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Nails and nail polish fetish - showcase your nails!
Just noticed that we do not have a thread dedicated to nails. Do you have any interesting images/videos?

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Male celebrities with painted/polished nails
A bit of a tricky subject, this. I love shiny, red or dark polish but the 'nail art' pushed by the Vietnamese nail bars popping up on every street corner leaves me cold. In fact, I actively dislike most of it.
Something I'm a bit ambivalent about is latex-effect nail polish.The black can look quite good I think but others colours, for example the 'natural'; I'm not so keen on. Then there's a hideously septic yellow with a greenish tint. I've never seen that in real life but I suppose women who want to look as if they've trapped their fingers in a door are quite a niche market.

Incidentally, the site's a nightmare to post to at the moment. Pics won't attach properly, text disappears, cursor jumps to random places etc etc. Like Ra, have you been fixing things that aren't broken again? πŸ˜‹

 Superdry_LiquidRubber.jpg     pink and blue.jpg     pink.jpg   

Edit: When I edit my post everything works fine, all is as it used to be. Weird.
(14 Sep 2014, 00:22 )culmor Wrote: When I edit my post everything works fine, all is as it used to be. Weird.
... probably it's not me ... 😁
I can't say that this polish reminds me latex. It's more like a light matte (or less shiny) version of "usual" lacquer.

Here's a couple of similar metallic ones:

 nail-polish-01-silver-metallic.jpg     nail-polish-02-silver-metallic.jpg     nail-polish-03-metallic.jpg   

Silver metallic
Ebony metallic
I have no fingernails at all. They are too hard to keep clean with the work I do.
Pretty much the same reason why I can't really wear any of my stuff when I'm working.
I don't believe that nobody here has a nail fetish πŸ˜‹

Not exactly a fetish, but I like nice made nails, like these on your example 😊
I don't often get a chance to color my nails, so I made an artsy pic to celebrate the moment.
That's it! That's the proper look!
Perhaps my favorite fetish 😊

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