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Men (celebrities?) with painted/polished nails
Do you know famous men who polish/paint their nails? "Report" them here!

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Nails and nail polish fetish - showcase your nails!
(04 Oct 2022, 22:27 )Like Ra Wrote: Do you know famous men who polish/paint their nails? "Report" them here!

Related threads and posts:

Nails and nail polish fetish - showcase your nails!

I don't know about famous but the guy who runs my local hardware shop does. He must be my age (early sixties). Black usually, which might be a bit of a cop-out?
OK, first 9:

Lou Reed
Keith Richards
Johnny Depp
Jared Leto
Brat Pitt
Steven Tyler
Bad Bunny
Marc Jacobs

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
 men-nail-polish-01_lou_reed.webp     men-nail-polish-02_keith_richards.webp     men-nail-polish-03_johnny_depp.webp     men-nail-polish-04_seal.webp     men-nail-polish-05_jared_leto.webp     men-nail-polish-06_brad_pitt.webp     men-nail-polish-07_steven_tyler.webp     men-nail-polish-08_bad_bunny.webp     men-nail-polish-10_marc_jacobs.webp   
Next 10:

A$AP Rocky
Paul Klein
Lil Yachty
Machine Gun Kelly
Brooklyn Beckham
Lil Nas X
Troye Sivan
Evan Mock
Shawn Mendes
Anderson Paak

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
 men-nail-polish-11_A$AP_Rocky.webp     men-nail-polish-12_Paul_Klein.webp     men-nail-polish-13_Lil_Yachty.webp     men-nail-polish-14_Machine_Gun_Kelly.webp     men-nail-polish-15_Brooklyn_Beckham.webp     men-nail-polish-16_Lil_Nas_X.webp     men-nail-polish-17_Troye_Sivan.webp     men-nail-polish-18_Evan_Mock.webp     men-nail-polish-19_Shawn_Mendes.webp     men-nail-polish-20_Anderson_Paak.webp   
3d 10s:

Joe Jonas
Ben Platt
Lil Yachty
Tyler, the Creator
Kid Cudi
Virgil Abloh x2
Bad Bunny
Post Malone
Pete Davidson

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
 men-nail-polish-21_Joe_Jonas.webp     men-nail-polish-22_Ben_Platt.webp     men-nail-polish-23_Lil_Yachty.webp     men-nail-polish-24_tyler-the-creator.jpg     men-nail-polish-25_Kid_Cudi.webp     men-nail-polish-26_Virgil_Abloh.webp     men-nail-polish-27_Virgil_Abloh.jpg     men-nail-polish-28_Bad_Bunny.webp     men-nail-polish-29_Post_Malone.jpg     men-nail-polish-31_Pete_Davidson.webp   
Harry Styles

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
 men-nail-polish-09_harry_styles.webp     men-nail-polish-32_Harry_Styles.webp     men-nail-polish-33_Harry_Styles.jpg     men-nail-polish-34_Harry_Styles.jpg     men_nail_polish-35_Harry_Styles.png     men-nail-polish-36_Harry_Styles.webp     men-nail-polish-37_Harry_Styles.webp     men_nail_polish-38_Harry_Styles.png     men-nail-polish-39_Harry_Styles.webp     men-nail-polish-40_Harry_Styles.jpg     men-nail-polish-41_Harry_Styles.jpg     men-nail-polish-42_Harry_Styles.jpg     men-nail-polish-43_Harry_Styles.jpg   
Bryan Johnson

Nuno Bettencourt

Nuno Bettencourt on painting nails (beginning from 05:45), then Kylie paints Nuno's nails.


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