   
 pencil_skirt-11_latex.jpg     pencil_skirt-10_latex.jpg   
Quote:But the ultimate material for pencil skirts, in my opinion, is latex!

Especially pink latex!

 Skin Two Pink Pencil.JPG   
I agree about latex, but this leather one is especially sexy 😊
I prefer the leather.
Some time ago I made myself two pencil skirts. You really have to learn to walk in them properly. They kind of force you to walk in a more feminine way. This adds of course to why they are so sexy. Too bad that the nice ones you see  on the internet all come in sizes that require me to loose 20 kilo's. Hence I make my own, but they are not quite as beautiful.
(05 Apr 2020, 18:13 )Zooy Wrote: They kind of force you to walk in a more feminine way.

(05 Apr 2020, 18:13 )Zooy Wrote: require me to loose 20 kilo's.
I need to lose 5... Less, than 20, but still difficult 😁
(05 Apr 2020, 16:36 )Culmor Wrote: [Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=40079]   


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